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Found 3 results

  1. Hello all, This is my first post on here and I am a true green horn in the LR world. I bought a 1987 tithonus defender 110 hard top past february. 160k km on the clock. I am not sure of any previous history, whether maintenance, or import, or military wise. I am looking to getting, at least, the military history. to date I have replaced the glow plugs, battery, I have serviced the engine oil, filter, and fuel pump filter. replaced the rocker cover gasket (which was horribly leaky and which the bolts were finger tight.) I have coolant to replace and drop the current rad fluid (which seems to be mostly water(?). I would like to drop diff oils and more importantly transfer box and gearbox oils as I am having trouble finding the correct fluids here. I know the LT77 calls for atf dexron II but i can only find III and up. I have replaced all door seals front and rear and have seals for the windscreen (cracked and leaky) and the bulkhead to windscreen seal. It is too cold here to strip the truck down outside yet My main question today is about an oil leak near the oil filter housing/pump. part ETC5347. I am not certain this is the culprit but I see some signs as read on other posts. ie. oil leaking near oil pressure sensor and onto filter seal and down to the bottom of the filter. Dripping then onto the prop shaft. I have also found diesel leaking from the left or engine side of the fuel pump (lucas cav). These two leaks are priority number one right now. I am also leaking fluid from the transfer box/gearbox area and I would like to drop and get new gaskets installed along with fluids. The clutch seems good once I adjusted the bolt from the pushrod in the clutch box. It was backed all the way out and the pedal was very sloppy. There is a bit of backlash, but OK for now. Once I get oil leaks in engine fixed then I can tackle axle etc. Any help on ANY of these topics would be great but most important for me right now is the oil leak near the oil pump filter area.
  2. I tried starting my Land Rover 90 2.5 NA Ex-MOD after a winter in a cold damp garage. Turned the key to heat the glow plugs for more than 20 seconds, a smell of acrid burning and smoke started to come out behind the instrument panel. The car started but the orange light for the glow plugs does not go out and the burning behind the panel continues. Switched off the engine. Any thoughts before I remove the instrument panel?
  3. I've got a 109 with a 2.5NA diesel engine. Recently I changed the headgasket because off an oil leak between head and block. After assembling the whole engine together it produces an ticking noise like the tappets are not adjusted properly. What I've done so far: - new headgasket - re-surface head - new hotspots (after re-surface head, they just stick above the head) - all head bolts set to right torque (and re-checked after some driving) - tappets adjusted (several times) - new injectors - injectionpump slightly retarded because off blake smoke on full throttle The noise seems to be produced by the tappets but I've adjusted them for at least 3 times (0,25mm). Does anyone have an idea what this ticking noise can be? To exclude noises I gave the throttle a blimp an direct shut off the engine. I assume there is no injection after shutting off the engine. The ticking noise was still there, so it has to be a mechanical sound and has nothing to do with injection?!
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