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  1. I wouldn't think it is the brake switch if they only come on with the headlights. As Steve b has just posted do the sidelights illuminate with the brake pedal? I would suspect wires melted together from the welding or no earth at the rear so the supply back feeds through both filaments to find an earth path. I would run a temporary earth to the rear to eliminate that possibility. good luck and what a great looking motor.
  2. These pumps start under full throttle as normal, it appears yours is sticking open. A common problem, there are a number of posts on here covering it.
  3. I thought they were there to stand on to get better access under the bonnet. 🤔
  4. I used a hammer and dolly, then a "G" clamp with wooden blocks but mine were ally.
  5. I'm looking forward to it, the club I am with had booked a stand last year so it was carried over for this year. I haven't been to the off road site before, but the previous show there was excellent I was told.
  6. I have fitted Disco 1 seats in the rear of my 110 I didn't need to modify the wheel boxes. They fold forward against the front seats I made a frame to mount the original hinges to and a box section frame to act as the rear legs. The one problem I had was the door handles would foul the seat back when laying flat so I replaced the plastic handles with straps.
  7. That was an interesting topic. Mine still works fine but little chance of finding a replacement if it goes.
  8. They may be E marked but not for UK. if that is E8 that covers the Czech Republic which is left hand drive I believe.
  9. Welcome to the forum, I am just over the mountain from you. What money pit do you own?
  10. I believe if you can prove where most of the parts came from you will get an age related plate.
  11. That looks tasty, I regret selling my XJ-S 5.3 at times what a beautiful engine silky smooth but drinks like anything.
  12. Could it be ex military? would that explain the 2.5na, and is it the military green on the inside of the rear door?
  13. Welcome to the forum, You can buy gasless mig welders which use a suitable wire. As for what is available in your location I am unable to help but best of lick with it.
  14. I am unable to view that. but glad to hear all is well.
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