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  1. ballcock

    Tool organisation (in vehicle)

    You are not likely going to find a suitable moulded case to suit what tools you have. I would consider a range of clip lid plastic kitchen containers and pack various items in each. They will take up less space and keep them drier. It is also easier to stash smaller boxes than one large one.
  2. ballcock

    The "Pass the Bucket" 4x4 For Sale on Ebay Thread

    The idea is one I have thought about, but the build looks a little too much diy. One of the members of the club I belong to has built a very professional looking camper box on the rear of his Disco with a popup roof which looks the part and has served them well on trips abroad.
  3. ballcock

    ibex 300 build

    Congratulations Hope to see you at a show with it.
  4. ballcock

    Wheel Arch Sizing

    If you are on about extended width arches then they should be reasonably obvious. but if you look underneath I believe the original arches are the only ones that bridge the gap to the inner arch where as the others finish at the wing. hope this helps.
  5. ballcock

    Disco 4.0 V8 overheating issue - help please!

    if it has an aircon rad in front of the radiator is this blocked? My 3.9 would over heat only under load ie towing or steep hill, I finally removed the aircon and cured my problem.
  6. Whilst I had my dash board out I removed the wiper wheel boxes stripped them apart cleaned them and regreased them, as for the heater box just make sure it is free of rust and that the controls all work, you can also add some small diameter ducting to fit side window demisting vents, there are posts on here somewhere.
  7. It's not that difficult to do. and while your in there you can remove the wiper spindles and re-grease them.check the heater box and add side window ducting if you wanted to.
  8. ballcock

    300TDi not starting

    Have you tried pulling each fuse in turn and squirting some electrical contact cleaner in, clean the fuse blades with some fine emery cloth and pop them back.
  9. ballcock

    Pillar drill old or new?

    Another consideration is the throat and spindle travel the 50mm ones are often a pain. I managed to get an older unit with an adjustable table and 80mm travel, it has drilled every thing I have thrown at it. It also came with a cross travel milling vice which is also a good addition on any drill.
  10. ballcock

    Rotodama Rediscovery

    It would not need an IVA if it has no chassis mods and uses all the original running gear as far as I am aware.
  11. ballcock

    Rotodama Rediscovery

    It's an idea I have frequently thought about. I have always thought a forward control would be ideal on the 100" chassis. I have wondered if an old Mitsubishi cab would fit the bill. Other than the front styling I think that looks quite a good project.
  12. ballcock

    New purchase - Discovery ES 300Tdi Auto

    Looks nice I have two of them. What engine? Mine are both V8s. The seat is probably the switch, I think there is a how to repair post in the tec archive. Cruise control on mine I have never got around to repairing I rely on the adaptive system. ( throttle control ) The aircon on my one I removed as the rad was causing the engine to under cool. As for the heated screen one of mine has various cracks and leaks like mad through the top seal but the element still works the other was replaced years ago and although working I find it almost useless. Good luck with it.
  13. ballcock

    Clutch bled no gears

    Can you feel the clutch plate spring pressure through the pedal? Has the clutch just been replaced or if it was attached to the fly wheel when you installed the engine? Have you tried to start the engine with it in gear and the clutch depressed? ( make sure the hand brake is on and working chock wheels etc,) If the plate is seized this might release it.
  14. ballcock

    Boge strut refitting

    Finally got the bolts back in, I had two drill two holes in the rear foot well upright and still hit the bolts in with a hammer. After bolting the strut top bracket to the cross member I had to remove both the shock and anti roll bar to jack the body high enough to get the bottom cup into the a frame. all back together so move onto the next problem.
  15. ballcock

    Two or Four post lift

    I have a four post, an old Bradbury, which I bought through a bankruptcy sale from a Saab dealership. It was running three phase but I rewired it to single phase and added a few capacitors. I personally prefer the four post for it's stability although it hasn't got the wheels free bars I do have a cross beam jack. Unfortunately when I need to use it I normally have something else sat on it. I would not want to be without it now.

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