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Found 6 results

  1. I've been thinking of putting my old build up for a bit, so here it is; First I'll thank Rosie, for helping in the 'smart' decisions. Seen here in our 1991 BT-transit 190, leaf sprung, 2 litre pinto home made camper van. It's nearly a classic in its own right!
  2. I saw on the American videos a Syphon that looked way better than those aweful green or red plastic bulb pumps we have in the UK. I saw one in 'Midwest Motor Factors' and decided to grab it. It's pretty flipping good to be honest. There isn't really anything to go wrong. First time I tried it is in this vid; https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=UrgELwmyKTU
  3. I've fitted far too many alternators to the off roader, even for 18 years use, which I suspect is partly due to heat. Winch challenge is really bad, as the alternator needs to make good current at low engine speed with a blocked up rad hole! Admittedly it is close ish to the RV8 exhaust manifold, but I can partly fix that with a heat shield, now that I am onto the issues. We've already fitted a bonnet fan to keep the carbs cool, so I've decided to divert some air down to the alternator with a glass fibre duct What's new there you might ask? Well, I need the duct to follow the inner bonnet line and climb over those top-hat ribs that run down the structure as a pair. You can't really do that run by glass fibering a plank? So the new tech I bring is 1" by 1.5" foam strip. I placed two side by side and wiggled my way across the surface to an aerosol lid and held it all in place like some scrap heap challenge version of blue peter with masking tape. I covered it all in masking tape and applied my first layer of resin. Next will be the mat and resin, when I have bought some more resin tomorrow. When its all done I can have my foam sealing strip back I will post a photo in a bit. But I just wanted to pass on my new way of ducting, that is more like those mass production guys use, who can have a duct that runs any ridiculous route they can find in a 3D cad drawing
  4. My left hand isn't free all the time but my left leg is! So I'm trying an experiment with my redundant clutch pedal and a friend (bought SH this morning). I'm hoping to get the CNC/milner fiddle brake cylinders where the old clutch master cylinder was. But without damaging or modding them so they can be reverted back to hand lever if this doesn't work. The hand levers are about 10:1 and the pedals 5:1. http://s146.photobucket.com/user/teamidris/media/2013FiddleBrakes1_zpsb1a6eea9.jpg.html'>
  5. Our Terry has dropped on some complete chassis legs to fix up the D2 rear end. I write because we hadn't seen any until now, but also because they have all the brackets and look well welded up in 2mm. They even have the flared ends to fit over the sawn-off chassis rails! So no need to spend considerable time with cardboard and knife
  6. This is maybe version 4 or 5? The spade has had many stick designs over the years This time when it bent, I thought a nice bit of plasma cutter art would be nice for a 6mm gusset. A T handle goes in the tube at the back.
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