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Found 6 results

  1. HI I have recently bought a 1998 110 csw and i notice that the rear centre shock in the A frame is leaking, is this the correct name for it as I cannot find any references to it on the web anywhere and was looking for a replacement it has a large circular reservoir at one end thanks will
  2. Hi Folks, Getting excited now. Picking up my 1997 Defender 300Tdi 110 CSW tomorrow. Will be bringing it down to Bristol. Wondering if folk can recommend a good garage that can do servicing on it. A garage that knows how to treat these classic vehicles and give them the correct loving - if you take my meaning. Simon...
  3. Hi Folks, Just bought a 1997 Defender 110 12 seater 300Tdi CSW. Hopefully picking it up this Friday. Before then need to sort out insurance. Can do the usual compare-the-whatever.com, however, could folk recommend any particular insurance company and/or set expectations on how much should be paying for this. Not planning on using it for "extreme" off road either. Thanks, Simon...
  4. What on earth is this noise? I spent a good hour lying underneath my Puma 110 CSW yesterday looking for the source of this noise. Its hard to describe, Its sounds like a slightly lesser version of having an empty Ifor Williams trailer on the back – or a slightly bigger version of a very loose Roof Rack bracket. I tightened up a couple of vaguely loose ‘things’ but its made no difference. I've now been round the entire vehicle – I cant find anything loose? (The whole time I didn’t get one single drip of oil on me – should I be concerned?) Any help would be appreciated
  5. Hi I'm new here so I'm sorry if this isn't the right place but I'm doing some repairs on my 1986 90 CSW and need to no what paint colour it is. I have been trying to look it up but have been struggling its a shade of white I'm just not sure what one so I was hoping somebody mite be able to help any ideas would be apriciated
  6. Has anyone fitted Discovery 2 third row "dickie" seats to a Defender load area? How did it go? What seat belts did you use? Do you happen to have pictures? You'll have to excuse the second (or is it third) seat question in the last week! I have the CSW,4 kids, two in-laws and a very patient wife, they just need forward facing seats with 3 point seatbelts! Cheers, Mike
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