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  1. Hi Kevin, when you sent the pump to the diesel specialist was the pulley attached or did you strip it to the taper?
  2. If you slacken the pump pulley bolts the belt should move enough to align every thing, it can give almost one belt tooth variation so you have to asses whether you need to move the belt one tooth on the pulley to get the correct alignment.
  3. Have you slackened the three bolts holding the pump pully to align everything?
  4. There is always a chance that the pump wasn't timed properly on repair.
  5. I think that is the "Take That" fuse https://takethat.com/
  6. I always liked a split tail gate, that is effective. Well done.
  7. Doesn't sound too bad, There is both a spacer and a strap on the inside of the windscreen bracket anyway as the spacer allows the bracket to clear the lip on the top of the bulkhead. A 6mm gap is well within tolerance. I have looked at some new units on line wich seem to be good value.
  8. I bought an Evolution metal chop saw from Aldi many years ago. It has cut everything I have thrown at it. As it is only a mitre saw and not a compound mitre you move the material clamp and not the blade angle which is the most annoying thing about it. but it has earnt the £90 it cost me back then.
  9. You could just cross batten it with roof battens and don't worry about the sheets width.
  10. Are they double yellow lines down the side to stop people parking? Looking very nice although my garage is a bit bigger I still can't find the floor.
  11. Why not bolt a ring to the floor and use a ratchet strap to hold it down, allowing you to quickly remove it if required to.
  12. If it's the low pressure pipe (return from pump) you can get away with a rubber pipe until a replacement is found.
  13. 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds are they sure that's a Defender they are talking about?
  14. Looking good, where are the trim panels from? They look very neat.
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