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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Firstly, let me apoligize if this has been covered elswhere, but I don't really know what to search for. Aaaaanyway, after fiddling with the electrics on my LHD D2 td5 (`99) the car won't respond any more, and I get the attached display in the dash. There are no other issues (as far as I can tell) and I have no clue as to how to proceed. The fiddling was me trying to figure out why my LH headlamp dipped beam wasn't working, so I extracted the under-dash fusebox and started measuring things. After reassembling everything, the headlamps worked fine, but the ECU/BCU (or somesuch) had decided to become unresponsive. Central locking, key-fob etc. are all dead, and when turning the key to pos2 I get 6 "bings" and the odd B-with-a-slash in the display. So now I have a 2 tonne lump sitting in the carport :-(
  2. Hi, I am having issues with the BCU, no interior lights etc. Had leaking sunroofs ( dead receiver) and broken door lock shaft. All these now resolved. If I need to replace the Fuse board/IDM where is the part number on it? Taken out top bolt, lifted and rotated but not obvious. Want to get a spare fuse box, so can eliminate that from the faults. Peter
  3. hi all, some help needed, my disco 2 td5 has electrical issues that have been traced to the bcu, so my question is, if i was to replace the bcu, key fobs, drivers door lock and ignition with s/h parts from a donor vehicle, will they still need programming on my truck? seeing as they will all be coming from the same donor vehicle. thanks in advance
  4. I have a problem with my 2007 TDV8 Vogue. The power steering is heavier than it should be (and compared to my other TDV8 vogue). Had the car a month and issue has been there since I bought it (it was very cheap so couldn't say no). Symptoms: Steering is heavy regardless of engine speed Road speed seems to make no difference (although less noticeable at higher speed due to less steering input required) Very occasionally, the steering will be light after start up but not managed to link it to any other event that would cause it to go light Sometimes when starting, the instrument cluster turns off for a split second and then goes through it's start up procedure when the engine is started. Not sure if this is related Things Tried: New servotronic valve New BCU (or GEM as they are known on the 07MY). Hours of internet forum searching. I understand that on models up to 2007, the servotronic valve was controlled by the BCU and would open and close depending on a speed signal the BCU got from the ABS ECU. However reading the 2007MY workshop manual, the BCU has now been renamed the GEM (general electronics module) and the description of it's function makes no mention of the Servotronic valve. I was hoping to find some wiring diagrams to confirm that. One other 'specialist' said the steering column joints may be stiff, but that doesn't explain why it would go light occasionally. I'm unsure if the quirky instrument cluster is related or not, it could cause a CAN BUS fault, but on the 06MY the speed signal from the ABS ECU to the BCU was hardwired and did not use CANBUS, and the servotronic valve was hardwired to the BCU so cant see that would cause the issue. One person on the web fixed their instrument cluster with a new ignition switch (was only providing 9v output on the switched live during cranking hence the instrument cluster went down, cranking power to the engine was 12.6v). I will check the ignition switch this weekend, but dont hold out hope of that fixing my steering issue. Anyone have any ideas, or come across the issue before? There is a serious drink (or cash alternative) to anyone that comes up with the solution!!!!! Thanks in advance Neil
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