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  1. If you haven't bypassed the dim dip relay that will bring the dipped beam on with the side lights as it sends a feed out to a resister that brings the dipped beam on with a lower output but this is enough to operate the relay for the headlight. Do you have led brake lights? if so there may be enough residual current feeding back through the sidelights to operate the relay through the same link.
  2. I have ordered a set off ebay for £115, they were the last one but miraculously they found two more.
  3. A length of scaffold tube between the wheel and turret works well.
  4. These from screwfix would do. https://www.screwfix.com/p/easyfix-carbon-steel-threaded-rod-connecting-nuts-m8-10-pack/373gx
  5. If you have to drill it out can you clamp a plate over the bolt position with a starter hole to centralise your drilling? Would an arc welder be better for putting heat into the bolt rather that a mig?
  6. Very effective solution, you better be quick with the patent.
  7. Did you replace the starter with a bypass unit?
  8. Your door key is the same as mine, you should be able to buy a set of three to replace both front doors and the rear. Haven't you got a locking fuel cap?
  9. Is your door key the same length as the ignition key? The early Defenders used a double sided key that was shorter than the ignition, but this key also fitted the rear door so I assume you have the earlier lock from the series doors on the rear. I believe you can fit the later locks with push button handles but not sure if you have to replace the handles as well. The rear door I think you have to replace the lock mechanism to take the longer barrels, but again someone with better knowledge will confirm. The fuel cap again is another issue. I have three keys now on mine plus the security keys a
  10. I've noticed that the newer V5 doesn't say the transmission but when getting insurance quotes adding the reg lists the transmission type. For most of us this isn't a problem but if your 90 once converted to auto isn't registered as such could it cause a problem for an auto only licenced driver?
  11. As Snagger said there should be something stopping the bottom pointy end moving forward until it's lifted up the slot which stops it collapsing. If there is nothing there you could fit a bolt out of the bracket to locate it. I'll have to see what's on mine. I bought a kit from Nige years ago but have not got around to fitting it yet as I have no problem with my scissor system.
  12. I bought one from Screwfix a few years ago as my multi meters didn't have a clamp function. It seems ok I use it to check the amperage out of my battery charger as the gauge on the charger is faulty.
  13. I see they are gone now I hope some one on here had them.
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