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  1. We've got a similar one to what you have above and like you say, it's easy to use. We also have a piece of H beam concreted into the ground, sticking up 4 ft. A LR hub welded to the top with a piece of 2" pipe through the middle. Works the same as the air one above pretty much, but we've got a home made bead breaker that slots around the 2" pipe and is adjustable in height. (the manual air one you have pictured above, will battle to fit a wide wheel in the bead breaker). Similar to this google image : G
  2. Why do you need to modify the shaft ? The few that we've done have all been fine, or just needed a different spiggot bush. G
  3. Our local tip had a smug look on their face when we rocked up in the p38 and just couldn't fit under the barrier. It's amazing how useful the lowest setting is on the air suspension...... Just remember to open a door when you start driving do it doesn't lift back to motorway height. G
  4. I recognise that hub.... I've been tripping over it in my lockup for the last 18 months ! LOL Like the work Now come collect your next axle.... G
  5. Carl hurst is making some nice ones now Have a look at eBay item 161038672876 G
  6. Much more reliable than a LR http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Toyota-Land-Cruiser-Amazon-VX-4-2-TD-expedition-ready-2-spares-roof-rack-/171036295927?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item27d28ec2f7 G
  7. When i put this post up years ago it was my RR P38, so what's that about a 110 ? I still prefer towing my tri axle now with the truck. This has a 156" wheelbase i think. G
  8. Just buy a yank truck. My passenger sits so far away from me we need to phone each other for a conversation ! G
  9. I managed the one time to cure it, something in the pwm settings iirc. But then for some reason as soon as i went into water i had absolutely no power - so the old map got put back on G
  10. Mine does this as well. Although i've found that it isn't as bed when it's cold, what about you ? Not a clue what my starting settings are
  11. So what if no current production vehicle has them in the top hose ? It's a nice simple way of doing it. If you're not happy with the temperature switch, just choose another one that switches higher. For what it's worth your temperature gauge reads from pretty much the same place. I know mine works perfectly for my application. G
  12. i run the same temp as what x eng use, but i go with the theory of better safe than sorry. Coupled with the fact that my rad is in the rear and i work the engine hard at low speeds
  13. As much as i hate to take business away from simon (x-eng), if you get a thermostat housing from a v8 that had aircon, you can screw that radiator fan switch into it. G
  14. Again, i totally agree. But when we stop to refuel there is sometimes a pressure build up. And yes, the valve is for when i roll. My tank is not a normal LR tank, merely an ally tank with a couple ports.
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