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Found 19 results

  1. Hi to All, I am in the process of rebuilding a 200tdi defender engine I recently purchased. After inspecting the cylinder head I noticed some marks next to the valves as shown in the pictures. Does anyone know what is this and what caused it? Do I ignore it or more attention is needed? Thanks in advance!!
  2. What LR engine has the screw on type oil filter housing to convert a 2.25 petrol engine? Am looking to purchase if anybody has the part.
  3. Hi guys I've just joined as thinking of my first defender, had a couple range rovers. Question, I know the answer is over loaded but have no choice. I've got a 4.3 ton chevy which is coming to Italy on the back of a trailer, as I said I know I'm gonna be to,d it's over weight. I'm think of a 90 to do the job as it with be kept and upgraded when in Italy, will a remap help towing this wait as didn't realise that land rover where so short on power. I will take advice and listen to criticism, I've been really ill with cancer twice and realise that my Mrs home land is so much better. I've up to £11,000 to spend on the right vehicle. My bother says a discovery but we have a farm in Italy and defender will be better. Thanks
  4. HI! I'm Magda, I'm from Poland and I have LR Discovery I 1995y. V8. I have problem with engine of my Disco. My mechanic said that it is necessary to adjust the valves in the engine. I need parameter settings valves. I can not find it in the Haynes book and the renowned repair service is too expensive for me. Can anybody help me?
  5. I'm setting the dynamic timing on my 1988 2.5L petrol but am getting conflicting advice as to whether I need to disconnect the vacuum advance when setting the timing? Should I disconnect the vacuum advance when setting the dynamic timing or leave it connected?
  6. Hi All, Was looking for some advice... I recently took a gamble and purchased a cheap 4.6L V8 petrol engine which I believe came from a P38 Rangey. The question is will it go in my 1990 defender 90 and how much modification will be required. I also have no idea about gearboxes etc. My defender currently has a LT77 gearbox with a 200tdi disco engine in but im also concerned about propshaft sizes whether a standard one will fit or not. I basically need an exact list of all the items I need. Another obstacle I have is I have no idea if the engine actually runs or not and as I don't own/work in a garge I am not sure how I can find this out. As you can probably tell im a bit of a novice at this but there is only one way to learn! Any ideas/advice given would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all! my name is Thijs and I have been wondering about the following; I'm planning on getting a land rover (series/defender) the basic rule that I want to keep is that is build in 1988 or ealier, and (in the end) a petrol, because of tax legislation laws in the netherlands. most defender or series here are sold with diesels in them, which would make me end up paying through my nose just for taxes. obviously it would be just great to drop in a nice rover V8 but the MPG is simply something that I can't afford. so my question is, what would be decent petrol engines that I could put in my rover? some conversions that may have been done before? Cheers, Thijs
  8. Hi Folks, New to this forum and Land Rover in general - please be gentle. In the process of purchasing a Defender 110 300Tdi Took a picture of the engine and when got home notice something which made me wonder whether there is something missing and/or retro fitted and subsequently removed. See the cut clip highlighted on the image and compared to a picture from a Land Rover Wiki. Any other thoughts/observations welcome too. Thanks, Simon...
  9. Despite new VDO fuel pump, fuel filter, recent new VDO air mass unit, injector harness upgrade, ECU dry & clean etc My Disco 2 Td5 hesitates to respond and accelerate at bends and junctions after lightly breaking. Foot needs to go further down but not increasing revs too much before catch up. 175k on the clock. EGR not yet blanked. Relatively new hoses and all appear good. Any ideas? Could it be fuel regulator or injectors? Nowhere suitable inside to work on her so have to work outside. Thanks.
  10. Hi there I own a 2002 Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5 2.5 Diesel which over the years I have had quite a few problems with. Recently over the past 2-3 weeks I have had major problems with the vehicle. The problem which I am having is that the vehicle has developed a constant whirring noise even when the engine is running and whilst driving. Over the past week it has taken 8 attempts to try and start the vehicle and sometimes I have had to prime it to get it to start. However this week it has taken 2-3 attempts to start the vehicle and I cannot understand what is causing this problem. We took it to our local garage yesterday and it has had a new fuel filter fitted by the mechanic. The mechanic thinks it may be the fuel pump but cannot be 100% certain and does not want to put a wrong part on. It has been on the diagnostic machine and there is nothing showing up for this model. He also said there was diesel swishing around in the fuel tank, could this be something to do with the injectors and is there a return valve somewhere on the vehicle? Has anybody else had problems like this? Any information would be most appreciated
  11. This is my first post on this forum. I am residing in Nairobi and have a 1993 model 110 Defender with a 200Tdi that has served me well 300,000 km so far. High oil consumption prompted me to overhaul the engine a few months ago. I re-bored the block and replaced pistons with new KS ones. The crankshaft was in very good condition so new std. size main and con-rod bearings were fitted during reassembly. I had the crankshaft, complete with flywheel and front damper and pulleys checked on a balancing machine. All checked out fine and not needing any rebalancing. The injection pump was overhauled and recalibrated at a reputable diesel workshop. New injectors were also put in. On startup I noted quite big vibrations. A lot more than before the rebuild. I replaced the engine mounts to a softer type as the rubber in the ones I had used was hard as ice hockey pucks. The vibrations reduced, but are still noticeably more than before rebuild. I have talked to an engine balancer in Sweden and he suggest I check-weigh the conrod/piston assembly as this may cause unbalance if not equal. Does anyone have some other suggestions of things to check before I tear it apart again? Lars
  12. Hello, I wonder if some of you guys could help me out with a problem I have. The case is, I picked up this lovely Range Rover 4.6 HSE a couple weeks ago, and when driving it I noticed a slight but very noticable vibration when the tach closed 2500 rpm, and also all the way up to rev limit. This happens even if in Park, Neutral or driving (in any gear). I would appreciate all help i can get from you guys Greetings from Norway
  13. 94 Disco 3.9L V8 Yesterday it just stopped running whilst in line at a drive thru. The starter cranks and there was fuel pressure in the line. I followed the rave and found weak spark in the plugs so I replaced them all. Now the engine starts but is making this noise. Seems to be coming from the passenger side valve area. Any ideas?
  14. Hi all, I am trying to remove a 1.8i engine. Removed all the bell housing bolts that I can see, but the engine won't budge. Looked in the Haynes manual and it says to remove the gearbox as well. Don't want to do this! Is there any way of getting the engine out without removing the gearbox? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, Recently noticed that when the engine (1989 19J) is warm (been driven for a while) when I take foot off the accelerator the revs stay high for a few seconds before dropping off. It seems to be the warmer the engine the longer it takes to idle down. On occasion the revs can even be high when restarting the engine if it is still hot. I changed the radiator recently due to big leak, but that has made no difference. Any ideas??? Thanks
  16. I was looking for something completely different and found this idea for fitting a 200Tdi from a Disco, ok its going into a LHD Defender but I think with a little adaption someone could make a fine job in a series with this technique. Anyone done this? http://www.serie2a.dk/English%20series2a/200tdi%20discovery%20in%20a%20Defender.htm Better or not worth it? I just recall seeing pictures of hammed and bodged down pipes due to clearance issues, wonder if this would be easier?
  17. Hi All, I was wondering how hard it would be to switch a transit "banana" engine to a 200 or 300 tdi? I'm guessing it would be fairly easy mechanically, but what about the loom? Is it actually worth doing? Thanks! Mike
  18. Hi Recently, last week in fact, I took leave of my senses and bought a 4.0 V8 P38 running LPG on an 'R' plate (150k miles - I paid a pittance...). The beast ran fine apart from a tapping on idle which I intended to fix with a couple of cams etc. We used the car to tow from Cornwalll to Devon, did a bit of greenlaning and had a blast wondering what all the fuss was about with regards to P38's. On the way home my girlfriend and I smelt hot water so I checked the temperature, which was fine, pulled over and sure enough the pipe from the top of the radiator to the expansion tank had split. Fortunately we stopped on a garage forecourt so I was able to buy some pipe and clips and replace the defective part, top up the coolant and drive off. All the way back I kept an eye on the temperature gauge which sat at halfway only once rising up to three quarters up the white on a long incline. All of a sudden she started missing, then lost power and died. Fortunately I was at a service station so was able to turn in and call the aa. The car wouldn't turn over at all and I was afraid that I had seised (sp?) the engine. I let the car cool down and waited for the AA. When the chap turned up he tried the motor and it turned freely, too freely. The cooling system was pressurised and so he came to the conclusion that the head gasket had blown. Thanks for reading this far, there is a point: 1: I will have to do the work myself, I am competent and have been playing with rover V8's for a while but not attempted a stripdown and rebuild like this. I intend to get the heads checked and skimmed if necassary, replace the gaskets, replace the cams and followers (guessing they are hydraulic?). Question - Is it likely that the bores have suffered damage? If so how do I check? is there anywhing else I should know/consider before continuing? 2: Breaing in mind all that will cost me about £500 I can get a replacement motor for the same money with a 30day warranty. Qyestion - Would that be a better course of action? Thanks in advance for any input. Matt
  19. Hi, I wish my first post could be a good one but unfortunately not! The clutch in my 89' Defender needs replacing. The garage want lots of money to fix it about £500 I have seen on other forums and people have been saying to do them yourself, is this job possible, if I have a work space and an engine lift, can it be done!? Sam
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