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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'm considering converting my Defender 90 200tdi to a Mercedes AMG V8. It's been done with the wildcat engine so why not with a merc v8? Obviously engine n Gearbox mounts, radiator, fuel tank n fuel lines, propshafts, Gearbox and possibly bulkhead will need to be changed or altered. But what about the rear differential would that need to be uprated to cope with the power? Or would it be able to handle it? Is it also possible to swap the axles on a 200tdi to the newer tdci axles with the ABS brakes? Thanks.
  2. Hi, We recently bought a 1999 Freelander 2nd hand from a couple down the road. After the freezing cold night on Sunday, we went to drive to the shops and found that the car wouldn't start. The engine cranked slowly and the injector clicked. Suspecting it was a low battery, we attempted to bump-start the car to no avail (though we probably didn't do it right anyway). Yesterday we called out breakdown and the lad attempted to jump-start the car, which also failed. He suspected a dodgy fuel pump, and (with the jump-starter still connected) after kicking the fuel tank the car started once but failed on subsequent attempts. We added 10L of fuel last night, just in case, but this afternoon the car failed to start again, and the battery seems to be almost out too as lights pulse when the engine cranks over. After doing some searching on the internet I found a YouTube video detailing how to replace the fuel pump & sender unit. Now here's the fun part... Under the under-seat mats in the rear of the car, we discovered dodgy wiring and a VERY rusty pump cover. I've put together a huge collection of images here. Would any of you kind souls be willing to take up the mats in your Freelander and show us what it's supposed to look like under there? Also, do you have any ideas about what could be causing the issue (and how to rectify it)? Sam
  3. Hi all! my name is Thijs and I have been wondering about the following; I'm planning on getting a land rover (series/defender) the basic rule that I want to keep is that is build in 1988 or ealier, and (in the end) a petrol, because of tax legislation laws in the netherlands. most defender or series here are sold with diesels in them, which would make me end up paying through my nose just for taxes. obviously it would be just great to drop in a nice rover V8 but the MPG is simply something that I can't afford. so my question is, what would be decent petrol engines that I could put in my rover? some conversions that may have been done before? Cheers, Thijs
  4. Good day, Can anyone offer any tips and tricks for making a 17H 2.5 Petrol engine more resilient to water? Mine shudders to a halt at the very hint of a deep puddle, despite my having already: Put a rubber glove over the dizzy (HT leads through the fingers, ty-wraps on the lot) Applied grease to the HT leads at the block end (although this just melted off in about 3 seconds) Checked all connections are secure/covered Added a snorkel which all appears watertight Nonetheless she continues to give up when the water is anything over 3/4 of a foot or so... I guess I could splat a hosepipe around the engine bay to see what in particular is causing the issue but knowing my luck it would find a way to catch fire somehow so thought I'd ask the question first. Thanks in advance, RP
  5. Hi, I have a 1.8 petrol that has had the head done twice and all the cooling replaced with the recommended modification for the thermostat location. It has done about another 10k since then but in the last few months has stared to idle at a high rate even when hot. When I rev it up, it will drop back to normal again. I can do a temp fix by resetting the idle rate - press the accelerator through the full range 5 times with the ignition on but not started but it tended to come back after a month or so. This last time I have also cleaned out the Idle Air Control valve - it was black with a layer of fine soot and I used some air air intake cleaner for diesel cars that I had around the place with some tissue to clean up the valve. Should I do anything else? It is running better again now but should I change anything else? Thanks, James
  6. Hi guys, I am looking at buying a 90 and have seen one in great condition, but it is a petrol and I have heard that this may not be great for towing horses and actually moving at any great speed. Please could you all have a look at the link and let me know your thoughts? http://www.walton-motors.co.uk/land-rover-defender-90-25-petrol-station-wagon-only-97000-in-cranliegh-surrey-2372894 Chassis great, interior great. Test drive - it moved (sorry, not an expert) Cheers, Ross
  7. I hope i'm not violating some rule, if so, please take into consideration i'm new at this site... I'm looking to convert my 94 Defender which has seen many miles and much abuse into a 300 TDI (wouldn't turn my nose up at a 200, but they seem to be harder to find in good shape) Diesel Defender. Mostly for the offroad torque and of course the mileage wouldn't hurt either, as Fuel (both Petrol and Diesel) are about US $5 / gallon here. I hear its even worse in the UK, you have my sympathy. ANyway, i've looked over this site and a few others, but mostly this site. I am currently a displaced American living in South America. Guyana (formerly British Guiana, remember that little territory?) Its difficult to get things into and out of here, so i have to do this all in one shot if possible. I want to get ALL the PARTS NECESSARY in one shot. I'm traveling to London in about 2 weeks and won't have much time there as i'll be traveling with family. Can anyone help by telling me, besides the motors and all ancillaries, what else i will need to make this conversion? Seems there are different opinions about the amount of work (skilled machinist work, welding etc is available here - fairly reasonable) but not parts! If i don't get it all shipped together, the headache is enormous! Obviously, i need the 300TDI (looking in case anyone has a good one...) I see possibly new motor mounts? all the ancillaries including radiator, pas pump, hoses, fuel lines, etc. is what i have picked up from the forums? But apparently some feel that fabricating a down pipe is not worth it as long as there are available pre made from Steve Parker or similar? Like i said, i'm going to be in the UK for a few days very soon, but i have to grab it and go. I'm also looking for any help anyone might be able to offer on shipping this stuff to Guyana. Anyone know of a reasonable shipper? So far, i have a quote from an ebayer selling a complete 300TDI who says he can get it shipped to the port for 450 British Pounds. WOW, that sounds like a lot of money! Am i being a cheapskate? Its the same price as his motor! Seems like a lot of money to ship. Any ideas? I sure would appreciate any advice from local's who might have had to use shippers before. Around here, they can all quote vastly different prices. As important as not throwing money away, is getting a good quality used 300 or 200 and all the other parts i need in one shot. If i open the box here and find out then that i need a 'left handled jiggle bolt' and a 'sky hook' , it'll take months to get it, and thats after i FIND one! I really appreciate any help. ps - currently i have a 4 cyl 2.5 Petrol and an R380 Trans that work fine, but its a little short on torque. The transmission was rebuilt by a local Landrover specialist with 38 years of experience working on Landrovers almost exclusively. Also the Transfer case. They both work fine and shift rather well, but there is a loud whine in 5th gear at a certain speed (around 55 or 60 mph) that goes away if you either accelerate or decelerate but stays a loud whining noise if you keep a constant speed in 5 th gear. I've been driving it for 2 years with the same whine, so maybe its just that it's my first landrover and ive only had it 3 years and i'll just get used to it? i've alreay gotten used to the drips of oil from everywhere all over the yard! It doesn't affect performance, its just noisy! if its a problem, id like to get it fixed but if not, well, leave well enough alone. The trans had a new main shaft from Ashcroft Transmissions, a new mainshaft bearing, new baulk rings, seals and a few other parts. Reused many other parts. again, any help you guys can offer would be REALLY appreciated, especially if it saves me from having the thing down for a few months while i realize after tearing it down, that i should have picked up a $10 parts while in the UK!
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