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  1. OHMS Law isn't it. V I R where V = voltage, I = amperage and R = Resistance. The formula looks like this __V___ I x R Voltage = Amperage x Resistance Amperage = Voltage / Resistance Resistance = Voltage / Amperage Useless bit of info Bill Wright
  2. I was up at Braunton Burrows in North Devon yesterday and came across 4 army 4WD vehicles apparently being tested in the sand dunes there. Couldn't get much out of the crews except that they were 5.9 litre diesel engines, (probably V8 by the luvverly sound)and that they were very thirsty and that they didn't come for the Royal Marine camp just down road. Didn't have the camera but these were about the same length as a 101 FC but much bigger wheels (on the corners so no overhang), double roll bar behind the drivers position. They appeared to have no windscreens or fittings for them. The drivers position (no cab as such) had no roof and the cargo area was covered in a loose canvas tilt which revealed only the contour of the spare wheel mounted along the left side of the body. It had triple smoke canister dispensers on each side of the cab area. Whatever they are they're very powerful and agile, capable vehicles in the right hands. They looked very 'chunky'. Anyone know what they might be. They were delivered to the area each in 20 ft steel container on a military truck and trailer unit. Bill Wright S3 Diesel chassis up rebuild RTV on RR chassis (building) Honda Pan European (2004)
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