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Found 2 results

  1. Hi there,I've bought a 200tdi which currently sits in my donor discovery. It hadn't ran for four years. I got it running today and at low rpm it sounded perfect. However I gave it a little throttle and a noise from the front of the engine came about. It now makes a noise at idle and up through the rev range. I took off all belts to eliminate alternator PAS etc. The noise still remains and sounds like it is from the crankshaft pulley area. It isn't a terribly bad noise but is a mechanical rubbing sound. I have checked that the crankshaft pulley seems tight and the mud washer/deflector seems tight and in place. The rubber in the vibration damper is perished and cracked in a few places but it isn't coming away from the damper. Once i have removed this engine i will change the cambelt so i will need to remove the crankshaft pulley anyway, just wondered if anyone had any ideas whilst I can still get it running in the disco.Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi There, My front crankshaft oil seal is leaking quite badly on my series 3 2.25 petrol so I've decided to change it. I removed the dog nut by a combination of electric wrench, breaker bar, 43mm deep impact socket and brute force. I then levered off the pulley by placing the handle of a pipe wrench between the pulley and timing cover. Next, I drilled the rivets out from the seal cover plate with the timing cover in place. I now have the seal in sight, however, I can't seem to remove it from the housing (timing cover case); do I need to remove the timing cover to get the seal out or is there a way I can prise the the thing out without removing the timing cover? I am fairly new to the landy series scene so any help by someone who has faced this problem before would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!