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  1. If that doesn't work have a look behind the A post behind the glove box, ours had corrosion holes in there - you might have to take the wing off to confirm and fix it.
  2. Had that problem on the previous Disco, never got to the bottom of it. The current one one did it once just after we had it about 2 yrs ago. Fitted a new ignition/steering lock because the original was very worn about 4 months ago and its been fine since. Apparently this is a common failure part according to our local indy LR garage. Both '98 300TDi manuals.
  3. When I had my dash apart earlier this year I wondered about the logic of that big box at the bottom of the dash that is used to deflect the air to the various outlets. It must surely cool the warm air as it comes from the heater matrix due to its huge surface area, and even if it warms up must remove quite a bit of warmth from the air as it passes through. I was wondering if anyone has modified it so that the air is ducted within it and then filled the remaining voids with something like expanding foam? Clearly the flaps would still need to move but an ali ducting around them might be possi
  4. Had problems with my diff-lock selector recently, so following the advice on here I picked up some new bushes and clips from my local LR independant. I put it all together and adjusted it so the selector would work but there was still a lot of "slop" in the mechanism. I cured this by threading the hole in the rod, that comes out of the lever box, where the bolt goes through to M6. I then carefully filed the slot in the lever to suit the M6 bolt. By putting a washer either side of the lever followed by a nut I then screwed the lot into the freshly threaded rod. With careful adjustment the v
  5. Excellent, thank-you both. A little light reading over the Xmas break! Have a good 'un. Henry.
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