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  1. No, I actually have phillip screws between the rails and the box. This must have been an early solution which probably wasent to good. THere are also phillips between the seat and the rail, but they are big. These phillips are smaller. Probably changed to bolt on newer models.
  2. Well I removed the head rest. Quite OK. But I think I will raise the seat an inch or so also. But I have some trouble with the screw holding the seat. WHY did they put phillip screws there?????????? Anyway, I also managed to recarpet my "complete" interior (Roof and rear sides). From old yellow/whiteish/dirty to nice black fabrik. Looks nice and smells nicer!!!
  3. OK, after some investigation it seems I have room for my legs when I am driving. The "problem" is when I enter the car. Then the legs gets jammed until I have them at the pedals. Hmmm, yes, I could build me some own rails to lift the seat a little. Maybe worth to test it first with a cusion or similar. That will only solve my problem partly since I also want to be able to lean more backwards, (Just a little), but that could also temporary be solved by removing the headrest. What about this. I dont think I understood it correctly : The best mod i did however was remove the whole seat tub an
  4. Hehe, fit a Volvo seat. Hmmmm sure I am from Sweden, but please dont mention the word Volvo. Cant stand those cars. I am a little surprised that you both state to raise the seat. I would think your legs would be jammed even more below the steering wheel. I will have a look later this afternoon. Maybe I am wrong! Thanks so far!
  5. Yes, I though about removing the headrest....I also never use them, even in my other cars. Only thing is of course if in a collision from behind. Would be nice to bang the back of your head into something soft rather then something hard. (I dont think I have the problem that my head goes over them...) Other seats.....could be an idea. One common problem is also that the steering wheel is quite large, so even IF the driver could move the seat further forward, the legs will be jammed under the steering wheel. I guess step one is to remove the headrest and see how it feels. Maybe if possible fa
  6. Hi Guys, I tried to google, but my english is to bad in order to limit the search result. I would like to know any tricks to get a more comfortable driving/passenger position in my Pickup. Its really my wife who complains the most, but I have to be honest, sometimes I also wish some more comfort. I guess the main problem is the headrest since this touches the rear window when trying to adjust the back of the seat. I tried to bend the headrest fixture, but that does not seem to fix the problem. Moving the seat further forward would mean I can lean it back more, but then again, I am not the
  7. Hehe. I think I solved the problem. A little at least. I changed my transfer box flanges and at the same time my outer bearings. Rear/front. Now the wining has dissapeared, almost atleast. Just thought I let you know. Thank all who wrote the instructions for replacing the bearings!!!! Went smooooooooth! /Martin
  8. I have a L90 from 84. I replaced by slave cylinder some weeks ago. Not 100% sure it looks alike, but did you had to remove the push rod? I think you need in one way or another first check that the push rod works as expected when pushing down the clutch pedal. Does it really extend (During load) when the pedal is pushed down Not sure how you should do this........You dont want to push out the piston neither do you want to remove the push rod (If its same procedure I have with mine.) Can you "feel" your clutch depressing when pushing down the pedal?
  9. Thanks. For some reason I couldent find it. I am not used to use drawings like that. I understand that most of you do this, but its new to me. Again thanks. Just for the record. I mean the word "flange"; I use it a lot in my daily work, but I could not relate that word to what I was after. Sorry for this! THanks Martin
  10. Hi Guys, You know I am from Sweden, but there are some spares I cant find (Dont know the name of them). I am using Rimmerbros to search for spares. I find it eaasy. Then I know the part number and can look else where! I changed all four seals from the rear axle - prop shaft - transfer box - Prop shaft - front axle. Its the seal preventing oil coming out from the transfer box and rear/front axle. What are those things called which are bolted to the transfere case/rear/front axle and which the prop shafts are mounting between??? (These are the parts which goes in to the seals I replaced. I kno
  11. Well I adjusted the idle a little. (Actually I had to turn the screw more then I thought to get some noticeable change.) Funny part is that now the L/R behaves better also during gear shifting, so I will leave it as it is for now.Means the RPM does not drop so fast any longer. So that was that. Just to go back to the normal list. of things to do with the L/R.
  12. Almost I went to work now and I am happy. BUT I now realize two things. 1. The idle is quite low. At least lower then with the old pump. I know how to ajust this, even if Haynes says that you need special tolls...... 2. (This is a funny one, becuase I actually had the other way around with my old pump) When I shift gears, the rpm drops really fast so I actually have to give some acc. during shifting, so that I dont end up with idle rpm once the new gear is in. Surely if I eƔdjust the idle, this will improve a little, but could it be somehting else. Otherwise the L/R is great now. Good ac
  13. I ama novice (still), but I am not sure if fuel should come out of the injector pipes by only pumping. I am quite sure you need to crank the engine to get fuel up there. I changed my injector pump yeasterday and it took a while before I got it to work. Bleeding air filter, Injectorpump (With ignitioin on and with lift pump). Then I cranked the engine for 20 seconds. Thereafter I opened the "return" piped banjos on the top of the injectors. I saw air/fuel leaking out. Still open I cranked the engine for some seconds. Tightend them again and then contiuned cranking. Still it took about 15secon
  14. Another update: Got my ebay pump today. Installed it, adjusted the pump when timing was set and ......cranking cranking cranking.... Starting to bleed the system and cranking again.........Bleeded top of injectors.....cranking cranking cranking and then sudden it started. Assembled everything together and took a ride. I have a NEW L/R. Acceleration is really good. never was before. WOW. Thank god! To my old pump. I took another look yesterday. I made some huge errors. When I looked again yesterday evening, the timing was one tooth wrong So I adjusted it and did everything over......sti
  15. No, not yet. We had some public holidays in Sweden last week. I am still waiting for my pump bought on Ebay. If that does not work........ About refurbishing a pump. Maybe I wasent so careful as I should have been, but to be honest, its not that complicated IF you stop the refurbishing where I did. (I can although imagine that most refurbishing DOES required further dissambling and then the story changes....) I did one mistake. I extended the haydralic head further then required which caused some parts to disangaged. But really, if I wouldent have done that I really dont know what the real
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