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Found 6 results

  1. ThreeSheds

    TD5 stealth EGR delete

    Nothing to see here... Move along please.. Yep... Everything looks normal here... Ahh, now that is getting interesting
  2. Nigelw


    Can anyone tell me of any factual legislation that could prevent the removal of ABS & SRS from a vehicle. Lots of hear say on t'internet, nobody can ever link a relevant paragraph or page to substantiate though.
  3. john(currie)

    Front N/S foglight

    Has anyone got any suggestions on how to remove and replace the N/S front foglight Currie John
  4. Jim1

    Crankshaft Sprocket

    Help required please. I have a 300TDI and had to change the injector pump, on dismantling I found the timing belt shreaded and the sprocket in two parts. I need to remove the sprocket how have you guys manage to do this? I have the timing kit but nothing fits, I also have pullers but they don't fit.
  5. Puffernutter

    Defender 90 rear tub removal

    Evening, I have owned my 90 for a few years now as a pick up style, i want to strip the tub off to be able to give the chassis a good clean and clear any rust that might be occurring and at the same time while the tub is off fit a tubular bulkhead removal bar as well as fitting a county roof on after everything is sorted, but after much searching on forums and manuals i have come up empty for location of bolts, clips and other fastenings that might prevent the tub from coming off and fitting of the bulkhead removal bar. Any advice on the subject of removing the tub or fitting the bar would be much appreciated. Many thanks in advance Rob (Puffernutter's son)
  6. barriesheene

    LPG Tank removal

    Hi Guy's. I'm lugging a great ruddy steel tank around in the boot of my disco and I want to get shot of it. The lpg system doesnt work, never has since I've had it. I want to get rid of the tank as it is probably costing me a fortune lugging it around and i want the rear seats back in use. problem is the gauge on top of the tank says that there is gas in it. How can I take the tank out with gas in it ? Do I have to drain the tank ? If so how ? The nearest gas installer to me is miles away so i'd like to do it myself. Any help much appreciated

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