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Found 1 result

  1. Good afternoon, I recently replaced the Accumulator on my 1992 RRC 2 Door and bled the entire system whilst trying to solve a non-functioning ABS system. After the replacement, the pump fired up and switched off in the prescribed time, tipping up every few depressions and the brakes are sharp. I started digging when I found it impossible to to read codes from the Wabco ECU. It didn't take long to see the previous owner's garage had jumped the ABS dash light to the oil pressure light, clearly as a way of passing the MFK (local MOT). This was confusing as the actual pump looks shiny and new and was certainly replaced under the last chap's ownership. After reconnecting the wires I managed to retrieve code 2-3. This appear to be a nightmare code with nothing listed under the how-to guides and a lot of dead-end threads. The light is now on when driving and I cannot reset the code. I remove the jumper cable, as suggested, during the flash sequence and the code keeps flashing. When turning ignition off/on, I'm still left with code 2-3. Any idses? I had a look at the connector going into the side of the ABS pump, which had been siliconed in, so played with at some point in time. I got this apart and swapped the wired as the colours matched better the other way around. I was praying for something simple like this. Mistake, this blew the 30A Maxi fuse on the side of the ABS ECU. I re-checked the codes and still get 2-3 and 2-3 only. Does anyone have any ideas how to better reset the codes, what code 2-3 really is, or any other advice? Cheers, - Richard

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