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Found 4 results

  1. I have always enjoyed driving the 300 TDI since 1997, i currently face problems when i drive over an hour and the engine is heated. Once i turn off the engine, my car can't be started anymore. There isn't even any cranking, relay or solenoid sound. Does anyone here face this similar problem? Would you please share your experience and suggest what's wrong with my car?
  2. Evening all I have a 1984/85 range rover classic 4door non abs. Ive renewed the majority of brake pipes and stripped the calipers to renew dust seals and clean everything up. I've rebuilt everything back onto the car and I'm into trying to bleed the system now. I have filled the master cylinder left all the bleed nipples open to see if gravity took its course which it did to the front calipers but not the back. I took the pipes back off again and followed the fluid to see where I was getting it to and I managed to get it rights to the rear off side caliper but only just dribbling out the pipe. I have stripped the master cylinder and everything seemed fine. It's as though the master cylinder isn't pushing enough fluid out through the system. Does any one have any ideas what could be wrong or what else I could try? I don't want to go out and buy a new master cylinder if it isn't that. Thanks in advance.
  3. This past year the winch began acting up with sticky brushes. Even though on the tin they say that they are water tight, I guess I did one to many swims with the winch. So I removed the winch yesterday and removed the drive side of the drum which was in perfect shape, no traces of water and still well lubed. Moving over to the electrical side, removing the cover it is clear that the contacts are rusty with 2 of them stuck open. I removed the outer shell of the motor but the motor windings are stuck to the winch coupler. I've tried for the past half hour to get it free but it's only moved about 5~6mm, before I do anything else does anyone have any tips how I can remove the windings? I'm unsure how much pressure I can use on this side of the winch considering the coupler is connected to the splines of the winding motor and the internal brake assembly. Todd.
  4. hi, my mums 2.5dse p38 has a problem with the climate control it says its alot hotter out side than it is thus it cools the air rather than heating it ,could this be a simple snser has moved thing or is it somthing else ??? any help would be greatly appreciated
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