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Found 4 results

  1. Hello folks, Just a thought of mine but would it be possible to make a chip/Micro-controller to replace the engine ECU that allows an older engine to be installed in a Disco 2 Td5 but still retain all the features that makes the D2 so lovely What I am proposing is a plug in chip to replace the engine ECU with the following features: Can read a crank sensor on the new engine. Can read the oil pressure switch. Can read the temperature sensor. Puts out a 12v feed for the stop solenoid. Controls an electric actuator on the fuel pump for throttle control (no changes to interior or pedal box and retains cruise control function). Basically meaning the all the D2 ECUs are happy and the car drives like a normal D2 with fully functioning gauges etc but has a Veggie oil friendly simple engine under the hood and lets the auto work correctly. So id like to open up a discussion on this idea... what does the engine ecu need to tell the rest of the car? Is this feasible technically? Over to you
  2. July 14, 2014 Dear All, This may or may not be a repost but I couldn't find anything similar. I have a Disco 300tdi automatic, engine newly rebuilt including the injection pump. My problem is that I couldn't turn off the engine from the key though I can start it on a click. The fuel stop solenoid is new and the engine idles well. I can only turn off the engine when I open an injector fuel line so the engine would starve. Where do I need to start hunting? Thanks in advance.
  3. The engine cut out yesterday whilst off-road in the woods. Plenty of water splashing up into the engine bay but nothing too dramatic. I've had this vehicle for 4 years with no problems evening after deep wading. My first thought was a dodgy/wet connection to the fuel cut-out solenoid connection but a direct feed to the it made no difference. I've tested the solenoid out on the bench and it's OK. Just to be sure I removed the spring and plunger and tried starting that way. Still no joy so it's clearly not the solenoid. I can draw diesel using the lift pump (at least as far as the filter bleed). Next step is probably to crack open the feeds to the injectors to see if the diesel is getting that far. I was wondering if the the throttle sensor could be playing up. The pedal runs smooth to about 3/4 travel then there is a hardness. To be honest I thought the footmat was getting caught at first. It's a pain to even get a glimpse at this part because it's buried up behind the fuse box. I'll try and investigate some more. All dash lights are working as normal, all fuses checked, ... This is a japanese import so no alarm spider to worry about. Frustratingly I don't have access to any diagnostic testing.
  4. Hi, I have a ZF4HP22 out of a RRC. I was out playing and from having ben working perfectly fine the gearbox is no longer shifting up out of first gear. Park, Reverse, neutral all work as they should. In all of the forward gears I'm only in first gear ever. I have tried giving it quite a lot of boot but it will not shift up. First stop was to check oil level, seemed alright but I dropped and replaced the oil. It was in good shape already though. Suggested on another forum was to bring up to speed and engage reverse a few times. Tried but has done nothing. Since this happened the car has not once shifted up above 1st gear. The box have been well serviced to date and the slamming into reverse didn't do anything so I'm somewhat thinking that it's not the governor sticking as I probably would have managed to get it to shift up at least once or so. So what can I try next? This is one of the real old ZF4s so I don't think there are any electrics there to go wrong.
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