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Found 8 results

  1. Does anyone know whether Wolf style wheels are available in 16 x 8? If not, are there any available which would accommodate a 285/75 r16 tyre (Cooper Discoverer STT)? Many thanks!
  2. is there any problems fitting freelander 1 HSE 17" wheels to a 2001 GS which has 16" as standard
  3. sighnbox


    Hi guys Its new tyres time so wheels need refurbishing or new ones ok... 110 1990 ....Drums behind , discs up front At the moment I'm fitted with Tornado's without caps Is there any other alli wheels that will fit with or with out caps ?? I seam to remember years ago some one making a Boost copy that would fit but cant remember there name.
  4. Hi there I have a td5 and the wheel are in very poor shape so I am thinking of replacing them I have seen a td5 with I think Range Rover sport wheels is that possible I have heard that vw wheels will fit a td5
  5. Hi I got offered some alloys for £50 and I bought them because thought it sounded cheep but I have never seen a set of these before they are 15" and 8.5j wide does anyone know anything about them? Thanks in advance! ?
  6. I finally got around to fitting hub adapters so that I could fit some more modern alloys on my Discovery1. I fitted some from a Discovery3, but the choice is now vast. I made a video to help others thinking of doing the same and another video about fitting universal wheel arch extensions to cover the wheels:
  7. I know it's another tyre question but I've been searching on here for an answer that would be understood by a numb nut like me but.... On defender 90 now I have standard issue 5.5inch wide steels with 205/80 r16's. I would like to change to 235/85 r16s (on new wider rims) I understand this will affect the gear ratio etc but what I want to know is will it affect it so drastically that I would need to do something about it? And if so what? If it's a big deal I would prob just stick to what I have! I just prefer tyres a bit more substantial.
  8. OK... i am searching ebay & getting frustrated what is the width of OEM original fitment defender wheels? i know they are 16 inches diameter but i need to know if they will take a 235/85 tyre ( or indeed a 7.50 /16 )
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