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  1. Thanks for all the advice, Is it possible to find out if my engine has been modified in respect of the oil jet fault, was this something that was recalled and Land Rover would have a record of? Thanks for all the advice, I will find out more tomorrow hopefully. Mark
  2. Its has a bit of mixed use, everyday to and from work 15 mins but a lot of long runs, 300 miles of towing 2.5 tons is not unusual, It tows every week. Im taking it in on Monday to get it plugged in so I will get the fault codes then. Thanks
  3. Hi Ive been a member of this forum for a while but not posted. I have a 2.4 2007 defender double cab which is having some engine issues, I just wondered if anyone could offer any advice. The engine has had 2 DPF (sorry EGR as pointed out below) valves in less than 12000 miles and it has gone again, is it possible to remove it? Also the engine has developed a rattle under load, its done 60,000 miles and has always been service on time, is this a common fault, can anything be done, im worried its going to self destruct. It also stopped running four times in half an hour last week each time
  4. Hi Haven't posted before but quite often look here for advice, We service over 200 ifor Williams trailers a year of all ages and types, Ifor Williams do over adjust the brakes in the factory and it is always the main rod not the drums that is too tight. If you removed the drums you would find that the 4 brake cables are not releasing fully inside the hub, release the rod at the front of the trailer until the cables are not being pulled and then adjust the brake shoes and it will work fine. Usually on a first service we have to release the main rod and adjust the brake drum adjusters up to
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