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  1. enen

    series 2a upper radiator hose

    I ordered both hoses. Britpart 577346 worked for me
  2. enen

    200tdi temperature sender

    Thanks I have the PRC9917. Its 16Mx1.0. Yet all adapters sold for this are 16Mx1.5 I need to adapt to this female thread to use a different sender for another application. Im just trying to verify what it really is
  3. enen

    200tdi temperature sender

    here are two pictures of thread gauge
  4. HI I know this has been done to death but im confused I have a 200tdi temperature sender in the thermostat housing. PRC 9917 is stamped on the side Everything i have found on line says its M16 x 1.5 Ive measured mine several times and the thread is 1.0 OD of the thread is .622" Am I really measuring the thread wrong???
  5. HI I see two upper rad hoses for sale for the 4 cly 2a My car is a bit of a miss mash of different years parts Does any one know the differences between the two hoses offered for sale? Thank you
  6. enen

    wiring harness

    This loom had an extra cost option being wired for the 200tdi. They refused, after sale, to provide a diagram. In hind sight, I would have ordered the standard harness and done my own mods to make the TDI work
  7. enen

    wiring harness

    i also found this diagram that shows BY is the earth for timer and fuel shut off. My fuel shut off is integral to the Bosch VE IP, so no need for that earth. Seems there are several ways Rover wired these. I suspect the easiest way forward is to put a push button on the dash to energize the glow plugs, wire indicator light parallel with the glow plugs. A generic 70amp relay for $12 and I should be good to go. Gives me control. Better for very cold starts .expeditionlandrover.info/200tdiwiring.htm
  8. enen

    wiring harness

    Hi I bought a wiring harness from a UK firm for my 88" 2A . Harness came ready for a 200tdi. Ive had nothing but issues trying to figure it out. When i contacted the company, i was told they dont provide wiring diagrams! One example of a question. A black wire is supposed to go from the glow plug timer to the indicator on the dash. Their harness has this wire going to a ring connector in another area then to the dash. I had to pull apart the harness to figure this out. Other areas seem to have missing wires. I am on the verge of pulling all the covering off and redoing all the problems Has anyone else run into such issues?
  9. I ended up buying a banjo fitting to jic flair. used a short length of metal tube and connected to the plastic line
  10. HI Im putting together bits and pieces of a 200tdi. Im missing the banjo fitting on the injection pump for the turbo boost compensation (nylon tube from turbo outlet) The bolt is readily available (ERR886) but i cant even find the part number for the banjo Can anyone help with this part number? Thank you
  11. enen

    transfer case differences

    it has a serial number Would that be a clue? 36132037D
  12. enen

    transfer case differences

    i just checked My original transfer case has an opening of approx 4.2" The series 3(??) case has an opening of 3.4" /so im unsure what i really am working with
  13. I'm been benefiting from the posts here and thought id add my 2 cents. This may have been covered before. I have a gearbox with no vin, so probably a series 3? The transfer case also has no vin , so probably a 2A? I have a series 3 transfer case modified for the Ashcroft high ratio gears I removed the transfer case and installed the modified case . The gearbox seized up when i tightened the nut on the mainshaft Turned out the oil slinger was binding on the new case as the new case has a smaller hole. I guess the series 3 transfer case has a smaller oil slinger?

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