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  1. ballcock

    T-MAX pump fittings

    I have no experience with the T-max pump, but if it is similar to my Ring pump ensure that if you change the fitting it is permanently open. The pump must not be isolated as there is no safety valve system.
  2. ballcock

    Brake warning light check

    Welcome to the forum. I don't know whether it should on start up as it has a test facility. I would be more concerned that the hand brake lever is not operating it, I would check that the lead is connected and the switch makes contact to earth.
  3. ballcock

    Aux Battery

    Isn't there enough room in your battery box for a second battery? This is surely the ideal place as it's already vented,
  4. ballcock

    Which Suspension

    Unless you want to lift it, You can get different height springs in various strengths, but using heavy duty springs without a load will make the ride harsh. where as softer springs are more compliant. The air assist bags fit inside the coils and are inflated when required. you can also get spring assistors which are basically rubber blocks which stop a coil compressing.
  5. ballcock

    Which Suspension

    If you are not carrying weight on a regular basis, a standard set up would be best. You could add air assist bags for the occasional load.
  6. ballcock

    300tdi injector pump : diagnosis request

    There are numerous write ups on stripping and repairing these online. Seal kits are available for most pumps of that type.
  7. ballcock

    Online buying Advice

    The chances of it getting lost twice are slim. If they are unwilling to send it tracked then they should be willing to accept the consequences. I would inform them it hasn't arrived, clarify that they have sent it and to what address, give it one week to see what happens. If it still hasn't arrived complain again.
  8. ballcock


    Hi Eggly welcome to the forum, unfortunately it could be any of the circuits. I would start by checking the wiring for damage and poor connections. All the best with it.
  9. Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
  10. ballcock

    DRL lights - loom connection

    Hi Mike, Welcome to the forum. As Drl are bright enough to be seen during daylight and do not have a directional pattern, after dusk they become a hazard to other road users dazzling oncoming traffic.
  11. ballcock

    Defender 2008

    Hi Andrew welcome to the forum, I am not sure what information you're after, a more detailed post or question will get better responses. I assume you have recharged the battery.
  12. ballcock

    Alpine window diy

    Was the template supplied with the glass? How much clearance is between the glass and the hole edge?
  13. ballcock

    Terrafirma arms and bushings.

    Are they new arms or are you replacing bushes? Would some poly bushes have been easier? Glad to hear you are getting there,
  14. It's always good to see like minded people helping each other when they can. I also have been on the receiving end and the returning of the favour. long may it continue.
  15. ballcock

    Tyres .. advice please

    Hi Keith, Welcome to the forum. Tyre choice will give as many responses as there are options, I personally prefer a 750/16 all terrain others prefer a wider footprint. A lot will depend on your budget and what type of off roading you plan to do. Green lanes generally only require a reasonable all terrain but pay and play you will need some thing a little more aggressive.

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