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  1. Another vote for roof flashing tape, warmed with a hot air gun it sticks really well, and works a treat. I get mine from Screwfix.
  2. I've just repaired mine after the same problem. I just flipped the assembly over, drilled out the hole, ground out the web at the back to hold the side of the head of a bolt, and that was it, job done. LR do this with prop bolts, so I'm sure it's fine. I had thought of coiling the hole, but could not be arsed, and a bolt fitted 'backwards' holds to torque fine.
  3. I've seen an LT95 12C on a 110 with a Salisbury front axle and a 17C on summat else. My Google fu is poor, there's no other help on the interwebs.
  4. Also check MAF operation, this is often the cause of low top end power.
  5. What does the bottom right of the MMap window say - 'no signal', or 'can't open com port'? I use MMap, and a GPS using the same drivers and it works fine. Don't change com ports, just go to device manager, check what com port is allocated, and enter that number into MMap GPS setup. The baud rate MUST be 4800 for MMap, set this in device manager.
  6. It was last year, which is probably no help whatsoever.
  7. I got a pair of 3-door 110 new-take-offs from Hobsons [i think], for £65 via Ebay. Steel, one piece, nice and straight and well packed. No connection to Hobsons, natch. They usually do van sides and roofs from ROW spec trucks.
  8. I replaced all four outriggers on my 110 with Britpart, and they were excellent in fit and finish. Rear crossmember however was from MPS, the Britpart one looked awful. Rear shock mounts - Britpart G - no problems. Britpart thermostat - failed shut, cooked my 300tdi.
  9. Well, I'm fairly sure there was steam escaping from the back of the block, but there was steam arsing about everywhere so I'm not 100% sure. I'm planning on head gasket, inspection and oil change tomorrow afternoon, and a quick prayer too.
  10. Cheers boys, more news tomorrow after some work, thnks again.
  11. Thanks for the replies and help. Head gasket to do tomorrow then. Bum. Mike: it's a non standard gauge fitted by the previous owner with a Kenlowe, I'd say it was fairly accurate. When you say pull No 4 and look for damage what exactly am I looking for?
  12. Never thought to do that, and it did look a bit thin and smingy, I was just checking for signs of head gasket failure to be honest. I'm more worried that as it appears the new rattle in engine load related it might be big end, but I'll do a full oil change tomorrow, thanks for the tip.
  13. Caveat: I'm not that au fait with diesel engines, be gentle. On Sunday my new thermostat [from a blue box] failed shut, and the engine hit 120ºC in seconds, as I was going up a long hill with a 3 door 110 rear tub on the roof rack. I shut the engine off within 20 secs, coasted to the side of the road, had a swear, and shouted at the RAC for sending a Transit to suspended tow me, then waited 2 hours in temperatures that were melting the waxoyl out of my rear door frame, by the side of the M5 for a flatbed. The engine boiled most of it's water immediately, and steam appeared to be escaping f
  14. The NRC6951 are for the military jerry can holders IIRC.
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