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  1. Have just done this in the last couple of days ........... The paint code on my VIN plate gives me Niagra Grey, the vehicle is actually Oslo Blue and is Oslo Blue everyhwere, so it hasn't had a colour change for sure. LR Dealers will supply paint in a pack of 2 aerosols, for about £7 + vat, the cans only have a very small amount (150ml) of paint in though, I was painting 2 D2 facelift bumper end caps and there wasn't even enough paint in 1 can to give a basic dust coat over primer I'd estimate each end cap would need 4 cans of paint to give a decent thickness of paint. So ......... after a quick "google" I found that Halfords mix aerosol cans for you, while you wait, these cans have 350ml of paint in and definitely have a better spray nozzle that gives a better finish, the Halfords cans are £12.99 each (I bought 2). They also large cans (600ml) of clear laquer to go over the top for around £6. The Halfords paint gives a much better finish than any aerosol I've ever used over the last 30 years!! Bumper ends caps now look better even before their final flat with 2000 grade wet and dry and a polish than they did when painted professionally when I did my facelift. I can't believe I'm recommending Halfords products but on this occasion they saved the day, it was Saturday afternoon and LR Dealers had closed, but would have had to order the paint anyway. But, check your paint code before you buy the paint, if I hadn't I'd have grey end caps on a blue vehicle!
  2. Underneath the inlet manifold, between the block and the fuel cooler, is the stub end of the oil cooler that the water pipe fits on, could it be a leak off this? That diagram shows a pre EU3 layout (which mine is)
  3. It was me who tried to buy them from a main dealer, and even though I'm quite well known by them they couldn't (not wouldn't) sell me a pair of those roof bars, it was they who told me and showed me on the computer that they were sold for replacement only, ie to replace accident damaged ones, they were not available to buy at all. So .......... off I toddled to see some helpful blokes in Shropshire who just happened to have a set for sale ........... Them Shropshire boys are indeed most helpful! The roof bars are a dead easy direct replacement.
  4. Was there myself with the same fault yesterday! Mine had been showing 4 lights, the 3 amigos (hate calling them that, so american!) and the handbrake light were on, plugged in, came up intermittent fault on L/H speed sensor, handbrake light was seperate, the clip had been stopping it releasing fully, all sorted now. Top lads those lads at Land Ranger!
  5. Me too! Exactly the same thing, how annoying was that when you'd put it all back together and called the good lady out ........... only to see indicators on with full beam etc.
  6. Hello all, am also new here, so here's mine so far ............... Look forward to getting involved on here. All the best Aaron
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