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  1. Hi all Simply by using the tin gasket (0.4mm thick I am told) as opposed to the composite gasket (1.2mm compressed I am told) will up the compression on a "high compression" V8 from around 9.4 to around 10.3. Doing so has the additional advantage of not having to use the 20Nm, 90deg, 90deg head torqueing regime but only 90Nm per bolt (as per RAVE - which I think is too little). The benefit is the MUCH reduced stress this puts on the threads in the block which serves to "preserve" the block for future rebuilds. What is so bad about the tin gasket that it should be used?
  2. Yep, similar to that but pulled out a Disco1. That Rangie dash is the so-called "soft-dash" that only the very last ones came with.
  3. Has anyone fitted a Disco1 (facelift) dash to a RR Classic? If so, I would like to hear about the major issues you encountered in this process.
  4. Just Google "zddp cam wear" and you will immediately find that oils that are low in ZDDP causes accelerated cam and lifter wear.
  5. No, trouble was that it DID use the IAT, but overcorrected based on the PV=nRT formula. I only picked up in passing that MS1 has this issue (I dont do any MS1 stuff) but a lot of water has passed under the bridge in the mean time and most likely its been sorted by now.
  6. I've heard this being stated many times before but I decided I would rather opt for an engine that takes longer to bed in than compromising the cam/lifters with inferior oil. This is why I went with the Mobil 1 immediately after the 4.6 rebuild. Whilst I can not comment on the bedding in issue, I can state that my engine did not smoke at all and did not use any oil.
  7. Yes, if you dont want to become and EFI boffin, get the full kit from someone who knows his stuff. I'm sure Nige would be able to supply you with MS2 if you ask him nicely.
  8. I've also done a Thor with MS2 and coil packs triggered by an external ignition box with 4 x BIP373's (actually a 4.0 converted to 4.6). I'm running the injectors batch fired. Dont bother with MS1. AFAIK it still does not have user programmable Inlet Air Temp fuel compensation. This will cause havoc with hot starts. MS2 is a beauty ito value for money, or go with MS3 (more $$$) if you want to go semi-sequential. IMHO there is very little incentive to go semi or fully sequential.
  9. Right that's it!! From now on ALL my engines will get an oil pressure gauge which will sit right next to my coolant temp gauge. I took a drive in the D2 with my family on Sunday to a Jaguar Club event. As I came to a stop at the end of the off-ramp, I just happen to notice that the oil light started blinking at me. As soon as I applied a bit of revs it would go out and stay out. This had me worried and I checked the oil level which was good. Got home in this way and connected up my oil/fuel pressure gauge. Sure enough. At 2000 rpm I only got 1.5 bar and it should be 3.4 bar as per manual. At idle the pressure would hardly register on the gauge. Pulled the engine today, and stripped. I was worried that this blond (moi!) did not apply lock-tite to the little screws that hold the oil pump in place. No problem there. Now I'm worried. Just yesterday I was telling Peter (twingduna) "You only have problem when you can't explain the symptom". I was not running out of explanations. Pulled one of the big end bearing caps off. Looks as new! (Thanks no doubt to the Mobil 1 V-Twin fully synthetic oil I was running) Well, I wanted to replace the semi-race cam with a standard cam, so I proceeded to pull the lifters and the cam. Then I saw it.... The rear most cam bearing shell had come out of the block. That is where the oil pressure escaped. BTW, these lifters had now done about 10 000km. They show no trace of having been used. Cam also looks brand new. This re-inforces my view that my choice of oil works well. I have chosen Mobil 1 V-twin (20W50) as this oil has the highest % ZDDP that I can find. Using an oil with inadequate levels of ZDDP will kill your cam and lifters (particularly on the Rover V 8).
  10. I've heard it said so often that 750degC is max EGT a turbodiesel should see. Is this another of those instances that someone's opinion is repeated so often on the internet that it has become defacto "fact" or is there some scientific basis for this figure somewhere? I've installed an EGT into my TD5 that's been tuned up quite a bit. I get 500degC when cruising 120km/h at 2600rpm (Disco 2 transfer case) and 870degC when giving it stick up a hill.
  11. Does anyone know what the resistance vs temperature values should be of the coolant temp sensor for the instruments on a facelift '95 Discovery 1 (v8)? I am running an 82degC thermostat but the instrument gauge reads way too cool. I measure 84degC with my infrared gauge on the thermostat housing and I get 310 Ohm on the instrument coolant sensor.
  12. The Throttle position sensor on my 97 D1 3.9 V8 is not good anymore. Its fine just off idle but with foot off the throttle it is intermittent. Does anyone know where I can get a good quality replacement? Local outlets charge more for it than a MAF for the D2!!
  13. DARN!! You are right on both counts. Dizzies don't feature on my horizon any more which is why I keep forgetting about that little detail.
  14. Hi guys Has anyone tried the 4.6 Cam (ERR5250) in a 3.9? Please share your findings as I am considering doing so. Here's why: I believe the 4.6 cam will deliver more torque and power in the range 2000 - 5000rpm than the standard 3.9 cam which delivers less max torque, but more evenly over a wider rpm range. I have no evidence to think so, this is pure wishful thinking if anything on my part.
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