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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I am very proud of the fact that I manage to do all jobs on my cars by myself - with use of tools and equipment, but for the last 15 years I have not had any human assistance (the dog sometimes helps a bit)... Now I face the problem of offering up a front winch bumper on the D2 and I find that I can no longer handle that kind of weight (I am 65) so am looking for a way of hoisting it into place and supporting it while I fit the bolts. Notes: I have free access to sufficient scaffolding for a well over engineered gantry. I don't normally borrow or hire things, preferring instead to use need as an excuse to satisfy my continual desire for new tools... I didn't set out to get a winch bumper, but there were some very cheap ones on ebay one evening after I'd had a beer or two I do however, now quite fancy having a winch Initial thoughts (with pros/cons) are: Engine crane and balance bar. I have seen one I like the look of that would cost about £230 including the balance bar. I would probably never use it for it's intended purpose (at my age I don't even buy unripe bananas ) I could use it at a later date when I get round to fitting a body lift, but can't think of any other upcoming uses... Electric winch with scaffolding gantry I will probably buy a winch anyway, so maybe I should buy one now and bolt it into the bumper, then use it to lift the assembly into place using a scaffolding gantry? This option would cost about £600, and I wasn't really wanting to spend much more on the car until it passes an MoT... On the plus side - a winch would look really cool, and secretly we all want our cars to look cool eh? Tirfor with scaffolding gantry. Not really sure that I have the youth/vigor to use a Tirfor for its intended purpose, so again it may be a one use expense of possibly £200... block and tackle with scaffolding gantry Probably a one off expense of about £50 The reason I am asking here is that I have IMMENSE respect for the experience and knowledge of people on this forum and so your comments/thoughts/advice/guidance are all welcome, but of course I reserve the right to completely ignore all of you and do something totally stupid instead... Cheers Roger
  2. Hi, I’m Wanting to get into the off-roading scene but don’t know what to do. I know that I want a defender but don’t know which model, I’d prefer it to be a Diesel engine and would be putting money into it to modify suspension and other things.(could do with help on that aswell😂) I want something that I can drive nice and smooth on the road as a daily but be able to go anywhere anytime I want all whilst still having enough space for one or more passengers(seats in the back) Any information/ help I get would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  3. Hello friends, My first post here as an aspiring disco owner. Looking to buy my first disco4, and not having any LR experience before, am hoping for community advice. Due to budget constraints am looking at used, higher mileage options, e.g. 2010 tdv6 hse, 125,000km. - is it a good idea? - what maintenace in the past to particularly check? - what is due in near future? Chain replacement, etc. - is there buyer's checklist/guide you can share? - should i instead look for sdv? Benefits vs tdv? - how many km can i expect it to last? Thank you.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm new to this site and am hoping to find it useful. I own a freelander 2 but my real enthusiasm is for the defender range. Consequently I am about to purchase a 1991 ex mod 90. It is in really good condition considering its history but I heard that ex mod are a good choice for a first buy. Any tips on what to do with it regarding improvements etc? Thanks.
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