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  1. Connect a jump lead to the starter motor terminal and also to earth then hopefully your remote will work.
  2. 200 Tdi Timing Belt Oddness

    Thanks Red90 I'll have a look. You were right, New rods & belt kit and she's back running. ran it without the cover for a few seconds to make sure it wasn't running out of line.
  3. Chassis purchase

    Does this mean Britpart are selling a quality product, or are the chassis standards about to drop?
  4. 200 Tdi Timing Belt Oddness

    Thanks Red90 I'll have a look.
  5. 200 Tdi Timing Belt Oddness

    Reviving an old thread, I changed my timing belt about 5000 miles ago on my 200TDi as I had to strip the casing off to repair an oil leak. There was no apparent damage on the old belt and the tensioner so only changed the belt. I replaced the Fip as mine was over revving. A fortnight ago the engine started knocking and getting worse I thought a big end had gone managed to nurse it home loosing power as it was going. It would not start following morning. I finally found time to take the cover off this evening to find the belt had cut about 5mm off the outer edge of the belt but leaving the toothed section, but part of the toothed section has been ripped from the belt at the crank so not driving the cam shaft. Am I to assume that the valves have likely hit the pistons and will need the head off and rebuilt?
  6. Discovery 2 td5 "police" spec info

    I see it wasn't registered with the DVLA until April 2008 and it is showing as un-taxed. Maybe these sites give too much info.
  7. Ashwin

    Welcome Ashwin, I am not clued up on the TD5 engine but have you checked the basics? When was it last serviced? Do you use an injector cleaner? Is the timing correct? Hopefully some one more experienced may offer some help.
  8. Chassis change - bulkhead don't fit

    You can make a simple safe jack for that kind of job by using a suitable length of tube with a large nut & bolt and a washer into the end, basically a small acrow prop.
  9. Bleeding brakes, ezibleed replacement

    They look simple enough to make out of paraffin/cleaner spray unit I have or an old paint spray gun. Although I don't understand why a vacuum system works any better than a pressure system as long as the fluid travels fast enough to carry any air with it and you don't allow any back in.
  10. Kelmarsh or the new Billing

    I enjoyed the show, nice big arena with the general activity. A good selection of traders and a reasonable auto jumble. Facilities were adequate and appeared to have a good crowd.
  11. Has it got air-con my V8 would over heat when towing, I took the air-con rad off to find the electric fans were seized and the ali rad a little corrosion never had a problem after until my rad leaked the other month.
  12. Troubleshooting CB radio

    Try re-positioning your ground plane and see if that improves your signal. my swr meter also gives the wattage output.
  13. Disco 2 roof rack

    On my Disco 1 I used three ladder bars and put a spacer between the rail and the bar on the front.
  14. Strata Florida next week

    I have driven Strata a few times,I hope you enjoy it, but please be prepared if the weather is bad.
  15. air filter housing leaking air outwards?

    If air is getting out then water will probably get in. block the top of your snorkel and see if the engine cuts out or spray some easy start at the joint when you pick the revs up.