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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, I'm in the final stages of fitting a 525 mechanical pto winch to my 1984 landy 110 and I appear to be missing the final piece of the puzzle! There appears to be a special drive pin required that goes in the end of the shaft and into the coupling which drives the worm gear at the back of the drum (see highlighted area on image). Does anyone know where I could get one or if there are any known work around common solutions? Regards James
  2. Gents I have just fitted a synthetic rope to my winch, and spooled on as per wire rope under tension. The first time I used it (gardening!) the rope pulled down in to the layer below. What is the preferred method to reduce the likelihood of this happening? Mike
  3. Hi Folks, Been mulling over a winch for a while and came across this deal. Looking to "use" it for a Defender 110 CSW 300Tdi - in as much as a winch is used when doing the occasional green lanes (not competition) http://www.goodwinch.com/shop/tds-winches/bumper-and-winch-deal/ Would be interested in peeps thoughts. Do not have a massive budget but this comes with a compatible bumper too. Simon...
  4. Going to share this here too as a good few NL forumers here and just in case it finds it's way to the UK too! https://m.facebook.com/groups/144267379068375?view=permalink&id=515796588582117&ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment_reply I'm not familiar with the winch or motor so don't know if there are traceable serial numbers? Anyone know? Not just Defenders being targeted but the lucrative accessories as this is the second one I've seen lately
  5. Does anyone have a broken solenoid for a DB95000i britpart winch? The type of Solenoid that would be fine would be a DB1303, DB1302, or DB1336 An example of the DB1303 is below in the photo. The infuriating problem I have is that the red isolator switch on the solenoid (to the right of the image) has become brittle from old age and snapped. The red plastic spindle which the isolator switch connects to has also snapped. I've taken the solenoid of the landy and dismantled it. I've contacted Britpart to ask for a replacement isolator switch - but frustratingly they do not stock them - they suggested buying a whole new solenoid which costs around £200. The solenoid is not broken, it's just that the isolator switch mechanism has snapped. I've taken the solenoid to bits. See photo in attachments And the photo below shows the broken switch and spindle If anyone has a broken solenoid of this type which I could salvage the isolator switch from I would be very appreciative. Happy to pay £20-30 for it. Or does anyone know how to buy a replacement isolator switch for the Solenoid. Thank you so much in advance for any ideas/advice. Dan 07729607200 Liverpool, UK
  6. Looking for inspiration here as it is all fitted up and I'm very happy with it, pics to follow in my build thread soon. But wiring, now, yes it came with cables that will be long enough to reach both battery trays and will go to the reserve battery tray as we are having a separate battery for all aux and non essential running electricals, but it's the routing and connections I want to see, what about grommets and holes and isolators? So who wants to show off their install to inspire me?
  7. Hi all, new around here. Recently got myself fully prepped cut down range rover classic, which came with a Winchmax 13000lbs front winch (yes, i know they are cr**, and will upgrade at some point). But anyway, it didn't work with the manual wired remote, and it was somewhat intermittent with the wireless remote. So went to have a look inside the black box and found most of the wires were either not connected or badly connected. I have looked online for a wiring diagram, and cannot find one, so does anyone on here have one? Or better have a picture of the inside of the box, showing where all the wires go! thanks in advance, Joe
  8. The front end of Rusty is finally being rebuilt but I can't stop the issue of security rifting around in my head, so collectively, what is likely to be the best solution to securing my shiny new winch on my Disco? I have seen this vid on the tube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvcGsUVyBnI Obviously if you have a special method then feel free to PM if you don't want to discuss on an open forum
  9. There may be a relevant thread somewhere so if so please refer me! I want a tirfor winch for self recovery of my Defender 110 and sankey trailer. Which model should I go for? Do I need pulling power of 800 kg or 1600kg? and do i look at the TU 8/16 models or the T508/516 models - I can't figure out the pros and cons of the TU v T5 series!
  10. Hi all. I figured this is the best place to ask about synthetic rope. In my case it's not for comp use though, it's to go onto an hydraulic ramsey rhp8 (8000lb pull, surprisingly) on the back of our big Daf 4x4. It'll mostly be used for recovering stuck vans and the like, or doubled up to recover the 7.5 tonners. The winch is being mounted under the hiab, so it'll be well protected from the elements/road muck/mud/UV. This also means I can sling it up through a pulley on the hiab, and use the thing as a proper crane/ropeslide/washingline, which is one of the main reasons for wanting synthetic. Also, I can fit a fair bit more on the drum, I reckon about 200ft, as opposed to 170ft of 10mm steel wire. What size should I be looking at (I'm thinking 10mm should be more than fine), and where sells good rope at a reasonable price? I've searched the forum, but all the pertinent responses seem to be 4 or 5 years old. Winch-it on Ebay seems cheap, and has been recommended in the past, but is there anywhere else I should be looking? Thanks, Jake. As an aside, does anyone know of an aftermarket air freespool for the ramsey? A long shot, methinks, but worth an ask.
  11. After a very successful first round of the 2012 Mud Monsters Winch Challenge at Slindon it is time for round two. Held at what promises to be very muddy Piccadilly Wood Off Road Site near Bolney in West Sussex, on the 13th of May For further information please see http://mud-monsters....k/challenge.php Spectators and new competitors welcome !
  12. The LRS CHALLENGE is back for a 4th YEAR. There are so here are the dates / venues ect fot the 2012 Series. Round 1 March 4th Heightington, Worcestershire. Round 2 April 15th Geddington Deep Scar, Northamptonshire. Round 3 June 10th Newton Lodge, Derbyshire. Round 4 July 8th Bickford Field, Shurdlington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. Round 5 September 23rd Weekley Woods, Northamptonshire. Round 6 October 21st Great Witley, Worcestershire. For ALL info please browse the lrs website THANKYOU http://www.lrschallenge.co.uk/index.html PS Boy do we have some varies terrain for 2012
  13. Dear All, I'm after some upto date advice as all I can find so far is from a few years back on which winch to fit onto my Discovery which I use for Greenlaning, Marshalling and general use. Its going to be there more "incase" than planning to use it but I want it to be future proof in the sense of being upto some regular abuse albeit not to a challenge level should I start needing to use it more. Both are going to be installed with twin batteries, an X-eng split charger and with the solenoid mounted inside the engine bay keeping it out of harms way and allowing me to keep my front spots. As shown with my bumper below. I've narrowed my choice down between the following two Winches Superwinch - LP10000 http://www.electricw...p10000-12v.html Champion - C9500 HS http://www.firstfour...speed-12v-winch Both would get a synthetic Dyneema in time which @140 is the difference between the sythetic equiped champion and non equiped one on the prices I can find currently hence looking to get the steel rope one in the first instance. My questions are what are peoples current experiances with Champions build quality and this winch in particular. I like the fact that its fully sealed and comes with a very long electric & mechanical warranty but is it just going to keep going back for new bits? Also with the Superwinch does anyone have any experiance with this lower level Superwinch and is it likely to be upto the elements in terms of water etc like the champion claims? Any thourghts welcome. Ryck
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