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  1. I don't know the answer but is yours 200TDI, like my civilian 1992 Defender? Mine never gets really hot, so just curious why you want extra cooling. None of my business really :-)
  2. Are the bolts the same distance apart as the front bumper mounts?
  3. Is that rubber in there like an engine mount or all metal?
  4. Great site - thanks. I will be receiving item #8 SS108161L which I now see is an m8 x 16 so wont substitute. I guess tensile strength is a factor, but I will probably have no choice and have to source something m6 x 15 of the appropriate length which should be obtainable.
  5. I discovered my downpipe is not secured correctly and the join has skewed (at clamp #2 in the picture). Rather than just rejoin it, I have ordered all the parts to attach the correct brackets: 1. to the block half way down the downpipe 2. to the chassis at the back end of the downpipe All the parts are now on their way to me, except #4 screw in the diagram SS106161L, (of which I need 2), which is apparently Out Of Stock at Landrover. So I want to find an alternative. Any suggestions? I presume its a standard thread and the variation in the various screws in the diagram not
  6. That's a great point, I have the heated screen on my older 110, and I really do need a new screen on the Defender. I would not attempt to fit it or wire it myself though.
  7. Certainly I would use fluid mixed appropriately for the season. But it's a good point about hot on cold glass!
  8. I hope its OK to resurrect this tech advice topic. I like the idea of heated washer jets, but I also like simple solutions. So I was wondering if anyone had tried simply to route the washer piping via a hotter part of the engine. Some sort of non-flammable piping required, water washer fluid would arrive at the jets as hot as you like.
  9. When I had a Discovery 1 I bought a load of switches on ebay to replace only the clock. I am hoping to use the rear wash-wipe switch from there for my 1992 defender. The centre switch panel has been butchered anyway. I am hoping the wiring is similar, but I have not done research on it as its not top of my to-do list.
  10. Got mine re-chassis'd 3 MOTs ago and it feels great going in for the MOT.
  11. Unfortunately, the image was 3MB on my PC is now 130KB when I re-download it from this site, so I think its lacking resolution.
  12. So many people replace those with electric fans, why not go that route? The engine is non standard anyway so you're not keep it "original".
  13. I have the haynes manual for this - is it permitted to share a scan of the wiring diagram from it?
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