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  1. Hi guys I'm fitting 4 inward facing seats and 4 retractable lap belts to the rear of my 90. The rear is also ply lined with non slip resin/trailer board. Looking at the parts book, I can't really see that there are any additional stiffeners or support brackets needed for underneath the tub other than the existing front/centre/rear stiffeners already there? I would have expected that the seats and particularly the seatbelts would have needed something extra underneath - or is it just a case of using some really big washers to spread the load? Even if there is no official part to be using, what have others done? Have you put some strengthening plates etc underneath? All assistance greatly appreciated folks.... Alan
  2. Thanks for all the help folks....
  3. Ok so my saga continues. I went digging in a box of spares that came with the engine (which admittedly I had kinda forgotten about....Duh!) Turns out the connector is for a Lumenition ignition system which was on the RRC it came from! So at least the mystery is solved 😀 I found the box and connectors buried deep in said box so hopefully no damage.... Question now is whether it works on the 90, form what I can see and have read it should be largely just plug-and-play in the 90 - right??
  4. Thanks for that. Yeah I've been trying to see where the amp module would actually mount on the dizzy and there is no obvious place really either. I figured there was a cable missing as you said, but can't see it on any parts diagrams at all.... it all came from the same RRC so should be correct I guess....
  5. Oh boy.... zero replies.... were my questions that dumb??? 😄
  6. Hi guys, Rebuilding a 1985 90 with a 1987 RRC classic 3.5 carb V8 (none of which I disassembled in the first place, so makes the reverse process harder!) So i now have to connect the dizzy and coil etc and checking if I've got the right bits and a few questions: - There is a 3pin connector on the side of the distributor as per photo, does the amplifier connect directly into this or is there a cable connecting the two of them? - where does the other end of the amplifier connect to? Is that direct to one of the coil terminals and what cable is needed? - from what I can tell I need to get my hands on part number STC1184 plus a connector cable? Anything else missing? (HT leads, coil pack etc are already in place, all new) Sorry for the dumb questions, but 'sparky' stuff not my strong suit at all 😄 Cheers all...
  7. Forgot to add that the seller said that it all came from a 110..but I assume cross member would be the same anyway?
  8. Hi all when I rebuilt my 1986 '90 I fitted a carbed 3.5 v8 mated to an ex MoD Santana box. However Ive never had the correct gearbox crossmember. I've been offered one now, however it has rubber mountings on the crossmember which I don't need, so I don't know if it's the wrong one or not (guy is also selling it with a Santana gearbox but he never had them fitted so no way to know) does anyone have a pic of what it's supposed to look like? I've struggled to find any pics on google - the part numbers from Retroanaconda also don't yield any pictures. So I don't know if I'm buying yet another lump of scrap 😄 Any help appreciated
  9. Thanks Neill. Having now measured it seems one is imperial and one is metric. Seems as you said that they just changed it in the factory I guess! I didn't consider removing the olives and changing the end.....I'll try that. Thanks.
  10. Thanks Neil110. I was thinking the same but the connecting pipe is rigid and curved so I think if I use an adaptor at one end then the other end won't mate up correctly. Or maybe i could use a spacer of some sort on the pump to move it out a few millimetres......
  11. Sorry Western, I should have stated that it's got a twin card v8 in it that came from a RRC...hence my confusion as it should theoretically be the right part...
  12. Hi all I've a 1986 90 that had a v8 retrofitted. IT has the plate on the chassis near the rear wheel with the electric fuel pump and filter housing mounted. I've purchased 2 different filter houses and the pipe that connects it to the pump. The pipe will fit the pump, but the other end won't fit either of the filter housings!! The threads seems to be different as if one is imperial and one metric. I've checked and double checked and both parts are correct as per the parts book (hence I bought the second filter housing in case the first one was just duff). But I can't see any other parts that would fit. Part numbers in question were nrc9786 and nrc7930. All help appreciated. Thanks Alan
  13. Ah, great! Thanks for that....
  14. Hi guys I have a recon LT85 Santana gearbox from an MOD vehicle. however its missing the inspection plate from the lower bell housing (i.e. the equivalent to FRC2859 for an R380) There is nothing listed in the parts book on Retroanaconda so i'm at a loss as to what part I need worried that its quite exposed to the elements and stones getting in etc. Any help appreciated.. Alan
  15. Ok...many thanks for the reply...