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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I've recently been driving a new (2010) 130 which is lovely compared to my rattly One Ten but the brakes are odd and I'm looking for advice. The servo works fine and it brakes really well with a firm pedal (not as firm as mine but I have just replaced the brake system very recently except servo and pump) but if you brake to a stop and keep your foot pressing on the pedal, it slowly drops all the way to the floor. It is slow and not a sudden drop but it does sink all the way. Both their same aged vehicles do exactly the same. Their garage have checked it over, checked for leaks, checked brake fluid and checked the master cylinder for leaks (not sure how they did that) and then asked one of their "Ford time serviced mechanics" who said that its a transit engine and components, and that transits do exactly the same and release brake pressure after stopping and "they all do that". As anyone who has seen my previous posts on this forum knows, I'm no expert but this doesn't make sense to me.
  2. Well, after 3 years of sourcing, building and assembly...we've tested the rig enough to do a good beat down...here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAEs6Ojo77cLots of great tech from Hardline...so hope you like it...now: need some stickier/skinner big tires!
  3. Hi all, I'm having a few issues with the 130 aircon, it's a 2004 130 TD5 defender with the under dash AC unit. Currently I can not get it working, I've checked the obvious stuff like fuses and wiring. I'v connected diagnostics and could engage the compressor clutch from the relay, but not via the AC switch. It has gas so it should not be the pressure switch. I tested both switches and they are working fine. It has lost its lowest fan speed which made me think it was a fan resistor and I (with great difficulty) removed the resistor unit and tested both resistor coils and bother were good, I went to plug it back in and it only has three wires running to it, so one resistor coil does nothing? Is this standard? Maybe i'm completely wrong. I have had a look through the forums and can't find anyone who has had a similar issue and want to get it sorted before a trip planned in August. Thanks in advance for any help. cheers Mick
  4. Hi, I'm looking for an auxiliary tank for my 130 Defender (2007 Puma) to increase it's range. The only one I can find up to now is the (old) Frontrunner one which I have fitted to my old 200Tdi. Any other ideas? Cheers Marco
  5. Hi there, I'm new to these forums however not new to auto work. I've come into a few issues recently after starting a new engineering job. The boss has a few personal projects lying around that he can't attend regularly as he's quite busy so I've been given the task of rebuilding his 98' LR Defender 130. It wouldn't be so hard except the muppet he had disassemble it just chucked every bolt into a big basin and all the weather seals, lock mechanisms, interior door cards and anything else thats part of the doors, bonnet or roof into a giant box. Now I usually wouldn't come and ask for help, but I'm completely stuck. I've started to reassemble the doors, I've got as far as reattaching the sheet steel with the interior door handle back to the door frames, (which the frames have been recently powder coated, so I've got the tap and die set out cause all the threads are now gummy coated too), and the window regulators (manual) back in. But short of all this, I'm not even sure if I'm on the right track. I've tried looking over some manuals, but I was wondering if someone whose done this before could brief me on the overall process and in what order. I can upload photos if it would help. The manuals only really detail individual steps as if I had removed the lock and wanted to put it back, but not so much about an entirely exploded door, that needs complete reassembly. As I said before this wouldn't be that bad a task if the guy who disassembled it all had taken necessary precautions labelling etc, but I can't complain as this is what the new job entails but any help or guidance will be much appreciated. If anyone knows good sources for this kind of information and parts lists, that would be great. My boss got a hell of alot of the rust out after the guy he employed disassembled everything, but I still need to get some bolts and stuff and probably a few body parts. Cheers
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