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Found 6 results

  1. Hi folks, I am not a mechanic, but bought a 2003 Land Rover Discovery Se for some remote camping, but - avoiding all the background - quarantine and lock down fate prevented me from getting maintenance and it was driven by a family member resulting in an engine failure. It had sat unused for 3 months and I ironically had come back to pick it up, do maintenance etc. I was not the driver so can't speak first hand, but it seemed there was a strange noise (tapping or clicking) while driving then the engine died. That's when the white steam (and possibly smoke, drying coolant?) was spotted billowing out the sides. The temperature gauge was low the whole time. When I arrived on the scene an hour later, things had cooled, and I found the oil OK, but coolant was empty. I added 3L of water and after it circulated each time it would hiss and steam up at the thermostat housing. The engine turned with the ignition, but would not engage at all. It sounds like there is spark, but no ignition. I got a tow. Now parked up waiting for a mechanic to take a look Monday. 1. Manual Mode and Sport Mode are both flashing = bad. 2. Check Engine is illuminated = bad. 3. Low Oil Pressure illuminated = bad. 4. Temp overheat light illuminated = bad. I'd like to ask those of you who may know whether you have some idea of what the cause might be - based on probabilities. I'll come back once I have a professional look at it, but my concern is that I am at the mercy of the mechanic who could easy fleece me (the Noob!) on this. Thanks in advance!!
  2. Hi I have a Defender TD5, year 2000 and recently I've had some serious overheating issues. It first occurred when I was on the M25 and all of a sudden the gauge got very high so I pulled over and steam was coming out of the expansion tank. I then put 10 litres in and went on my way, which worked fine, then on the way back (so having travelled about 60 miles) the same happened again and the tank appeared to be empty again. Since then its got worse and there are no visible leaks from any pipes so I was very confused. Having taken it to the garage they have replaced the Thermostat, Water pump, heat gasket and had the head skimmed, but still the problem persists. Anyone please got any suggestions? Thanks
  3. Just back from a run down to Lot et Garonne to collect some of my workshop machinery that has been gathering dust for nearly 3 years. So loaded up the faithful Ifor Williams (weighed it at 3.5t) and loaded the car with wine (as you do), must have been pretty well up to the max permitted, and set off for Cherbourg and the ferry. No real problems on the run except that when presented with an incline the cruise control did its best to maintain progress and the box kicked down and the temperature went up sometimes into the red. I started to manage it by dropping out the cruise and slowing more, staying in the middle gears if possible, rather than rev the nuts out of it, but the red light came on briefly at one point even though I was down to about 20kmh. As soon as the hill was crested and the revs dropped the temperature went down very readily (happily). Weather and ambient temperatures were quite 'English' and not the cause. Coolant is fresh and level stayed good. Just wondering about the best way to test the viscous fan and I'll set about flushing the rad I guess.... just wondered whether folks had any other good tips about what to look for please? I know it was working hard but I have done much the same in warmer weather with a Td5, probably nearer 7t all up and the needle never moved, I think it should have handled it really. I will say that with the air suspension we were much more comfortable on the trip though!
  4. Some time back I converted my S3 1984 petrol to a 200 Di (turbo removed), following the Glencoyne method. Amazingly it works great and I've had very little trouble since. Although for the trouble I wonder if it was worth it (the petrol was just as good). Anyway now I do have some minor problems. It is smokey, leaks diesel from the lines, does not start in cold weather and overheats on long journeys. In all other respects it works great. My primary concern is the leaks on the fuel return pipes between the injectors. I've changed these twice. The first time I popped the pipes in boiling water then put them on. Recently I replaced them with new braided 3.2 mm hose, which I just pushed on. Anyway they have all leaked diesel. Does anybody know how to attach these correctly, should they have an additional clip to tighten the fitting? It seems to me that the return fuel is under pressure, I thought they would be low pressure and not need clips. Also, overheating. I had to remove the fan to fit the engine. Do I need an electric fan? Smoke. It is grey / white / blueish - any ideas Starting. What is an easy method to fit the glow plugs. Can I use the existing Petrol Starter solenoid, which is mounted on the bulkhead?
  5. I have a Landrover Freelander 2002 just changed the overhead gasket and is losing water and overheating Gave it a pressure test and no leak Changed the radiator gap and the tank is clear water. But it loses water after about 20 kilometers about 2 litres. Again no leak no water in the oil it is evaporating What can be the solution Changed all the pipes already
  6. Hi guys, rebuilt my engine after a heavy smoking problem, smoking now gone and running as usual. Unfortunately, the temp gauge climbs way too fast and gets to the top of the gauge within only two or three miles of flat, straight fen road driving. It's really strange, I've filled the radiator up and it shows the normal level in the header tank and the thermostat is new and genuine (the second thermostat since the rebuild) I first tried taking the thermostat out and it stayed at quarter temp on the gauge while driving a few miles but once it was back in it climbed way too fast again. No steam or anything coming from the bonnet. Whole engine was stripped and rebuilt, head gasket was done properly and head torqued correctly. Oil level holding normal, water level doesn't really move even after gauge shows overheating. Fan belts are new and it's on a viscous fan at the moment. Water pump is a year old. Radiator has no visible damage and it's not done any of this overheating before. What's up with it??
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