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    Rebuilt Series III Pick-up<br />with Discovery 300Tdi Motor & Boxes on a shortened RR chassis with RR Diffs<br />Defender front-end Dash & Seats<br />Fern-Intercooler & Kleenoil remote Oil filteration, KN Induction Air filters
  1. Abe

    Mud flaps

    Hi there What i did a couple of months ago was to double the rear flaps ie put one set in the normal place then the 2nd pair starting from the top of the first pair up into the rear i fould it stops carp getting sprayed up all over the rear crossmember and make cleaning all that faster. On previous series vehicle I had - we would source some conveyor belting from a local quarry and then fabricate a complete flap to go right arount the rear wheel well. PS did the same with the fronts too and stops a lot of stuff getting thrown back under the vehicle the kits from paddocks come with all the little brackets - i used small bolts with large washers and spring washers with domed nuts to keep the road salt out happy trails Abe
  2. Mornin 110 For what its worth i have the upgraded interccoler (good stuff too) (my was a fearn conv) I was recomended to upgrade the exhaust system to 65 mm through-out (this i in the end didnt do) What i did do was put a std defender 90 system on but onlx the middle box - no back box and ran a tail pipe straght through exiting just right of the rear tow hook with a slight down tilt main thing i also did was get rid of the cat and put the replacement LR part from the manifold to the firts box - that maks a difference ans in my case the system runs sweeter the turbo is more responsive, Overall there is very little in the way of black smoke under heavier accelaration all the best & happy trails Abe
  3. I agree with western on that Ashcroft`s stuff is really top notch I have a disco 300TDi, R380 & T/box in mine - nice but if i had done it from scratch myself i would have sourced a Defender R380 & as metioned a disco T/box if you want to really have fun go the whole hog and get a full-width intercooler etc and then you will have a really sweet running set-up! Thats not thirsty either happy trails Abe
  4. For Whats its worth I have just Got back for the UK where I had my p38 2.5 Diesel Upgraded (re-chiped & larger intercooler installed) over at J. Ferns intercoolers. On the run out there it was doings a ave of about 9.5 - 10.5 driving at 110kph on the return the economy is far better averaging about 6-6.2 driving at the same speed. Not only that the performance of the engine matches the auto box much better and the same weekly hilly autobahn route i used to run would envolve the box dropping gears - now the vehicle just sails through with out a single gear change. on a manual 300tdi (my weekend vehicle) defender it also makes one hell of a difference too Happy trails Abe
  5. Morning Tom Mine does on a run about 8.5 - 9 ltrs Per 100KMS although it carries a full width enlarged intercooler disco transfer box and sits on 265/75/16`s putting out in total close to 150PS ran it through to FRA & back last may & at 80-90kph at about 2,000 RPM - ran great dealt with the hills on the A3 no problems even with a hand throttle although not the ideal comuter wagon - mines there just for the weekend Happy trails Abe
  6. FOLLOWUP: With a new upgraded steering damper (bilstein) & a couple of new scorpions on the front The vehicle runs and tracks fantastic. also had a Fearn up-graded Intercooler & chip re-tune done ...... but thats a story for another day .... totally recomend it Happy & now straighter trails Abe
  7. Abe

    deisel tune

    Hi Ted If you want to get the performance & economy up go with New enlarged full-width intercooler (pump also needs slight adjusting) not only to get that performance but good economy - plus you find the motor runs cooler too if you can get away with it - away with the EGR & more importantlly the CAT (pipes are cheap to source) blankers for the EGR are also easy to source. small imporvements my be made by a K&N filter & even one of their induction kits together with putting on a electric fan hope the info helps happy trails Abe
  8. Hiya steward I run 265/75/16 dirt devils on mine and although there good on sand gravel & off road - they throw a lot of Cr*P up the side of the vehicle even on-road I have put front mudflaps on and that reduces the the problem At the end of the season they will probaly come off & some 235/85/16s will go on reducing the width but keeping the hight am mentioned watch out for body rub if you ar going to off -road it (mine has a lift so eleminates the problem) and just remember to avoid tyre rub jut adjust the stops (20 min job) on the front axle hapy trail Abe
  9. Hiya Thirsty you may want to consider having the intercooled upgraded - I run a full width intercooler on mine and boy o boy the difference is there if you can (legally) De-cat the vehicle will make a further inprovement regarding fueling I run a electric facet type pump between the tank and the main filter (tank end) as it pumps far in excess of requirement of has the effect of re-circulating the fuel - hence using the motor to heat the returned fuel to warm the tank fuel I have added a additional loop via a a electric switch) on the return pip just on the back of the motor that takes the returned fuel on a additional bypass via a heating coil on the exaust manafold for addional warming on really cold days (a temp gauge on the fuel line to keep an eye on the fuel ) As you have found too starting isnt a problem as only recently I have installed a Plug heater relay (yet to be fully wired) starting is no problem The engine i find great and generally runs cool (ok it has the aditional intercooling) but only use a fan for slow low-box off roading (make sure you get a bi flow radiator - (300tdi one is fine about 100 quid) all the best & happy trails Abe
  10. Morning Eager spotters ForWhatItsWorth Out here In Belgium Holand & germany its quite strange There are lots of Range Rovers in the our local area P38s & Later - never acknowlege each other Hardly and defenders series although nearly always give a blast of the hore or a flash of the lights even oncomming on the otherside of the Motorway. As there very few defenders with utilities & business you hardly either see them or recieve acknolegement from them. Likewise with the the little uns the freelanders there are more of them but move around oblivious as do many Discoverys The clubs are more democratic and the members regardles of what Landrover creed mix (safety in no`s) as the tide of jap 4X4s about makes the LR representation disproportionately small anyways happy trails Abe
  11. Well I have priced two new scorpion S/T`s from paddocks for the front - for or a fitting next week One of the reason i wanted to peddle the tyres on the front now was i was experiencing real problems if i drove on a truck-grooved roal it was like running in one tram-line! I have also just ordered a up-graded Steering damper (Bilstein) to hopefully damp down this problem keep you posted happy Trail & "staight" Abe
  12. Thank for the feedback G I have a prepared series 3 (defender look-a-like) for the weekend and so the p38 is pure road i really liked the scorpions and as there are alrerady two on the back i still may go with them although the write-ups for the grabber´s is also really good in the end iam in the Uk next week so will probaly go with the grabbers but thanks for the info happy trails Abe
  13. Hiya Forum Iam just about to change the present pirelli Scorpions on my 2001 p38 looking for some feedback from all out there on suitable alternatives the usage will be 100% road and the present size is 255/55 18 i also want to keep this tyre size I have been looking at goodyears or General UHP`s contienentals i have no interest in any experience / suggestion would be appreciated particularly relating to wear / road noise Cheers & Happy Trails Abe
  14. Hiya Ivan this what i thought it would be to counter and syphone-back I put a Facet electric pump on my 300tdi Defender for just the same rerason - certainly saves the battary & starter motor too happy trails Abe
  15. Hiya Forum Going in the great Bizzare bazzar know as E**y came accros this ad the other day http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...p;rd=1&rd=1 just wondering if anyone had any exp / feedback on what this chap is selling? As always happy trails Abe
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