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  1. Hi guys... so, an ex-RRC V8 in a 90. The white wire (on the engine loom) which runs over to the coil seems to have an additional connector midway on the wire. It’s quite short, as if it’s meant to connect to something on the engine itself such as a sensor. Any ideas?? Thanks.....
  2. Ok thanks, I assumed it would make some noise even without having fuel.
  3. Hi guys - just hooked up the chassis mounted fuel pump tonight. I’m assuming that at ignition position II I should hear the pump hum a little as it primes? Because I’m hearing nothing. it gets power at pos. II alright, and it’s earthed correctly etc. however the tank is empty as that’s also new - do I need fuel in there for it to be able to build pressure and prime or??
  4. Yeah...So when I ground the gauge wire, the gauge raises to full so that’s good and means it’s working. Doing same for the low level light illuminates it fine, so again that’s good. It’s just that connected directly to the sender it only illuminates faintly and when I connect an earth wire to that 3rd terminal nothing happens to improve that. is there a specific earth wire that should run back to this? I have not found one so I was just connecting a homemade earth to various random earth points trying to get it to work! (Which is probably the source of my problem?)
  5. Thanks, I’ve also been told today that I’m approaching this wrong and that there is zero earth for the tank?. I.e. That there should be one 12 volt positive feed in, then 2 feeds out to the low fuel light, and to the fuel gauge ( which does seem logical I guess) So if that’s the case, then I have a 3rd wire I need to locate! 🥴
  6. Hi all, I’ve fitted a new tank and sender to my late 80’s 90 rebuild. Tank is still empty now so testing the connections first before making a more permanent loom to it. Not sure where the earth (in blue in pic) should connect? I’m only getting a faint illumination on the ‘empty tank’ dash light so it seems to be an earth issue, but it doesn’t matter where I try to earth it to it’s not grounding. The only time the fuel light illuminates at the right brightness is if I connect earth back to the white/grey wire (but I’m guessing that’s not right??) What am I doing wrong please?
  7. Hi ballcock (now there’s a phrase I never thought I’d have to say) it’s just for the rear lights, the issue is just the thickness of the wires coming from the main loom. They just physically won’t fit for the 1.5mm gauge connectors...and I can’t find anything for 2.0mm or bigger which is waterproof
  8. Hi guys, Long story short i'm basically having to make a new rear lights loom. The challenge is the 10 way connector in the engine bay. I need to replace that as I only have 1 side of it (i.e. missing the part which would be on the chassis loom itself) I would like something like the Delphi waterproof ones, versus bullet or spade connectors. But the only ones I can find are for 1.5mm gauge wire, I can't find anything to fit the larger wires coming from the min loom (2.0 or 2.5mm, not sure which) Can anyone recommend anything similar which is waterproof? If not a 10way, then
  9. Wow....learn something new every day...... considering this is out of a 1991 snatch vehicle, I guess they were really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for parts when they bolted this one together then 🤪
  10. Hi guys, On the bottom left of my warning light panel, I have what looks like a truck cab being tilted forward - it’s a green lamp. i suspect it’s not needed, just interested to know what it is? thanks
  11. Aha! I guess the RRC had an automatic choke then, so that makes sense. Redundant for me then as I have the “stupid, flimsy, barely held on with a cable tie” version of the choke switch attached to the choke cable 🤨.... I mean, it works, but what a dodgy design...... my neighbour who is an auto-spark was looking at it tonight...... he almost wet himself laughing at it 😳 thanks as always guys.... another mystery solved...
  12. Hi guys... making progress on my various wiring conundrums which is good (due in no small part to this forum) what are the 2 senders in the attached photo please? I’m assuming 1 the lower one is water temperature , but the top one has me beaten.. nothing in the normal 90/110 manual But this engine is a 3.5 carbed V8 from a mid 80’s Rangie.....
  13. Ah, Fair enough so... I’ll just wrap this connection up and move on to the next fire inducing conundrum 🥴
  14. Plain green, no trace. But there’s nothing in there to connect to.... .....is there any chance this is the green live I’m missing on the engine side for the reverse light switch? But this is so short there’s no way it’s feeding through the bulkhead.....
  15. I know what you’re thinking.... it’s him again! I have one rogue Green wire with a bullet connector behind the binnacle that has no home.... any idea what’s it’s for? It’s Too short to go anywhere else.... (EDIT: I only have standard dials, but it is ex military loom so maybe they had alternate dials, oil pressure etc?)
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