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  1. Is Britpart still considered below par?
  2. Chasing a clunk in the drivetrain, i found the splines on the output shaft of the gearbox worn. Unfortunate as this transfer case is the "G" model which has the uprated gear So gearbox needs to be torn apart. Might as well do clutch while box is out. Any recommendations on a clutch/friction plate? Anything else i should change now? Thank you
  3. Hi It looks like there are two styles of retaining pins for the brake pads A split pin with clips or a straight pin with springs. Is one type better than another? Are they interchangable? Thanks in advance
  4. i rebult the swivel hubs with the 12mm style hubs. No leaks, so it seems the 8 and 12mm hubs are interchangeable
  5. I worked for a transport company many years ago and they converted all the old highway trailers from grease to oil hubs on the axles. Ive heard of modern semi liquid greases on the market now but ill stick with oil
  6. im swaping the RHD 91 disco to LHD I have a LHD hub from an RRC. Everything appears the same except the seal is 12mm on the RRC hub and 8 mm on the Disco hub. Will I be okay to use the RRC hub with a 12mm seal with the remaining Disco axle parts?
  7. Hi I have to remove my swivel pin housing and its got an 8mm seal The housing im replacing it with has a 12mm seal. Are they interchangeable and the swivel balls the same? I only need to use the proper 12mm seal? Thank you
  8. ive checked and the 91 metric Disco has a 7/16 UNF clutch hose!
  9. HI Im looking for the metric female nut for the 1/4 steel line to the clutch hose Ive found the parts manual lists the steel line assembly, not the individual fittings Thank you
  10. Hi Just a heads up to any 3 door disco owners The drivers seat was a bit "loose". I found the pivot shaft welds had broken from the seat frame and the bushings had seized up. The checked the passenger seat and found the welds had also broken but bushings hadnt seized yet. I welded them up with bigger beads.
  11. Hi Im working through some electrical issues on a 1991 Disco. I can find the 1995 Disco workshop manual and the 1991 RRC manual but not the 1991 Disco manual Is it available? Or is the 1991 RRC electrical similar to the 1991 Disco electrical so that i could use the RRC manual? Thank you
  12. Thanks for the info. The shaft is 1/2" OD and the hole is 15/16" ID. I took this apart years ago and I was suprised I didnt keep the old bushing, even as a sample
  13. Hi Im trying to find the part number for an elusive bushing LR041261 is the steering tie rod? It bolts to the steering box and has a bushing at the other end What is the part number for bushing? I cant even find it pictured in the parts manual Thank you
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