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Found 12 results

  1. passenger side footwell soaked every time we have rain, i cannot find the leak anywhere, checked sunroofs an they dont seam be the problem (for once) doors windscreen etc, but no luck, any ideas or suggestions would be greatfull,
  2. Defender 200tdi - Noticed diesel smell yesterday and had a look and the side of the engine and I've got diesel on the block and down on to the prop and chassis crossmember. Only small amounts - drips it seems and as far as I can see it's coming from the bottom of the lift pump where it's mated to the block. I've not run the engine and watched yet, but there doesn't appear to be any leaks higher up - the pipes are all intact and dry and the upper body of the pump is dry too. I've recently replaced the spill pipes on the injectors and they all seem ok and not the culprit. So, if something fails inside the lift pump (is there a rubber membrane that creates a vacuum?) would this cause diesel to run into the rest of the lift pump and come out the bottom, maybe even through the lift pump casing?
  3. Hi Folks, Noticed that there is a slow but steady drip of oil coming from under our Defender - 300 Tdi Seems to be coming from as shown in the image. Normal, some seal needs replacing other helpful thoughts? Many Thanks, Simon...
  4. Hello, I was wallowing under my 1989 110 SW 200TDi replacing the front diff input flange and seal to stop a leak there. (The axle breather is free and clear. ) Looking up I noticed the oil pressure switch is covered in, engine, oil. The oil appears to be leaking out at the switch. The switch itself works as the light on the dash seems to work as expected. So I'm thinking of ordering up a new oil pressure switch and fitting it. Is there anything else I should think about when doing this that it might be? ( I didn't get time to get a spanner on it and nip it up which I might try before replacing TBH. ) cheers, Rich T
  5. Hey guys, who knows what this little hole is and why is it leaking? its on a 4 bolt pas box.
  6. Lying under the vehicle whilst doing the 500 mile oil change on the newly rebuilt engine I noticed a slight sheen around the wading plug hole. Doing the touch and sniff test revealed a strong diesel smell which I assume indicates failure of the fuel injection pump driveshaft seal? My other question is given that diesel hardly pouring out of the pump if I pull my finger out and get the seal changed pronto can I get away without changing the timing belt? Given it's a Dayco belt with only 500 miles or so on it I really hope the answers no!
  7. Can anybody tell me what the problem is in the pic, and what parts I need to fix it? Also.. While I'm firing questions about, The 15amp fuse for the turn light, headl/tail lights and break lights keeps blowing every time I turn my 1996 Es 300tdi on, sometimes just when I'm driving to.. When I indicate right rhe trailer light flashes asswell, not sure if that's relevant.. But o haven't got a clue where to start looking for the short, any ideas? I'm new to all this land rover business, I'm pretty aware mechanically but I can't speak the language ? So any help would be great ? Thanks
  8. Quick question. Is it possible to tee the leak off (return line) from Inj pump into the filter, to be circulated back into pump, without going to tank first? Or would lift pump pressure / return pressures fight against each other? Cheers
  9. Basically, ive got a petrol Series 3.. Am going to convert to 200tdi. Question being, how is best to connect up the return fuel pipe? Should i get the proper bit that screws in the tank, from a diesel, so it has the feed and return pipe? Or just drill and solder a fitting to the one i already have? Then it gets complicated... I've got dual fuel tanks. The feed goes through a diverter switch, connecting either tank, and the fuel gauge sender of the relevant tank. Are there any diverter switch that switch feed and return? Or will i need to get a seperate switch and link the two some how? Any thoughts on this / how to go about linking two switches? Cheers
  10. Evening all. Vehicle in question is a '79 Series 3, 88". After an interesting moment today when I realised that I had very little in the way of braking force at all on the near side front wheel, I pulled over and had a quick peek at the inside of the wheel. It seems that the EP90 in the swivel has somehow made its way into the brake drum. From the drawings in the manual, I can only see one seal - a 'double lipped seal' part number RTC3510. Is this is only one that could be leaking? Are there any others I should order before I strip the whole lot down? Bearings and swivels are both good. Thanks!
  11. Just discovered that im leaking fuel out of (I believe) the small hole near the top of the lift pump where it is cleanest on the picture. Is this just a need to replace the lift pump or some other problem? Im also not sure if im leaking more oil than normal or if its just the fuel washing oil of the rest of the engine to make me think this.
  12. So i got my first RRC and love it! ('92 Vogue with some aftermarket mods) In order to register it on Australian roads it needs to have a valid (30-day) roadworthy certificate, which it failed due to leaking power steering - I managed not to say "Well, Duh!" to the mechanic. Leaks come from both the steering box and the pump. Managed to slow the flow with Stop Leak, maybe enough to pass - we'll see. Anyway, i've looked over many forums and tech diagrams but cant find an answer to a simple question; apologies if already been asked. What type(s) of oil/fluid is in the steering box? The pump leaks Power Steering fluid (reddish clear fluid) which obviously gets piped into the steering box; but the leak at the steering box output shaft seems to be colourless. Is there an additional feed or oil reservoir that i can't find, or am I just going colour blind? Thanks, Kenny
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