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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, My name is Dirk, I live in Belgium, in Sint-Niklaas and recently bought a 1979? diesel series 3 Station Wagon (chassis 93933397C). I'm the 3rd owner. It only ran for 6,5 years, from mid 1980 until beginning of 1987 and sat for 30 years. The previous owner had started out on a thourough renovation but stopped after having removed the wheels, suspension, axels, seatbox , front floor, radiator and waterpump. I sort of stumbled over it and now me and my sons will give it a try. My engine number seems a bit odd. Anybody has a clue? Apart from that, I have many more questions to ask since I am neither a trained mechanic or body worker. Thank you for your reactions!
  2. Hi, I bought a LWB series 3s or R6, after consideration i thought it would be best to chuck the old petrol engine out, and convert to the 200tdi. i have done my research on this topic and found alot of information, but just as i want to start, after having a look at one last post regarding this conversion, i am back to square one with doubts on what i should do.... i have bought the engine, from a disco 1, which is the 200tdi along with the engine i bought the radiator fitted to the disco where the engine came from, i want to know what i have to do (manifolds, turbo "clocking" ect ect) in order to keep my turbo... i know its been explained in detail but i am still unsure as to what to expect, everything is in the garage waiting to be started, just need that last push of encouragement form fellow landy enthusiasts.... also as far as im concerned, this is the first R6 attempt found on the web?? thanxs for the help
  3. Hi, I'm new to this site and I've been doing a bit of reading about lifting a 1982 series 3 swb. I've read about what happens when it gets lifted too high for an example, the vibrations from the rear shaft, the wrong prop angles and wrong pinion angles. Can any one help me out with what to do as I would like to lift it about 2-4 inches?? Are 1 ton shackles a good idea for starters and/or different leaf springs?? What is the limit on lift hight before things start to get to out of hand? Cheers Jake
  4. ok I'm confused, saw this on flea bay. Where there UK army 109's with 2.6L engines? (Australian ones not included). If military, with military chassis etc .. Is it an Army 1 ton ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/252457756731 Tempted for the engine alone, panels look v straight
  5. Hi there, this is my first post. ?? I am restoring my old Land Rover series 3. I have had the engine running and after sitting in a shed for 12 years sounds great! (But only when my finger is over a vacuum/suction thing) I'm not sure how to post a photo about the thing I'm putting my finger over.. But basically it says "smith and sons" I was wondering if anyone knew what the smith and sons thing was and where the pipe needs to be to create the vacuum it needs to run smoothly? Any help would be great! Sorry for the complicated post! Tom.
  6. Hi There, My front crankshaft oil seal is leaking quite badly on my series 3 2.25 petrol so I've decided to change it. I removed the dog nut by a combination of electric wrench, breaker bar, 43mm deep impact socket and brute force. I then levered off the pulley by placing the handle of a pipe wrench between the pulley and timing cover. Next, I drilled the rivets out from the seal cover plate with the timing cover in place. I now have the seal in sight, however, I can't seem to remove it from the housing (timing cover case); do I need to remove the timing cover to get the seal out or is there a way I can prise the the thing out without removing the timing cover? I am fairly new to the landy series scene so any help by someone who has faced this problem before would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
  7. Right, thought I'd chuck my rebuild on here As some of you may know I've got a 1976 series 3 diesel which I got off my granddad. At long last now comes the time when we can actually start work on it. I'll post the before pics on here (I know they're on another thread but this'll keep it consistent...I hope). This will hopefully turn out to be my first car and our aim is to rebuild it so its sort of like a bespoke one the factory may have made for a paying customer (e.g. better interior and the like). Its got a 2/5 N/A diesel fitted which I'll keep and we're going to fit power steering to it. If this looks familiar to some, it is on another forum but I know quite a few on here don't like that forum so thought I'd stick it on here as well, it may help some people doing the same thing or it may not but its very pic heavy and everyone likes pictures I have made quite a bit of progress, this is just whats been done so far And after we started work on it Looks different doesn't it? Next job was to winch the series into our garage using my dads 110 (the starter motor's knackered on my engine). Next job we did was remove the bonnet and stack it up against the wall. Front and rear lights were removed then (headlights and bowls will need replacing). The next job was removing the driver side door and then starting to undo the wing. Me (on the left) and my brother taking off the light surrounds Close up of the headlight connectors (they just pull off) Taking off the front apron The "good book" on the wing Just some of the "wiring" on the vehicle both wings are off. Here's some more pics to bore you all with. Bulkhead looks good, only a small patch of welding on the corner by the drivers side and a new footwell is needed. Cheers Sam
  8. Well I already introduced myself briefly but it was hidden away in a thread so I'll say hi again from Australia. Sometimes I get jealous of all the Land Rover experts/shops/manufacturers/etc. you have over there and think I should go on a road trip and complete the build in England wouldn't have to wait for shipping then...but then I remember that there's no space to drive them over there unless you have the floats out the side mod Anyway so as I wait for new wiring and a few other parts to come from the motherland so I can finally complete the transformation of my SIII I have a few questions. I'm currently doing a 200Di conversion on what was firstly a Diesel from factory then previously a Holden 186 straight six powered Landy (a common conversion over here). My two questions for now (more to come) are turbo boost? What do I do with the boost control line from the turbo to the fuel pump. I assume I can just blank it off with a bolt? Will it need a copper washer on it? And the fan...The previous conversion involved chopping the front chassis cross member and relocating the radiator to sit on top of the chopped and modified chassis rail. This has moved the radiator roughly a radiator's width forward. So will it fit now? I measured approx 10-12 cm from radiator to water pump stud. Also does anyone know the diameter of the fan? A couple of pic to illustrate. Thanks for your help
  9. I hate to say this, but it's nearly time that my Series and I parted ways. Being heavily modified, I'm not really certain how to stick a price on it. I could just stick it on eBay and see how it does, but I thought I'd ask the audience for their opinion. Specs: Series 3, 88 with a truck cab. Rebuild completed about 3 years ago. Chassis totally done over, numerous coats of primer/paint etc. Originally with a V8, but since swapped for a TDI - see below. Bulkhead repaired. New brakes/lines/master/slaves. Parabolic springs Monroe gas dampers New fuel tank PAS conversion R380 + 300 TDi Remote oil cooler Series wings, but Defender bonnet/grill to get everything to fit. TD5 instrument cluster. Otherwise, standard She's a good solid reliable (Yes!) truck. She's noisy, uncomfortable and difficult to drive - just like every other Series. There are a few dents and dings, and she's a bit ragged around the edges - just like a Series should be. However, the TDi+R380 means that she will keep up with traffic and do about 350 miles on a surprisingly small tank of diesel. That works out at about 35mpg. Totalling up what I've spent over the years, it must be nearly £8k. So, the question: What would you pay for this truck? A standard series, with a modern twist? http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=22985 http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=74013&st=20#entry656121
  10. I'm getting rolling on replacing the V8 and series gearbox in my 88" with an R380 and 300 TDi. I've got the old engine and gearbox out, and I've been wandering around with a tape measure: It seems they won't fit (easily). These are the options: Move the engine and box back far enough to fit everything in. The problem here is the transfer box lever ends up more or less in the middle seat and the gear change will be by the driver's elbow (not comfortable) Get the gearlevers in the right place, with the engine forward, but use a defender front end to create room for the radiator. This also solves the issue of where to put the intercooler - currently not enough room to put it side by side with the rad. Get a stumpy bellhousing, correct placement of gearlevers, series front end remains. (£300 ish for the conversion I think) Use a charge air cooler and put the radiator in the back. I see the best option for least faf and best value as fitting a defender front end, but I'm not keen on doing this as I want it to look like a series! Any other options I haven't though of?
  11. Can anyone identify a part number for these? My '83 series 3 88" has them, and my friends '66 Series 2 has them, but my '71 Series 3 has little stump ones hat I don't like. Can't seem to find these in either the series 2 or 3 parts cats, anyone know why?
  12. Hi, this is a bit of an odd/stupid question but are there any major differences between front axles for Series 3s? I am not too clued up on the history/development of the axles, so I'm not sure if or what the differences would be? I have a Series 3 109 and a few years back the front diff seized up and sheared off the two half-shafts. I have a spare axle from a S3 Lightweight and I was wondering if the parts are interchangeable? Chances are I'm going to have to get a whole replacement, however, any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Regards, Phil
  13. Guys, I found these tyres on the net for 75£ / 115$ Falken 255 / 75 / 16 AT at 300 miles... is that too much for my 37 years old S3 here are the pics of the tires....
  14. Hi Guys, I've started stripping down my s3 109 sw to the bones for restoration. I've done most of the work but I'm stuck with the b-pillars. There's a bolt holding the front leg of the b-pillar to the bulkhead (picture attached). I've tried unbolting it but the outrigger is in the way. It's a very tight spot where no tool can fit. I tried to cut it with an angle grinder but that won't fit either. How can I remove this @#%$&* bolt?
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