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Found 9 results

  1. Hi guys I was trawling the net a few week back and found a company that did galvanized bulkheads but with your old one traded in they knocked off £250 off the price …...I can not find the site again no matter how hard I look any one any ideas on what company this could be ??? (for series 2A 1967) But they do all Bulkheads Thanks Paul Its not Ashtree
  2. Whilst trying to find a vent panel I've found several different parts that look mostly the same, wondering if anyone can tell me if they interchange? The one I believe is correct for a '78 Series III is MRC305 but that part number seems to lead nowhere, the pre-75 part is 395802 but no idea what's changed. Defender part MXC8574 is the same idea but can't see anything to show what changed?
  3. Hi Folks, Need to replace some cables coming in from the engine bay, through the bulkhead and into the dash. From the engine bay side the grommets and cables are covered by what seems to be some sort of black resin. Which resin/sealant has been used for the job? See attached image (Attached random engine bay shot taken from the web) Many Thanks, Simon...
  4. Hi Folks, In the process of sorting out our dashboard, wiring, etc... on Defender 300Tdi As such, can now see more clearly the bulkhead as well as some of the rust. Worst example shown in image attached and really the extent of any visible. Would be interested in some commentary with respect to how much of an issue is this and whether there is something I should do at this point while have the dashboard removed. The rust is "solid" - as in you can't poke through it. Suggestions? Many Thanks, Simon...
  5. Hello all, Been an avid reader on here for a few years and always found it to be a great source of guidance and inspiration so thank you all very much. I own a '97 90 300tdi that I am in the process of a complete rebuild onto a galvanised Richards Chassis. Attempted to fit the bulkhead to it yesterday.... only to find the bulkhead doesn't fit :-( The holes in the chassis are 12mm further apart than the holes at the bottom of the bulkhead A pillars. The bulkhead is the original item although I have welded in new footwells and had it galvanised. Whilst never expecting a perfect fit, 12mm does seem to be a bit much to force the A pillars apart to make it fit. Wondering if anyone has come across a similiar problem and can offer any guidance as to whats best to do? Chassis measures 1505 mm hole center hole to center. Bulkhead measures 1493 hole to hole center.
  6. My bulkhead is corroding below the windscreen section, the bit where the air vents are, mostly along the thin strip above the vents where the wipers and water jet emerge. I'm intending repairing it by removing the section down to the bonnet hinges - ie removing the vents completely and replacing with a piece of steel bent to a right angle at top - to go under windscreen frame to replicate the original section. The two sides where the mock hingey things are at each edge of the windscreen are solid as is the rest of the bulkhead below (except for footwells - another job). Aside from wiper gear and water jet piping in at the back of the dash and any wiring, are there any other things that I need be aware of ?
  7. Hi all, I have a small, rusted hole in the bulkhead, just to the inside of one of the bonnet hinges. I was going to weld it initially, but I can no longer get hold of a mig, so I'm coming up with alternative suggestions... I'm currently looking at Evo-Stik's hard & fast metal epoxy putty, and my plan is to strip all the paint and rusty metal off, apply an anti-rust solution (any recommendations?), allow that to dry, then fill the entire hole with the epoxy putty (and thereby hopefully prevent it from coming away at the edges). Conveniently enough, my 90 matches smooth white Hammerite perfectly, so I was then going to paint over the putty with Hammerite. If it doesn't work out, I'll just have to get it welded in the future, but can anyone see any problems with my current plan? I'd appreciate any advice you can give me! Cheers, Will P.S. I also have a reasonably large dent in one of the wheel arches. Any tips on getting dents out?
  8. Hi Can anyone tell me if there is many differences between a Tdci and a 300tdi bulkhead? I have a 300tdi and am thinking of buying a tdci bulkhead and galvanising it. Will I need to make many differences?
  9. hello everyone i am curently restoring a 1960 series 2 (A Suffix) so far i have managed to get the tub off and repair all the the back end aft of centre cross member and replace the clutch. the bulkhead has been taken of ready for prep and weld however i have a few questions i hope some of you may be able to answer (i have attached a bulkhead picture for you to view) 1. what is the best way to repair/weld around the vents i was planning on welding against a brass block to fill in the holes 2. does any one know where i could get hold of a drain channel that sits on the front of the bulkhead between bulkhead and bonnet. 3. how do i identify the carb, i think it may be a solex but it doesent look exactly like any pictures i can find. and i dont think the engine is original finally i dont think the clutch is set right, when i tested it the slave cylinder blew its piston before the pressure plate was disengaged. when i removed the gearbox i removed the acuating bracket and rod so there may be a chance i refitted it 180 degress out where the actuating rod connects to the release bearing rod (hope that makes sense) ill try and find a picture from a manual later cheers for looking a new bulkhead is not an option will
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