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Found 15 results

  1. Hi, So i was thinking of getting this defender but some work has been done to it... Im guessing i could just change the suspension on the car back to stock and it would be just fine for normal usage but im not sure. And im also not sure on the spring going across the underneath of the car. Any help/advice would be great!
  2. Right don't her from me for ages then loads in one week ok this dam wheel problem I have Right Tornado's because load ratting.....DEFF not keen on wheel spacers now after seeing what happened to Dangerous Doug s POOR land rover (imagine that at 80-90 mph) see posting on wheel spacers for a pic 110 1990 Drum brakes behind OK what is involved work wise and parts on making my front and back axles take a post 1994 wheel with caps.....as in converting the hubs so the wheel fits, discs behind etc etc ......I'm praying I don't need to change the axles them self s just some of the hub gubbins ....fingers crossed and from that any problems people may have encountered ???? Thanks guys ......(I will get this sorted one way or another
  3. After significant time away from playing with megasquirt (it's all been working fine, thanks to all on here, no pinking popping or vac advance problems) I've now purchased a 3.5 v8 with a sprintex supercharger currently fitted with a flapper system. The engine is a known runner, and cam from and overfinch fettled RRC. Various internal components are unknown parts, it was built by a known drag race engine builder and I am currently looking into the history to find what has been done. Aside from my wifes disappointment with me for grinning like a school boy when I told her, how much difference will there be in the fuel and ignition maps when I have the squirt fitted? Are there any additional componentry to fit? Will the standard hotwire injectors and EFI pump support the fueling requirements? Hoping to fit over the summer trialling season break but want to be as prepared as possible before hand to avoid too much head scratching.
  4. Hi All, Was looking for some advice... I recently took a gamble and purchased a cheap 4.6L V8 petrol engine which I believe came from a P38 Rangey. The question is will it go in my 1990 defender 90 and how much modification will be required. I also have no idea about gearboxes etc. My defender currently has a LT77 gearbox with a 200tdi disco engine in but im also concerned about propshaft sizes whether a standard one will fit or not. I basically need an exact list of all the items I need. Another obstacle I have is I have no idea if the engine actually runs or not and as I don't own/work in a garge I am not sure how I can find this out. As you can probably tell im a bit of a novice at this but there is only one way to learn! Any ideas/advice given would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hi all! my name is Thijs and I have been wondering about the following; I'm planning on getting a land rover (series/defender) the basic rule that I want to keep is that is build in 1988 or ealier, and (in the end) a petrol, because of tax legislation laws in the netherlands. most defender or series here are sold with diesels in them, which would make me end up paying through my nose just for taxes. obviously it would be just great to drop in a nice rover V8 but the MPG is simply something that I can't afford. so my question is, what would be decent petrol engines that I could put in my rover? some conversions that may have been done before? Cheers, Thijs
  6. Hi All, I am currently able to get hold of either a TD5 discovery axle casing or a discovery 1 200tdi casing. I want to change the drums on my 1986 defender for discs and was wondering which of these axle casing will let me do that. Can I just swap the internals over and maybe new hubs and calipers etc. will just different axle casings be enough? Couldn't find a definitive answer online yet. Thanks
  7. Hello from Germany. My name is Andreas and I`m driving a LR Discovery-Range Rover Hybrid, which I build for myself as Sahara-Desert-Travel-Vehicle. :-) After searching the web for hours, I decided it might be the best way, to ask other LR enthusiasts in this forum directly. The story in short words: I`ve tuned my 300tdi with a microprocessor controlled VNT turbocharger, which gives good torque at lower rpms. After having fun with the good R380 tranny, I`m going to convert it to an ZF autobox. - The good old ZF4HP22. But to match the new torque-range of the engine more efficent, I`d like to use the medium torque converter from the 3.9 / 4.0 V8 petrol engine. This TC has the code D19 or partnumber stc3600, if i`m right. Many people suggest doing this, but here starts my problem. Yes, it fits inside the 300tdi autobox bellhousing, like the original small "U17" TC, but the TC bold pattern ist slightly different (smaller, wont fit the 300tdi flexplate) and the "pilot pin" (which centers the TC in the crankshaft-flange) is also much bigger. And I think, the offset of the TC inside the bellhousing is even different. (300tdi = 18mm, V8 = 27mm - according to the 3 digit box code comparison) Is there a bold-on way to do this? I studied Dave Ashcrofts page, but found only clear informations, that the big 4.6l V8 converter will not fit and it needs the ZF4HP24 bellhousing plus an adapter kit from mdengineering (including new boss plate). But noting really specific about fitting the medium one. I think redrilling the original flexplate, machining the middle pilot pin of the TC and using some kind of 9mm spacers isn`t the answer. Or is it? Would be nice, If some can help me at this project with some informations. To illustrate the problem, here the TC differences in pictures. 1. The D19 medium V8 converter (out of a GEMS 3.9l V8 Discovery) Image is taken in the original V8 autobox, which I will not use for conversion. (wrong bellhousing and shiftpoints) 2. The U17 small original 300tdi TC (Klick for bigger image. I tried to avoid fullscreen images in the first place) Thanks a lot, Andreas
  8. Hi I'm in the vapour build or preplaning of my 109" STW rebuild, which will include a 300(T)DI conversion, this will need to release its exhaust some how and i'm wondering which system to go for, keeping the complete build as standard/simple as possible, using standard parts where ever possible. i recon it will need to be of a larger diameter than the standard 2,25 exhaust, so thats ruled out from the start. so does any one know or have they tried using some of these solution? please give me your pros, cons and needed mods, thanks 6 cyl petrol exhaust system all the way - I'm not liking the idea of it hanging on the out side of the chassis, i think i'll mess it up first time off-roading..... Stage I V8 exhaust system all the way, except the front pipe ? - a more snug fit in my eyes, but front pipe needs making, maybe combined with a XXX front pipe 300 TDI exhaust system all the way - this was not designed for this chassis or leafs but maybe fits? 200 TDI exhaust system all the way - this was not designed for this chassis or leafs but maybe fits? any other ideas ? this is the 109" in for the transplant...
  9. hi all i'm looking for some advice? i've bought a disco 97 300 tdi auto and want to build defender using as much of the disco as i can! ( except the chassis and body) i'm starting with a new galvanised 90 chassis and i know the engine/gear box mounts are ok and will have to mess about with prop shafts and the like. i'm thinking of using the loom from the disco as well and trying to keep the abs, central locking, alarm, cruise control and all the rest of the extras from the disco! any advice, has anyone done this conversion? any pitfalls to be aware of? thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, I'm new to the forum and I'm currently looking to purchase my first Discovery. Ive seen a 4.0 V8 with 128,000 on the clock. It's in great condition and drives well. Just wondering if theres anything I should look out for. Thanks in Advance.
  11. Evening All, Quick question, I'm now getting back into the swing of the restoration of my 2 door classic after a period of laziness... Noticed something odd this evening. I'd never bothered to check my VIN number before, and in doing so it all made sense up until the character relating to engine, gearbox and drive side. My VIN states it as being a LHD model but the wheel is most definitely on the Right. On my V5 it does state that it was "registered or used abroad" or some such. It also states that it was first registered in Feb 1981 but declared as manufactured in 1981. I'm not entirely sure how this stacks up. I rang the DVLA to re-sorn it and the guy said it was marked as an imported car. But if it was manufactured in 81 and registered in feb 81 then it only leaves a period of 1 month it could have been abroad... this seems unlikely. It has all the hallmarks of an '81 such as the newer upholstery and rubber matting. Does anyone have any ideas what could have happened with it? And also is there any telltales to look for to check if it was indeed converted from LHD to RHD at some point ? Nothing looks obvious or sticks out. It's all very strange... I'd like to get to the bottom of it though as it will bug me now! Thanks,
  12. I own a 1991 Defender hard top 90 200 TDi and want to convert to a truck cab. I have looked in previous posts, but could not find the info I needed. The conversion seems easy enough - just a lot of unbolting and adding a tail gate. My main question is what sort of seal do I require between the bulkhead and the cab? Do I need one? Can anyone help? Also if you have any top tips (do's and dont's) during the conversion I would be very grateful to hear about them. Always like to learn form others experience. Thanks, 0-Delta
  13. I have a Series II which I am currently working on. I am going to Convert this Series II 88" in to a Defender 90. I would appreciate it if any one would be kind enough to give me tips on doing this smoothly and efficiently. I am currently done with the chassis cleaning (removing leaf mounts etc..).. So if anyone does have any tips please be kind enough to post it. I will attach pictures of the progressing vehicle where you can point out what i have to do and where i have gone wrong :-D Thanks
  14. Well I already introduced myself briefly but it was hidden away in a thread so I'll say hi again from Australia. Sometimes I get jealous of all the Land Rover experts/shops/manufacturers/etc. you have over there and think I should go on a road trip and complete the build in England wouldn't have to wait for shipping then...but then I remember that there's no space to drive them over there unless you have the floats out the side mod Anyway so as I wait for new wiring and a few other parts to come from the motherland so I can finally complete the transformation of my SIII I have a few questions. I'm currently doing a 200Di conversion on what was firstly a Diesel from factory then previously a Holden 186 straight six powered Landy (a common conversion over here). My two questions for now (more to come) are turbo boost? What do I do with the boost control line from the turbo to the fuel pump. I assume I can just blank it off with a bolt? Will it need a copper washer on it? And the fan...The previous conversion involved chopping the front chassis cross member and relocating the radiator to sit on top of the chopped and modified chassis rail. This has moved the radiator roughly a radiator's width forward. So will it fit now? I measured approx 10-12 cm from radiator to water pump stud. Also does anyone know the diameter of the fan? A couple of pic to illustrate. Thanks for your help
  15. I hope i'm not violating some rule, if so, please take into consideration i'm new at this site... I'm looking to convert my 94 Defender which has seen many miles and much abuse into a 300 TDI (wouldn't turn my nose up at a 200, but they seem to be harder to find in good shape) Diesel Defender. Mostly for the offroad torque and of course the mileage wouldn't hurt either, as Fuel (both Petrol and Diesel) are about US $5 / gallon here. I hear its even worse in the UK, you have my sympathy. ANyway, i've looked over this site and a few others, but mostly this site. I am currently a displaced American living in South America. Guyana (formerly British Guiana, remember that little territory?) Its difficult to get things into and out of here, so i have to do this all in one shot if possible. I want to get ALL the PARTS NECESSARY in one shot. I'm traveling to London in about 2 weeks and won't have much time there as i'll be traveling with family. Can anyone help by telling me, besides the motors and all ancillaries, what else i will need to make this conversion? Seems there are different opinions about the amount of work (skilled machinist work, welding etc is available here - fairly reasonable) but not parts! If i don't get it all shipped together, the headache is enormous! Obviously, i need the 300TDI (looking in case anyone has a good one...) I see possibly new motor mounts? all the ancillaries including radiator, pas pump, hoses, fuel lines, etc. is what i have picked up from the forums? But apparently some feel that fabricating a down pipe is not worth it as long as there are available pre made from Steve Parker or similar? Like i said, i'm going to be in the UK for a few days very soon, but i have to grab it and go. I'm also looking for any help anyone might be able to offer on shipping this stuff to Guyana. Anyone know of a reasonable shipper? So far, i have a quote from an ebayer selling a complete 300TDI who says he can get it shipped to the port for 450 British Pounds. WOW, that sounds like a lot of money! Am i being a cheapskate? Its the same price as his motor! Seems like a lot of money to ship. Any ideas? I sure would appreciate any advice from local's who might have had to use shippers before. Around here, they can all quote vastly different prices. As important as not throwing money away, is getting a good quality used 300 or 200 and all the other parts i need in one shot. If i open the box here and find out then that i need a 'left handled jiggle bolt' and a 'sky hook' , it'll take months to get it, and thats after i FIND one! I really appreciate any help. ps - currently i have a 4 cyl 2.5 Petrol and an R380 Trans that work fine, but its a little short on torque. The transmission was rebuilt by a local Landrover specialist with 38 years of experience working on Landrovers almost exclusively. Also the Transfer case. They both work fine and shift rather well, but there is a loud whine in 5th gear at a certain speed (around 55 or 60 mph) that goes away if you either accelerate or decelerate but stays a loud whining noise if you keep a constant speed in 5 th gear. I've been driving it for 2 years with the same whine, so maybe its just that it's my first landrover and ive only had it 3 years and i'll just get used to it? i've alreay gotten used to the drips of oil from everywhere all over the yard! It doesn't affect performance, its just noisy! if its a problem, id like to get it fixed but if not, well, leave well enough alone. The trans had a new main shaft from Ashcroft Transmissions, a new mainshaft bearing, new baulk rings, seals and a few other parts. Reused many other parts. again, any help you guys can offer would be REALLY appreciated, especially if it saves me from having the thing down for a few months while i realize after tearing it down, that i should have picked up a $10 parts while in the UK!
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