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  1. I would have guesed about 32 ft, but I am old.
  2. Definately a keeper then.
  3. There is a How to on the Disco 3 forum about this. It requires opening the controller and soldering cables to replicate the push button action using a relay operated by the remote.
  4. It's only a short one. You should try a 110 Csw with two farm jacks by your self that was fun especially when it tried to topple over. Congratulations though it feels good to get it back together.
  5. Try a wheel barrow very little else rolls over gravel. Being a little more serious go for wider wheels rather than bigger.
  6. I see no reason why not, your problem might be the seat belt anchorage rather than the seat base. You don't say how old your 110 is.
  7. As said above probable faulty brake hose. If the caliper was sticking releasing the fluid pressure would make no difference. Try flexing the hose instead of slackening the nipple to see if it releases the other possibillity is muck in the caliper stopping the fluid returning which might clear by bleeding fresh fluid through.
  8. I have read that and others that all point to needing a W bus or Can bus signal hence my previous posts. But as I am always willing to learn I shall see if my unit will power on with a 12v feed to the plug. The unit I have came out of a VW.
  9. I've always just eased them in at the bore top one at a time.
  10. As far as I know the Thermotop V requires a W bus signal or Can bus to operate. Please enlighten me otherwise.
  11. Mines on hold for a while. The timer I bought doesn't appear to be sending out a signal niether 12v or W bus so looking for an alternative. You an use a remote as long as it operates a W bus signal.
  12. I wouldn't claim it as mine I'm sure it has been done before.
  13. That's an interesting read, I learnt some of that years ago but a good reminder and some new lessons to learn. Thanks
  14. If your wheels aren't as heavy as later ones could you make a wide "u" shape bracket to hang the spare over the offside rear panel. As youhave no barrel role on the sides it would sit flush down the side and with rubber to protect it and on the inside some thing to pack the difference like a "G" clamp effect.
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