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Found 6 results

  1. About to undertake a coolant bleed on. Freelander 2, diesel 2.2 ‘09. The workshop manual at step 13(or 14) lists a step as “connect exhaust extraction hose’ as a step towards reconnecting everything back. But don’t see this as being disconnected in the previous steps. Any ideas what this is or if needs doing is appreciated. Also (although the right step) is it necessary to disconnect the radiator hose to flush the radiator or (a lazy ass) coolant bleed to replace the coolant will do the job? I’ve only ever topped the (current) coolant with the coolant mix.
  2. Hi guys Had a hose blow in the engine bay, chucked coolant everywhere. Replaced the section of hose and topped up the expansion vessel with coolant. Temp gauge still reading off the scale even though the engine block doesn't feel that hot. Is my first point of call the thermostat? Or something else? Thanks
  3. Hi all, Need some help again Little while ago a hose split coming out of my heating matrix, chucking coolant everywhere. Replaced the hose, flushed the radiator and cooling system and refilled. Ran well for a couple hundred miles but now is overheating everytime I run it. Hoses out of the radiator stay cool but pipes out of the heating matrix are red hot. Wondering if when the hose split the water pump ran dry and knackered itself. Any help greatly appreciated before I start changing parts Thanks
  4. Hi I have had trouble with my Disco II 1999 it was overheating. Water pump replaced and also later the radiator. I had to replace 4 hoses. At present the heater works and the car is not overheating and there is no coolant loss but there is the sound of coolant sloshing around the heater. But the coolant pressure is still there 12 hours later. I have tried to bleed all the air out of the coolant system but still have the noise from the heater. The car had its head gasket replaced last year in May. My garage has done a test for exhaust gas in the coolant and that was negative. Apart from the pressure the car is running well.
  5. Hi everyone, I had just purchased a 2001 2.5 V6 Freelander as a project car to fix up with my dad. The car has overheating problems and I'm currently in the process of finding the leak and replacing the thermostat and other things that needs to be looked at. My main question is the strange brown liquid colour in the coolant system. After disconnecting the hoses that are attached to the thermostat unit and other connecting hoses, the brown liquid is everywhere instead of clear water or green/red coolant liquid. And the thermostat is absolutely covered in this. I was told by the guy at the local parts store the cause could have been green coolant mixed with red. He also said the mix could lead to overheating issues but still not convinced. The texture is thicker than water like oil. I'm thinking the engine oil may have got into the coolant system or vice versa. Any thoughts from experienced Freelander owners please? Leo
  6. Have high pressure within the coolant system. Engine temp is showing as expected (1/2), no heat from heater. When i removed expansion cap to realese pressure loads of air came out as well as loads and loads of white foam. Want to rule out easy things first before i go tackle an expensive head gasket route. System is always bled by filling from radiator cap until full, toping up expansion tank whilst engine running with heater set to full. in past twelve months have fitted new water pump, radiator, thermostate and hoses
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