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  1. Has it got air-con my V8 would over heat when towing, I took the air-con rad off to find the electric fans were seized and the ali rad a little corrosion never had a problem after until my rad leaked the other month.
  2. Troubleshooting CB radio

    Try re-positioning your ground plane and see if that improves your signal. my swr meter also gives the wattage output.
  3. Disco 2 roof rack

    On my Disco 1 I used three ladder bars and put a spacer between the rail and the bar on the front.
  4. Strata Florida next week

    I have driven Strata a few times,I hope you enjoy it, but please be prepared if the weather is bad.
  5. air filter housing leaking air outwards?

    If air is getting out then water will probably get in. block the top of your snorkel and see if the engine cuts out or spray some easy start at the joint when you pick the revs up.
  6. Anyone going to Kelmarsh ( Billing ) show

    As on my other post I am off to Kelmarsh with the club I am a member of. Yes it is at another venue as the old Billing show ground is no longer available. It is being run by the people who have been running the Billing show recently, But there is another Billing show being run by the people who ran the off-road course at the old Billing. I am not sure which will be best.
  7. As the title states any body attending either show or opinions on them? I am off to the Kelmarsh show with the club I belong to. I am hoping it will a good show but as always will it live up to the old Billing?
  8. Glass not level

    The winding mechanism has a little play in it so if you slacken of the mounting screws you should be able to adjust it.
  9. Increasing the security of my LR

    Just use a silcone or mastic when fitting the rubber seals it just makes it a little more difficult to pop them out.
  10. To scrap or not to scrap

    What a dilema, Do you know who you bought it off, are they the previous keeper on the V5? As you are now aware of it's history if you sell it on you are as guilty as the person who sold it to you. You may want to get some legal advice as to where you stand. As knowingly being in recent of stolen property is a little more than unwittingly buying a ringer. Sorry if it sounds harsh but having vehicles stolen in the past I have little time for people who deal in them.
  11. Increasing the security of my LR

    Internal grills, blank out the windows, bedding the rubber seals with a sealant. beat me to it.
  12. Pulling to the left.. 110

    Glad to hear it's sorted.
  13. Good luck and best wishes, will try to not cause you any problems. Not a job I would want.
  14. One down many more to go.
  15. Rattler's Bulkhead swap

    I took my 110 up there last weekend with my local club, had a great weekend only problem I had was a blocked fuel filter. There was about a dozen of us in convoy in various models and of course the obligatory photos on Red Wharf Bay. Hope the sale goes well.