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  1. Thanks guys - I'm not really doing any wading but it was more to try and minimise leaks. I think the pin hole in the gearbox is too small to do any substantial pressure relief so maybe I tackle that first. I need to take my axles off anyway for a service so I'll have a think on the breathers for them too. I just dont see how a small pneumatic hose isnt going to block almost instantly by oil being spat up from the inside?
  2. Hi all, I've got a 74 plate series 3. 2.25d I've had a search around and it seems that replacing the 2 breathers on the axle and adding 2 breathers (1 onto the gearbox and 1 onto the transfer box?) seems like good logic to help reduce the pressure build up and leakage of oils! It seems a lot of people use pneumatic connectors - are these just standard 1/8" ones? There are kits on ebay for £50 including a manifold but I'd rather just buy the connectors and not have a manifold. My logic is that I dont mind running all the breathers to a high point (all the front ones into the engine bay and probably the back axle up high in the underside of the tub? The manifold seems only sensible if you're doing it up to a snorkle and I dont like the idea that the pipes all join (more potential for blocking?). My question is... am I on the right track? I know I have to drill 2 holes on my boxes but other than that am I good to go? Do I need to bend the pipes over or mayb fit a 90 degree elbow when they are in the engine bay to prevent anything falling into them? or put them into an area with a cover over the top? Also is there any best practices to making sure they stay clear? can I blow an airline down them periodically? Thanks
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