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  1. Hi all, Hope this is the right forum. Please feel free to move if necessary. I'm in the process of putting a 3.9i V8 into my 1986 90 , which was previously running a 3.5 V8 and recorded as such on the V5. DVLA are being difficult about changing the engine details on the V5 and have given me 3 options: - Provide a receipt from a garage confirming the engine number & size. I didn’t buy the engine from a garage, I purchased a rotten Disco 1 and took everything I needed from there before scrapping it. I sent DVLA the receipt for the Disco and a copy of the V5 pre-scrapping but they haven’t accepted that - Provide an inspection report provided for insurance purposes. My insurer accepted the swap with no quibbles at all, they said it was fairly common and they were happy to cover it for an extra £16/year - Provide written confirmation from the engine manufacturer showing the engine number and size. How would I go about that? I imagine everyone at JLR has long since forgotten the RV8 engine! Is there a department I can contact? I’m hoping there will be other people who’ve done this type of swap who may be able to advise on how to get this sorted. I’ve no intention of selling the Landie, but would like the paperwork to be straight. Thanks all.
  2. Hi all, I'm in the process of installing a 3.9i V8 from a Disco into my Defender, and the good news is that it's in and running! However this is just with the wiring nd ECU lying loose. I'm trying to decide on a permanent home for the ECU. Because it all came from a Disco, the ECU loom is not long enough to put it on the rear bulkhead (I think I read somewhere that the RRC loom is longer and allow this?) so I'm after suggestions for alternatives. Currently I'm looking at the battery box, or fabricating something to put it on top of the middle section of the seat box (under the cubby), or possibly on top of the trans tunnel - once I've made a new one up! I do remember seeing somewhere where someone had put it under the steering column but it feels a bit large for that. I'm also mindful of keeping it above wading depth, not that I do much of that but something to bear in mind I guess. If anyone has suggestions and/or pics that would be very helpful, thanks.
  3. I don't know whether I'm making too much of the job, but in order to transfer the ECU and all the necessary sensors and relays, my intention was to take all of the front part of the loom from the Disco and move that all over, then once I get it running in the Defender I'll chop out the parts of the loom which I don't need. I guess there may be a simpler way but this was the only route I could think of? Hence wanting the immobiliser/alarm out of the equation, otherwise I'd need the pickup from the igntion switch, etc.
  4. Hi all, I've been reading the many threads all over the place on the infamous Spider and the problems it can cause. I have a '96 V8 Disco 1 which is sadly suffering from the advanced stages of tin cancer, but my plan is for it's heart to live on in a Defender. The Disco has a fully-working Spider and immobiliser fob but I don't want to take those over to the Defender. Is the solution as simple as adding in the Spider bypass across the three sets of connections? And if I do that, will the Disco still start and run until I take it apart? I want to get as much sorted before the transplant so that I don't leave myself open to problems with that. Just to confirm, if I put jumpers on pins 2-3, 4-8 and 6-10, that's the correct requirement? EDIT: I've just realised that the unit on mine is probably not original? It's cylindrical in shape, part number YWJ500020, which seems to be a replacement unit (costing about £350!!) so I guess someone at some point has had problems with the original and fitted one of these? Thanks chaps!
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