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    Anything to do with cars although not into track sports.<br />Family days out, a bit of fishing when the boss (her indoors) allows it!
  1. andy d

    My new (secondhand) Freelander

    Looks very nice, Enjoy!
  2. andy d

    TD4, smoke from pipe under bumper!!!!!

    Thanks Mark, you're an absolute Godsend mate, she was going to have me chopping it in for a Seat Altea...lol I'll add you to the xmas list...lol
  3. My wife has been complaining of a vacuum cleaner type noise coming from the car when driving and that it stays on for sometimes as much as a few minutes after switching off. I checked it today and her description is perfect, sounds like an upright vacuum cleaner even with the engine off, I checked under the front of the car and found what seems to be the source. There is a small exhaust type pipe under the bumper at the passenger side of the car, when the engine is running this blows hot air/fumes, when the engine is switched off it continues to do so for a few minutes and the vacuum type noise continues. When I started the car from cold this morning I ran the engine for a few minutes on idle, then switched the engine off, I checked the pipe again and it was blowing out what appeared to be exhaust gases. Quite worried about this as it too close to xmas for an expensive repair. Anyone able to offer any help on what it might be and what I might be able to do myself to rectify it. Thanks in advance.
  4. andy d

    fitting sftermarket sidesteps

    Without starting a full on debate as whether you found my query suitable, or on the other hand you found it to be too vague for your monstrously huge appetite for information. I would like to say......get a life! Some folk may have tried these fittings before from Jsg and if not may at some time in the future consider them so a post like mine isn't a waste of anyones time other than mine, as I put it on the wrong forum. Should've put it on http://www.freelanderclub.org/.
  5. andy d

    fitting sftermarket sidesteps

    exactly thats my point thats called being helpfull frigefreezer take note....
  6. andy d

    fitting sftermarket sidesteps

    They sent the wrong brackets initially. I measured them up took the digital photos and sent them to JSG, they offered to mod them for me, ended up doing it myself......less hassle but not ideal. I was really just looking for someone to say.....I got steps from the same supplier and had a similar problem or I had steps from the same supplier and they were fine. Rob at JSG turned out to be a great help and it was just a new supplier they used for the brackets that had cut holes in the wrong position.
  7. andy d

    fitting sftermarket sidesteps

    Let's face it the freelander itself is a bit of a mummsy cosmetic accessory (ask any proper landrover owner) , hence it's my wifes car, If I wanted a 4x4 I'd have bought a proper one. I wanted a shopping cart with a bit of road presence which was feminine enough for a young woman to drive, the side steps were for the kids to get in and out so not really all that cosmetic IMO No wonder there aren't many Freelander folk visiting the Freelander Forum regularly. As for a half baked query....Lets face it a monkey with half a brain could've got the idea. Are you a monkey? do you possess half a brain...............I'll reserve my judgement
  8. andy d

    fitting sftermarket sidesteps

    Thanks again for the advice....Not! 100 odd folk read this and not even a "good luck" Been on a few forums in the past, this is the most unhelpfull I have ever come across....Bye!
  9. andy d

    EGR Air vacuum filter, what does it do?

    Thanks Rustymark. It's the correct one your speaking about. I checked it against another freelander which the owner was kind enough to show me. The small filter is a breather which should be open to the atmosphere at one end, I had attached it to another breather which should have been the same which is a small black metal gooseneck pipe just above where the filter should be fixed. I noticed a bit of grey smoke after a couple of days with these two bits joined together. oops! When I seen the error I had made I changed it back and all was well again.
  10. andy d

    EGR Air vacuum filter, what does it do?

    well 36 views so far and no replies, your all obviously as thick as me....lol. If this was a defender it would be answered in no time as those guys tend to know their stuff.
  11. My wife noticed a small clear plastic thing in the engine bay that was connected to a hose at the lower end but nothing at the other. I've looked through a few images and found out it's and Egr vacuum air filter thingie? It's obviuosly there for a good reason, will it cause any problems being removed or do I need to get it sorted Asap, I can see where it attaches to, but can't attach it as the end doesn't appear. fit properly.
  12. Just interested if anyone else has bought sidesteps from JSG Direct on ebay, if so what did you think of them, did the steps fit okay? Mine are an absolute nightmare to fit on my freelander.
  13. I bought a set of sidesteps for my Freebie, looked straight forward enough to fit, even with the terrible instructions...lol Anyway four hours into the job I had only managed to fit the front passenger side bracket as per the instructions, then moved onto the middle one which I could only get one bolt through and then the rear which again I only got one bolt through. It looks like these brackets just don't fit, the company who sells them on ebay JSG Direct have thousands of positive feedback and seem to have a good rep, I've emailed them tonight to see if it's maybe just been a bad batch or if it's me that's being cackhanded. Hopefully they'll get back to me with an easy fix. BTW, have any of you used steps from JSG Diretc in the past?
  14. andy d


    I'm not very technically minded to say the very least, so don't pay too much attention as I may be talking through the wrong orrifice. I think this would end up making your front wheels travel faster than the rear due to the different overall radius, on a Front wheel drive car no real problem. I'm thinking that this may just be enough to mess with your 4x4 electronic gadgetry. Might also mess with your hill decent control. As I said I know very little about these things and the tolerances/sizes etc may be too small to make a real difference. Sorry if I've created more questions for you....lol
  15. andy d

    Freelander owners locations?

    Added you to the list Brian. 1 - Andy D..............Inverkip, Scotland 2 - Dan W ..............Southampton, hampshire 3 - Brian W..............Newbridge, Caerphilly, South Wales

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