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Found 5 results

  1. Is there a replacement PSC steering pump that fits a GEMS 4.6 V8 without modification? Current steering pump went bust and thought of replacing with a higher pressure pump as got a hydraulic RAM assist. thanks, bob
  2. nico3dd

    TD5 R380 to a 4.6 V8

    I haven't found the info i need between thousand of read pages.. so i just though of posting this here. any help would be greatly aprecciated. so i just got lucky, and a friend was tossing his td5 r380 gearbox, which obviously i wasnt going to let that happen. So i had an old lt77 suffix E which has some synchro problems. Is the input shaft from the lt77 interchangeable with the r380 one? i know the td5 r380 input shaft measures 22mm ish diameter and a bout 350 mm ish long, (measured from the front face of the 4th gear pinion) I have acces to a lathe and can modify the input shaft if needed. What are the exact measures im looking for?? what about the bell housing? could i use the lt77 one?
  3. Hi All, Was looking for some advice... I recently took a gamble and purchased a cheap 4.6L V8 petrol engine which I believe came from a P38 Rangey. The question is will it go in my 1990 defender 90 and how much modification will be required. I also have no idea about gearboxes etc. My defender currently has a LT77 gearbox with a 200tdi disco engine in but im also concerned about propshaft sizes whether a standard one will fit or not. I basically need an exact list of all the items I need. Another obstacle I have is I have no idea if the engine actually runs or not and as I don't own/work in a garge I am not sure how I can find this out. As you can probably tell im a bit of a novice at this but there is only one way to learn! Any ideas/advice given would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Hello All, I am in the process of rebuilding a MK3 Ford Capri and fitting a 4.6L rover v8, I have read many articles and forums threads on Megasquirting and think I now roughly understand what I need and what I need to do (I know I probably could have posted this on a Megasquirt forum but when it comes to the rover lumps you guys seem really on the ball ). So if you will indulge me I will explain what I was thinking then if you guy could help me find the problems I have probably overlooked that would be great. •The Megasquirt v2.2 mainboard (seems odd not to use v3.0 I know but I have a reason, sort of). •The V2 daughter board CPU (I know many are fond of the V1 CPU but the increased speed and resolution seems too good to pass up). •Ford EDIS and the usual high impedance injectors. •PWM Idle valve. •Launch control would be lovely but its not a deal breaker. I have been involved in hobby electronics for a while and while researching all the mega squirt stuff I found out about the V2.2 main board although considered out dated now it is very simple and I think provides all the features I need. Plus I was able to redesign the PCB and make it about half the size and a quarter of the cost of a retail kit. All comments and criticisms welcome, Thank you in advanced
  5. Hi All I converted a Thor 4.6 (as found in P38 Range Rover) to high compression (with ported heads) and installed it into a friend's '81 Range Rover. No major issues but the following presented a few challenges: 1) Heater hoses (Jaguar hoses I had lying in the garage offered a solution); 2) Coolant return from inlet manifold to header tank required an additional connection to the header tank; 3) clean air supply ; 4) fuel supply: An external, adjustable fuel pressure regulator is used with a fuel return back to the tank. I installed a submerged fuel pump into the tank - same as what is used in Disco 1 V8 (95 onwards) - but had to use the fuel level sensor connections (already not functioning) to get power into the tank. 5) Fan cowling - Modified a Disco1 cowl. Still, even without a cowl, no overheating is experienced although temp is not as stable as what it is with a proper cowl. Using an external 82degC thermostat (Freelander) and water hoses as per Disco2. I'm using the original Crank Position Sensor, original coil pack and idle valve but engine management is under control of Megasquirt 2, modified for wasted spark to control the coils directly via a forward ignition module I built to keep EMI noise away from MS. An air flow sensor is not needed in this implementation but a real time barometric sensor is imperative to cater for altitude changes. Knock sensors are not being used.

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