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  1. Hi I have a partly dissassembled 91 Disco beside a 95 Disco I can take some pics if anyone is interested in specific differences Cheers
  2. Hi, multiple questions about disco swivel seals on line, but i didnt get clarification 12mm or 8mm etc Is this refering to the thickness of the seals?
  3. Hi Ballcock Yes, thats what i was thinking. I was hoping a wiring diagram may simplifly locating which wires are the left and right indicators
  4. I dont think its that easy I still have more investigation to do but on the RHD car, the main harness exits a junction plug on the LH side firewall. I think this splits into a feed for left front and separate right front electrical. When i swap the harness to the LH firewall , im going to exit the RS firewalll and all the harness connections will need to be swapped side, for side. So my indicator lights will now be wrong?? Or am i over thinking it?
  5. Hi All Im in the process of swapping from RHD to LHD. Little did I know of the 89-94 preface lift differences from the 95 onwards model. The dash being an obvious difference I have had to remove the wiring harness and swap it 180 degrees. This will probably reverse the operation of the turn signals? I found a '91 range rover wiring diagram in the rave manuals but havent found a 91 Disco wiring diagram. Does anyone know of one, or if the Range Rover and Disco wring would be the same on the turn signals? If anyone is interested in this project, I can post pics Thanks in advance Cheers
  6. Got it off, thanks for the advice
  7. Hi Info on these early cars is a bit limited online. I need to use a steering wheel puller to get the wheel off Does anyone know what thread the two holes are that i need to attach my puller to? Thankyou
  8. Thank you I just sent him an email Cheers
  9. Hi, Title says it all. Anyone know where I can buy one? Thank you
  10. Hi I own 1995 Disco and am looking at a tired 1991 3 door disco I believe the 91 service manual is different from the 95 manual? Is the earlier manual available? The brake pedal on the 91 goes to the floor. Ive found non abs master cylinders , any source for rebuild kits for the abs master cylinders? Thank you
  11. I ordered both hoses. Britpart 577346 worked for me
  12. Thanks I have the PRC9917. Its 16Mx1.0. Yet all adapters sold for this are 16Mx1.5 I need to adapt to this female thread to use a different sender for another application. Im just trying to verify what it really is
  13. here are two pictures of thread gauge
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