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Found 4 results

  1. I just thought some people might be interested in this... 53reg Discovery TD5 automatic with 18" wheels wearing BFG AT2's I recently drove from Aberdeenshire to Portsmouth, then around the Picos De Europa for a few days, then back from Portsmouth to Aberdeenshire, and (Unusually for me) I kept a note of fuel and mileage. The numbers are below. Miles litres MPG Notes 518.8 74.29 31.75 Mainly motorway cruising at 60mph (Aberdeenshire to Portsmouth) 243.2 44.78 24.69 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 149.1 26.34 25.73 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 309.6 58.82 23.93 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 186.0 39.25 21.54 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 550.8 75.40 33.20 Mainly motorway cruising at 60mph (Portsmouth to Aberdeenshire) Totals: Miles Litres Average MPG 2508.3 404.28 28.2 Other points of note about this trip: I find it interesting that the Spanish bits vary so much in fuel consumption, and also that I used less fuel coming home from Portsmouth to Aberdeenshire (since it's uphill, obviously) than I did going The engine had a mild oil leak when we set out (probably rear cam cover), and it no longer has (and yes - there IS still oil in it ) The suspension noticeably smoothed out during the trip - like maybe the shockers needed some exercise? (the car has been standing for a while before this trip) The tyres (brand new BFG AT2s) were noticeably quiet to start with, but more noisy after a few hundred miles, to the extent that I was wondering about wheel bearings) I got an XYZ warning light (M+S) once, but tazzing the stick back and forth with the ignition off cleared it I got an ACE warning once (amber) but that also cleared by turning the ignition off and on again. There were no other problems at all... All in all I had a great trip and the Disco is a wonderful touring vehicle.
  2. When in normal mode my 2.2 2012 Freelander 2 judders when I get to around 30, 40 and 50 mph. It lasts 4 to 5 seconds. When in sports mode it doesn't seen to do it, which makes me think its something to do with the transmission control module. I towed a caravan with it and it made no difference to the problem. Its done 65,000 miles and FSH, I've only had it two weeks. Has anybody had similar problems? Thanks, Greg.
  3. the gearbox in my 1995 disco is starting to play up a bit, a few different symptoms all seemed to start around the same time: when i slow to a stop, then pull away again in D, it feels like its not changing down to 1st gear, meaning it pulls away in 2nd until i give it some throttle and it kicks down. if i manually shift to 1st it pulls away fine. if i shift to 1st, and back to D while stationary, it's fine. changing to neutral, then D feels normal. the torque converter used to lock in 4th gear at about 52 mph and unlock at about 47 mph, but now it's started locking at 47, and instantly unlocking again. if i have to maintain that speed i keeps locking and unlocking, causing the car lurch and making nasty bangs in the drive train.anything above 50 is fine, anything below 45 is fine. it seems to change normally between 2nd 3rd and 4th once moving, apart from the TC locking. kick down is working as it should, and the same as it always has done. when cruising at 50 ish and i put my foot right to the floor, it drops to 2nd and takes off like a scalded cat! I've checked the fluid level, it's in the right place on the dipstick, but the fluid is looking a bit dis-coloured, more like brown than the red it used to be. could duff fluid be causing problems? i'm thinking it's time to do an oil and filter change, as I've no idea if its ever been done. can anyone suggest anything else to try?
  4. Hi Chaps, couple quick questions Which pipe on the box is the flow and return to the oil cooler ? Side = Bottom = Gearbox Oil cooler pipe thread size ?( the internal thread on the gearbox ) Ta !
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