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  1. Hi all, new to this forum. I am based in the UK...(down in the sunny south west) I own & drive a 1994 110 CSW...like everyone else it’s a love hate relationship....My 110 is pretty tidy apart from the dreaded rot fairy has taken hold of my doors. They look great outside but are being eaten from the inside out 😒 I am sure this Q? may have come up before but times move on and new outfits enter the market I’ve been researching alternatives to replacement of my doors with stock or galvanised aftermarket parts. Can I ask if anyone has 1st hand experience with fibreglass defender
  2. I am putting my 110 CSW together and want to ask where do I connect the towbar wiring loom to the main loom. In the space up in the rear station wagon body or in the wheel well behind where the rubber divider goes? I will post pictures tomorrow when at the barn.
  3. A topic of a poster adapting his hardtop tub for overlanding led me to this write-up of the replacement windows I put in our 110. It's been over a year since I replaced the horrendous truck cab windows of our Td5 Hardtop 110 with gullwings. I liked the look of the original windows, but I finally had enough of the cheap and fragile plastic latches and sliding windows that took a fight every time we wanted to use them. A reason not to open them often prevailed... The Explore glazing windows are AFAIK the only truck cab-sized gullwing replacements. Regrettably they weren't available in
  4. Hey everyone, I am excited to join your community and I am thrilled to report I recently won an auction on Ebay for my first Defender! It's a 1990 110 w/ 188000 miles. I'm planning on driving it back from SLC, Utah to Boston, MA. As a paraglider, I'm thrilled to finally get myself a weekend warrior to help me facilitate my sport! Here's what I have so far: Test drive video: Pictures of the underside: I'm a little disappointed with some of the quality of these pictures. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/hv4rcg5iz90e8h0/AABwYhODh4GVLjHQSxOS2gFSa?dl=0
  5. I mentioned this before on the forum. Well I gave it some thought and the £6k for a german or french one is out of my league. So after some deliberation I decided to build one myself. Apologies that its a mix of metric and imperial sizes but I'm sure you'll understand. Pic above is not quite to scale but shows roughly what it will be like (have not drawn roof rack on this yet but it will only add 50 or 60mm height) I didn't want to have the vehicle off the road whilst I built this, as I need to use it regularly, so it needed to be 'easy' and not involve taking the van apart. Some of the
  6. I am hoping to pick the brains of you defender wiring gurus out there. I have a 1991 110 that has been converted from 200TDI to 300 TDI, and am replacing the wiring looms when i come across this brown with red tracer wire from the main loom into the engine bay. Can anyone tell me what its for please? I have studied the wiring diagrams and cant seem to find said wire anywhere .
  7. Hi all, The roof of our 110 creaked a bit the last few weeks, and tightening the screw in the front left corner didn't help this time. So removed the lining to take a look... The fixing point turns out to have cracked 😕 Presumably the permanent presence of a roof rack with RTT and a large awning attributed to the problem. I'm a bit at loss about how to solve this.... We'll be leaving for Iceland in a couple of weeks, so the 110 will have to cope with long stretches of bad roads an corrugations. Any ideas or suggestions? Greetings, Joris
  8. Hi from South Africa I appreciate the forum rules regarding advertising, but would appreciate any feedback on whether there would be any interest in your part of the world for the Defender 110 2.8i (BMW M52 engine) produced locally between 1997 and 2001. Any suggestions exploring this avenue will be appreciated.
  9. Has anyone any experience with these? Defender rear wheel arches http://www.lokari.de/epages/62716287.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62716287/Products/IKF-0879-0880-B
  10. Hi, I've just walked 90 minutes home, leaving the 110 parked up. Although these event may not be linked, here's what's happened: a while back a steel line to a front caliper got mashed so I hammered it over to stop the leak and thought 'better deal with that soon' cos 3 amigos good, 3 brakes less so. Last week I fixed it and had to re-bleed a little but there was clearly summit else wrong. Very hard to get any brake fluid from the front nipples and the servo started making a big hiss every time the pedal was pressed. Drove around for a few days with no assistance, decided all was wel
  11. Hello folks, short intro first: owner for 7 years, went through seals and one master cyl. replacement (2017), had problem with slave seals replacement (reported to forum here: ( ). Soemtimes (not allways) I felt clutch slipping when driving in 5th after sudden accelerator pedal pushed to the floor - only the engine responds with higher revs, but no change in vehicle speed. Seldom gearbox rejected to shift in reverse, but on second try it went. Since last year, in a two months a tea spoon of clutch fluid would be needed to top-up the reservoir. About a month ago LR hasn't been u
  12. Defender Td5 110 2003MY The fuel feeder (fuel tank > engine) pipe of my Defender was scrubbing against one of the mounting brackets welded on the chassis. This caused a leak and I had to replace the whole line 🙁 from the tank to the engine.. As the new line comes with all quick release connectors already mounted, I now have the following problem: The space between the chassis cross member (the one just in front of the fuel filter) and the upper body is not large enough to allow the connector through this space. When removing the old line I just cut it. But feeding the connector
  13. This is my first post on here guys so go easy all. I've got a fairly original low mileage LR 110 2.5 NA Hard Top. Overall it's in good condition but it's a bit too... Well... boring. I'm hoping to give it a little bit more of a presence. I know many of you won't believe this but... I've a bone dry engine. The engine was fully rebuilt including skim head and pump & injectors. For 67 hp it runs like a song and i'm not up and down the gears like i was before the engine rebuild. I'm looking to carry out the following additions: - Stealth Winch Bumper (Dixon Fabrication) - Set
  14. HI I have recently bought a 1998 110 csw and i notice that the rear centre shock in the A frame is leaking, is this the correct name for it as I cannot find any references to it on the web anywhere and was looking for a replacement it has a large circular reservoir at one end thanks will
  15. Hi all, my names Adam, Im a keen metal Detectorist, motorcyclist, and camper. Tomorrow (16.5.18) im going to look at a LR Defender 110 TD5 Country - Expedition Spec It will be my first ever Land Rover - and I know nothing about them, apart from they good off roaders which will be great for my camping and metal detecting. Here are the specs - Any pointers very welcome. 12 MONTHS MOT + 6 MONTHS WARRANTY* 2001 X LAND ROVER DEFENDER 110 2.5TD5 COUNTY SPEC UTILITY 5 SEATER, REBUILT & PREPARED IN 2016 WITH £££'s SPENT ON NEW PARTS INCLUDING GALVANISED CHASSIS, 16" BOOST ALLOY WHEELS
  16. As per the title, what is this part and where does it bolt to? It is the silver painted part I have laying on the transfer box. Peter
  17. In rebuilding my 1989 110 I have to replace the gasket MUC7506 which seems to have superseded gasket ANR6333. As these gaskets are in the range of £10 to £20 could I use a Gasket paper to make them up to save myself some money? I was thinking of using something like this. High temperature (250°c) gasket paper sheet - Phoenix PG-G CNAF graphited. It comes in various thicknesses - from 0.4mm to 3mm - which thickness should one use?
  18. I have a 1984 110 and i wanted to know if i can fit the new defender doors with the up and down windows hopefully electrical ones. I just want to know if they fit and if they do which models are the right fit,
  19. Hello, the rear wiper blade on my 1990 110 has / is disintegrating. I went to my local Halfords however they no longer stock a replacement. Can anyone suggest somewhere else that would? I have attached a picture of the arm and blade fitting. The alternative, I guess, would be swap the wiper arm for one that will accept a 'modern' blade. Would anyone have any suggestions regarding that please? regards, Richard
  20. Looking to get an awning for the back end of the 110. Have already got a home-made small one of the typical self-supporting variety - a simple square of fabric on struts to keep off rain - but what I'm looking for is one of the small tent style that are described as 'drive-away awnings'. These are typically of the hooped pole design to make a small tunnel with a chunk of extra fabric on the rear to fasten onto the vehicle and a normal zipped tent door on the front. Found this one which is closest so far as the rear portal seems pretty tall and wide. There's ple
  21. Hi not sure if this has been talked about before or not but I have an defender 110 with the drum braked Salisbury axle which has blown the diff and halfshafts due to excessive play I think. My question is are the newer 110 axles with the smaller diff housing size and disk brakes the same ratio as my old Salisbury, as I would like the higher clearance for off road. Cheers.
  22. Hi, you can tell I'm a relative Land Rover newbie by the simplicity of the question. In this case, last night I had to pick-up my daughter from the other side of the Peak District after all trains from Manchester to Sheffield and Leeds were cancelled due to the floods and a fallen tree. I had to go through two fairly deep floods which had swamped a few cars but there were still some nutters who presumably think that by driving through at speed is the best course of action. Anyhow, the question is, without the wading plugs (but with axle breathers right up to the top of the bulkhead),
  23. Hi guys I've just joined as thinking of my first defender, had a couple range rovers. Question, I know the answer is over loaded but have no choice. I've got a 4.3 ton chevy which is coming to Italy on the back of a trailer, as I said I know I'm gonna be to,d it's over weight. I'm think of a 90 to do the job as it with be kept and upgraded when in Italy, will a remap help towing this wait as didn't realise that land rover where so short on power. I will take advice and listen to criticism, I've been really ill with cancer twice and realise that my Mrs home land is so much better. I'v
  24. Hi everyone, I've just bought myself a 2008 110 and am excited to be embarking on what I've been told is a greedy full, muddy, frustrating but joyful voyage of discovery. I'm sure I'll be on here asking for advice at some point, probably in the not too distant future and wanted to say Hi. She's in good condition, but there is a lack of servicing history or handbook and I'm fairly sure there'll be one or two skeletons in the cubby hole. Cheers, Paul Gloucester, Grey 2008 110 - 1st Landy!!
  25. Hi Folks, Getting excited now. Picking up my 1997 Defender 300Tdi 110 CSW tomorrow. Will be bringing it down to Bristol. Wondering if folk can recommend a good garage that can do servicing on it. A garage that knows how to treat these classic vehicles and give them the correct loving - if you take my meaning. Simon...
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