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Found 13 results

  1. I have a 1995 300 TDI Defender 110. I am trying to find the rear axle number but it is not in the location that is shown in the Workshop Manual. I've seen some comments online about others not finding it either. The front axle is clearly marked 63L07376A. Does anyone know if Land Rover didn't stamp the rear axle for that year?
  2. Right don't her from me for ages then loads in one week ok this dam wheel problem I have Right Tornado's because load ratting.....DEFF not keen on wheel spacers now after seeing what happened to Dangerous Doug s POOR land rover (imagine that at 80-90 mph) see posting on wheel spacers for a pic 110 1990 Drum brakes behind OK what is involved work wise and parts on making my front and back axles take a post 1994 wheel with caps.....as in converting the hubs so the wheel fits, discs behind etc etc ......I'm praying I don't need to change the axles them self s just some of the hub gubbins ....fingers crossed and from that any problems people may have encountered ???? Thanks guys ......(I will get this sorted one way or another
  3. I have a low mileage ABS front axle that I want to replace the swivel joints on and fit to a non ABS vehicle It seems simplest to me to buy the non abs swivel ball kit and use that but I was wondering if anyone had tried this and found any issues with doing it. I am also wondering if there might be an issue using the ABS CV joint inside the non ABS swivel ball and pins The alternative would be to use the ABS parts and either cut the ABS cable or tie wrap it out of the way Either way I plan on fitting the correct non abs disks and callipers If anyone has any experience in this area I would be grateful for your comments before I buy parts that I shouldn't have
  4. Is it necessary to drain rear salisbury diff to take any play out of wheel bearings? or will jacking it up from either side be enough to cause the oil to run to the other side? Modified the axle when i did the disc conversion to remove the outer oil seals so it's lubed from the axle tube. TIA Pete
  5. Bit of a daft sounding question, but is it ok to support a defender on axle stands below the axle? I know the clue is in the name, but on some vehicles it is not recommended as it can bend the axle tube.
  6. I was just wondering if a front axle from a 1983 110" would go into a 1983 Range Rover. I happen to have both of these here, but the 110 is terminally rusty and the Rangie is our everyday 4WD. So I wouldn't mind the 110 axle with bigger brakes and more easily upgraded, (i.e., Ashcroft), CVs and stub axles and so on. I know that the brakes would need a little change in the pipework since it would be going from two lines to each caliper to one line each, the springs will fit, the steering should fit, diff is the same, (though I'll be putting in a Truetrac as in the rear), but are the radius arms the same and, a big question: is the track the same? I've got alloys on the Rangie I'm keeping so I was planning on replacing the 110 wheel studs with RYF500010 studs for alloys.
  7. Hi All, I am currently able to get hold of either a TD5 discovery axle casing or a discovery 1 200tdi casing. I want to change the drums on my 1986 defender for discs and was wondering which of these axle casing will let me do that. Can I just swap the internals over and maybe new hubs and calipers etc. will just different axle casings be enough? Couldn't find a definitive answer online yet. Thanks
  8. As some oy you will know, Rovertracks used to offer a kit for adapting the Toyota hypoid diff + 30 splines shafts to the Rover housing. Shafts were bespoke: Toyota diff end and Rover pattern hub end. And here the (vapour) DIY build cheap version... -Secondhand FJ80 3rd member -Stock Toyota shafts -Since Toyota shafts are longer than Rovers, some kind of wheel spacers will be added to Rover hubs, with Toyota drive flange end stud pattern at the end side. Will that work?
  9. I just fitted an axle and diff guard which bolts in place using the radius arm bolts and sits under the axle with a removable part under the diff for oil changes. I noticed a 'ting' noise the first time I drove the vehicle so, presuming it was the axle guard interfering with something, I crawled underneath and looked for impact marks. The only ones I could find were on the very front of the axle guard so I strapped a camera under there to confirm and I see that the panhard rod hits the edge of the front lip of the axle guard when I go over speed bumps. There is a small cut out which looks like it is meant to accommodate for this but it is about a third of the required length. Does anyone have any suggestions to fix this other than getting the angle grinder out? I have a 2" suspension lift planned but presume that, even after this, the panhard rod will still impact the axle guard under articulation - though possibly not if I fit +2" bump stops. Your thoughts and opinions are gratefully received.
  10. I know there is "axle seals" available, but wondered which ones were for which part of the axle... I've done the diff ones, But, ive got a black dusty/oily layer inside the brake drums, and also my hub caps had a small puddle of oil in (they're not supposed to are they?). Which part numbers do i want for seals to cure all these leaks.? I imagine fronts should be similar, if not the same..? Also, would you reccomend replacing bearings while im in there? They do not feel worn, but is it worth doing? Cheers
  11. Evening all. Vehicle in question is a '79 Series 3, 88". After an interesting moment today when I realised that I had very little in the way of braking force at all on the near side front wheel, I pulled over and had a quick peek at the inside of the wheel. It seems that the EP90 in the swivel has somehow made its way into the brake drum. From the drawings in the manual, I can only see one seal - a 'double lipped seal' part number RTC3510. Is this is only one that could be leaking? Are there any others I should order before I strip the whole lot down? Bearings and swivels are both good. Thanks!
  12. Hi I have just got a Disco 2 td5 manual I use it mostly on the road but I'm also a Marshall for a 4x4 club. I go off road at least once a month in it. I am not going to go mad with adapting the car as I use it for day to day family stuff too. I thinking of protecting the Diff's has anyone any advice on this subject and what are the guards to go for. I'm on a budget so not going out & spending loads of dosh on these.. any advice appriciated
  13. Hi, this is a bit of an odd/stupid question but are there any major differences between front axles for Series 3s? I am not too clued up on the history/development of the axles, so I'm not sure if or what the differences would be? I have a Series 3 109 and a few years back the front diff seized up and sheared off the two half-shafts. I have a spare axle from a S3 Lightweight and I was wondering if the parts are interchangeable? Chances are I'm going to have to get a whole replacement, however, any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Regards, Phil
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