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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all Thank you for allowing me on this very informative forum. I know there is a lot of threads on 300 TDi's overheating and a lot of good advice given. But after following all the advice, recoring radiator, replacing water pumps, fan and even fitting another recon head and still blow head gasgets...ouch !!! This is my fourth head gasget in 3 years (2nd this year) (2 notch gasget) and every time skimmed and pressure tested (new head bolts) New expansion tank and hoses. New thermostat working and fitted correctly. I have installed the VTDi turbo and boost up to 1.2 bar, EGT monitor (Madman) never exceeds 720 deg. (With the VTDi turbo can drive 120 km/h in 5th gear normal up and down hill roads.) I do not abuse the truck on off road tracks but use as a holiday and weekend vehicle. Came back from Inhambane Mozambique and blown gasget at Xai-Xai. It has 320 000 km on the clock Things not done on cooling system...Not blocked radiator bypass. Not removed Aircon Radiator in front of radiator.. Any advice will be appreciated...I Love my Disco...
  2. August 28, 2015 Discovery 3.9 V8 All Stock; No mods Dear All, I'm currently mating the engine to the auto gear box but couldn't match them. There is a gap of about more or less 1" between the bell housing and transmission. STATUS: 1. The transmission is currently installed while the engine is being dropped down. 2. We had to rebuild and machine the torque converter neck (which goes into the transmission) due to rust that build up. It just the same as the original measurement. 3. The Torque converter locks into the transmission Is there a proper procedure or have we misplaced a nut or bolt that why we couldn't mate the engine and tranny? Thanks in advance appreciate it
  3. After finally (I hope!) sorting out my overheating/loss of coolant issue, oil change, new coolant etc. I got the engine back in and started last night. Unfortunately I now have an oil leak from the dreaded Wabco vacuum pump I found the info on re-sealing the front cover and removed the rivets and front cover to find the insides as shown. There was a washer-type piece just loose in the casing! At first I assumed it was from the part without the star clip/washer (the black valve on the left) and that it had somehow come adrift. But the valve that is in there does not seem to be able to come out of the recess so I am assuming the very small lip on the casing stops it coming out. It fits perfectly in the other recess on top of the star clip but will not stay so i am assuming it does not belong there. My last theory is that it is used to seat the clip in place evenly (I removed the clip and then reseated it and used the washer to tap it in evenly). I wondered if it is possible that it was a 'Friday' build and some wally had left it in the pump? Clutching at straws i guess but I can't think where it goes or how it has come adrift. Any help/advice is most welcome. BTW, the brakes were fine last time I had the truck on the road. JB
  4. Hi Didn't know where to say hello so choose this forum. Hello! My Disco: 300 TDi, 96 plate, 180k, Ive owned her for 14 years and done 140k in her, know her inside out. Shes been to Italy, Andora, Spain, France, Switzerland in my care, and up to 10,600 feet. Now getting on a bit, a little shabby but works. Doesn't burn any oil at all, doesn't leak. Bad points: I had to replace the front tyres ayear ago, her 3rd set :-( I had to replace the origional disks at the same time :-( She had to have the origional exhaust replaced about 4 years ago :-( She once failed the MOT, some welding and .. the rear number plate light didn't work, the lamp was OK, but the holder was full of mud and corroded. Can't be bad eh? I'll keep her until she tells me she doesn't want me any more. Fuel cut of valve misbehaved about two years ago so I bypassed it but my intermittant starting problem (been there for 10 years) has become a permanent feature and not so easily solved by slapping the dash so it's finally time to get at the spider with my soldering iron. I'd like to thank "old hand" for what really is "the definative spider post" Tom
  5. So the front speaker amplifier blew out. So i want to intall a new one using existing wires. There are two connectors that hoos up to the amp and alot of wires coming out of it. I want to know what wires are which. I need to find front L/R and back L/R speakers and their colors at the amplifier connector? Also, the colory of the power wire color at the connector and also the ground wire color at the connector? Remember this is at the connectors that connect down at the amplifier. The rest are to the back amp which i am getting rid of and rewiring anyways. Thank You, Beau
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