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  1. Welcome to the forum. The manifolds should fit but you may need matching downpipes and exhaust to suit. What is wrong with the tubular system?
  2. Being a clockwork diesel there is very little electrically you can do other than the fuel supply, hopefully somebody else may have more suggestions.
  3. The stop solenoid uses a lot less than 20 amp, but if your immobiliser just interrupts this supply I wouldn't bother as a common theft method is to just run a 12v supply direct from the battery to the solenoid. I would consider fitting another solenoid out of site for the immobiliser to operate.
  4. If you identify the earth on both the vehicle loom and the light unit the others are easy to identify with either a multi meter or test lamp. You should not need a wiring diagram.
  5. Personally I would cut those Lucas connectors off and use something like these. https://www.screwfix.com/p/ideal-lever-wire-connectors-combo-pack-30-piece-set/6472g Much more convenient and less hassle.
  6. I connected mine in the offside rear tub behind the cover panel where the loom feeds from the front.
  7. Was there a factory recall on this as mine seems to be missing some?
  8. Welcome to the forum, I would suggest you check the wiring to the indicators on that side I think a lead or unit is shorting to earth. if you disconnect the supply to each indicator in turn you hopefully will locate the faulty one. It could be the supply feeding the rear through the chassis or at the trailer socket if fitted. Best of luck in finding it and let us know the result.
  9. Well done nice job, I need to make bits for my press. A brake is on the cards along with stands and drifts.
  10. I was expecting a sub-forum, I did look at that years ago but there never seemed to be any new posts and haven't bothered since. I think a sub-forum would make it more noticeable.
  11. I've been on here for a long time but have never seen the popular mod archive, where does one find it?
  12. Excellent result, Well done It shows what determination and thought can achieve.
  13. Could you just thin the cable cores out to fit the connector and heat shrink it?
  14. The Delphi ones from rsonline have a 14amp rating, what are you wanting to run.
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