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  1. Yes, i have slackened the 3 bolts Giacomo
  2. I agree 100% with what you say, but once assembled I feel it is already tense so it does not let me tensioning it to 20 Nm Giacomo
  3. Thank you western that's what I did, but it seems to me that the belt is already stretched and there is no chance to trim it 94489 Dayco belt Giacomo
  4. Hi all, I'm replacing timing belt on Defender 200 Tdi but I have problems on fitting the belt ,seems to be short, since the tensioner is very difficult to move Is there any trick to adopt ? thank you Giacomo
  5. Thank you ianmayco68 but, " top right thick white - top right white orange " on the same pin ..... ? Giacomo
  6. Hi all, Defender 90 200 Tdi LHD 1991,to which i have to replace the ignition lock switch LUCAS 162SA with LR041320 ( Britpart ) 4 pins i have 4 wires : thick brown - big white - white/red - white/orange which coloured wire to which terminal on the back of starter switch ? thank you Giacomo
  7. Thank you Old Hand, and with the Nanocom what value is it measured ? Giacomo
  8. Hi all, does anyone know how to test the functionality of the injectors, without disassembling the engine ? or using Nanocom / Hawkeye diagnostic tool ? thank you Giacomo