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  1. I'm replacing my LT77 gearbox with a stumpy R380 from Ashcroft Transmissions, its going on a 300TDi engine fitted to a 1987 90. Ive ordered the whole kit from him and expect it some time next week. The only thing I'm not sure about is the slave cylinder I will need and the pushrod. If I have done my reading correctly I need FTC5072 (300Tdi type) for the slave and FTC3912 (disco 1 type) for the pushrod. If anyone can confirm what I need for the Stumpy R380 and 300Tdi combination that would be great. Im hoping to get all the parts together for next weekend todo the swap. Cheers
  2. So the weird felling has gone after spraying plenty of oil! However the box seems to be leaking and I’ve no idea where from. The pipe connections are dry and the steering shaft input is fine I think, the oil seems to be sitting on the chassis rail towards the front of the car. Any ideas? It could it just be left over oil from bleeding it?
  3. So the box needed alighted so that’s done now which has helped but it’s still heavier to the right. Have taken steering dampener off and still heavier to the right than the left. The steering was fine before until I swapped the boxes so unlikely that it’s a swivel (both had a complete rebuild in February). Anything else to look at?
  4. Have recently fitted a OME dampener and everything was fine before I swapped the boxes over. Will check if the box is centred tonight when I get home.
  5. It’s a box from NPS (national power steering) which I believe are good?
  6. So I’ve just fitted a recon steering box, tried my best to bleed it using the usual methods of left to right a few times with the nipple open and closed. With the nipple open I’m getting a flow of fluid with no bubbles. The flow is stronger when turning right though if that makes any kind of difference? When driving the car though it’s a lot heavier past centre heading right. Any ideas?
  7. All seems fine with it now! Put 500 miles on it and no issues. It's still smokey when pulling away but that will be a whole other post possibly! Cheers for all the help!
  8. So took it out for a drive and seems to drive fine and less smoke! I've made a "custom" catch can, what amount of oil should I expect to find in the "can"? cheers
  9. So there's every potential I'm being an idiot. But I've taken the cyclone off, started her up and there's some blowing from where the cyclone should be as expected. However when I increase the revs the blowing becomes less? Thoughts?
  10. The smoking seemed excessive compared to other 300TDi's that I've driven. Fuel pump is still standard, it's a reconditioned one and I haven't done anything to it (yet...) Asked a mechanic friend who took a look and said it could be that the gasket has gone between a oil way and exhaust. There were signs of oil leaking in the gasket. I will need to borrow the tester again and will get back to you with figures.
  11. I would say the cap kind of flutters. Sometimes higher than other times, but no flying away. I had the piston rings go on an another engine before and oil was coming out of the dipstick tube but that isn't happening (yet) with this engine. It smoked really badly when pulling away but it was more black smoke than blue smoke. And when doing the head I had a slightly bent pushrod so done the belt and replaced the rods but haven't taken it out a drive since so can't really comment.
  12. It's not blowing oil up the dipstick tube but you can feel it with your hand over the oil filler. I cleaned the cyclone a few months ago but will check it again. I left the cyclone breather pipe disconnected at the air filter end after doing the head gasket and it blew oil up my windscreen.
  13. So I have pressure in my 300TDi crankcase, done a pressure test and getting 400-450psi on all the pistons with a warm engine. So changed the head gasket (didn't have the head pressure tested or skimmed though) however there's still pressure in the crank case. This would make me think piston rings but as it's getting pretty even pressure across all the pistons I'm at a loss... any ideas before I send it all away to get sorted? Cheers
  14. Depends what company you go with and the options you choose but around £900 inc VAT and deposit. Cheers
  15. I tried playing around with the reverse plunger today to try and see if that was the problem but sadly no luck! Cheers
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