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Found 1 result

  1. Started on a rebuild of my 24 year old 200Tdi engine, didn't find any major issues during the strip down, all the big end bearings were down to the bronze, Main bearings had some white metal facings remaining, crank some slight scores on No 1 main, all the others ok, on closer inspection of the original std size pistons 1,2,3 were found with a semi circular crack on the right side face [camshaft side] just below the oil control rings [will add a photo later] this is the first time the crank/pistons/rods have be disturbed since the engine was built by LR [it was a 200tdi repower kit, I bought brand new in 1994 to replace the dead TD engine] bought a lot of new parts from https://www.turnerengineering.co.uk/200-tdi-c102x3005710?PGFLngID=1 10 thou undersize main & big ends,small ends,20thou oversize pistons, new cam & bearings, new followers, valves & springs, rocker shaft & rockers, head bolt set, oil pump overhaul kit, top & bottom gasket kits, timing belt & tensioner. had a local engine machine place http://www.westcornwallengineservices.co.uk/ do the machining work, for a lot less than I expected, the work consisted of head skim, valve seats recut, valve guides had no wear, rebore/hone out to 20 thou oversize, crank regrind to 10 thou undersize all mains/big ends, small end bearings replaced. so far on the build up, new valves lapped in & fully fitted, rockers & shaft built up waiting fitting,piston/rods 1,2,3 are in, found a busted oil control ring on 4th new piston when unpacking it, have been in message mode with Turners, a new set of rings due here tomorrow [Tues 31/10], not long finished repainting the block nice gold colour VHT spray paint from https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/ via their ebay shop, next stage is PAS/Alternator bracket painted, all bolts,engine mount brackets cleaned, just need the new piston ring set tomorrow, then fit No4 piston/conrod,ladder frame,oil pump, sump & close up the crankcase, fit the cam followers,cover plates, vacuum pump,engine mount brackets, timing case rear housing, remove engine from the stand & fit flywheel housing & flywheel/clutch. also ordered one of Nige's magnetic sump plugs, waiting on delivery. & get block back into my 110. some photo's below, I'll add updates as I progress.
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