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Found 16 results

  1. Hello all I have recently bought a TD5 defender 90 and it is Keswick Green in colour. Having done a bit of research it seems that the TD5 was unusual to be finished in Keswick green and it seems as though this colour was launched with the Puma engine in 2007. My car was first registered in January 2007 so I imagine just the cut off before the engine changed? Does anyone know what month the TD5 ceased production and also when Keswick green was introduced to the defender? Thanks in advance!
  2. Good morning I am on this forum because no one in South Africa seem to find the problem: I stopped at a stop street, when I try to pull away, nothing happened. The car was just idling. No power going through to the diesel pump etc. I switched off and restarted , I could drive again, 1km she was low on revolutions, no real power. I could drive at 20km and hour otherwise she cuts out. She went to a Landover specialist, put on diagnostics. She registered the following problem PCM P167B. After sending the fuel injectors for a diagnostic, one fuel injector had a back leak. It was corrected, re-programmed and off she went, 5 km later the same thing happened. A new crank sensor replaced the old one, still nothing. It seems that no one can figure this out and people just ant to replace parts. I am using this vehicles to do my research in the Kalahari and cannot be stuck in the middle of nowhere. Has anybody had a problem with this or an help me to figure this out please? All help will be greatly appreciated thank you, Celeste
  3. I've recently taken my 1990 defender 90 off the road with plans to rebuild it into an overlander for touring europe and further afield. the 90 as it currently sits in my shed current issues are; - knackered lt77 main shaft splines and lt230 input gear - front prop uj broken - all half shafts worn at drive flanges - rusty bits.... - i want a pop up roof These issues are being resolved by; - got a very good R380 and Lt230 (with diff lock) out of a discovery 2 which i will replace the lt77 with - new half shafts and drive flanges and uj - plenty of welding - and my biggest modification i plan to do is to build a pop up roof!! like this; ^ this was an initial sketch i made ^ Playing about on cad with and seeing how feasible it would be! I discovered this thread and have based my ideas on the design he used on his 110 as it looked very well thought out and not too complex!! I welcome any thoughts people might have!!
  4. Just some pictures from summer 2018 from the west coast of ireland.
  5. I have a 1989 Defender 90 fitted with a 200TDi. It has been garaged for quite a while, but out of the weather and no obvious deterioration. At the last MoT it needed a new steering box which was acquired but never fitted. It must have been about 3 years since it was last started and with a fresh battery it started very easily, but the smoke, oh the volume of smoke! I let it run for a while but it showed no signs of diminishing. I've started it a few times since and with the same volume of smoke (as this is being started in a council garage in a built up area, there are limits to how long I dare leave it running!) Any thoughts? It was an engine with no issues when it was stored. Cheers Peter
  6. I recently bought the above and the wipers have never returned to home on their own. Then today the fuse went on the wiper and washer. Could the park switch have gave up the ghost and caused this or could it be something else? Any help would be appreciated. Also how much of the dash do you need to remove to gain access? Had a look today but seemed a bigger job than time allowed. update: Both the functioning of the wiper AND pressing the washer switch button is blowing the fuse.
  7. I've been given a number of recommendations about best engine oil and filter to use. any recommendations?
  8. Hello everyone! I'm currently doing a restoration build on a 1992 defender 90 for my girlfriend. It is an ex military 2.5 NA Diesel with the LT77. I have been trying to find information on swapping 4.0 v8 out of a 1997 discovery. The transmission is a ZF-4HP22. The T'case is an LT230. has anyone completed a write up on a build like this? I've been doing my best to look for one and haven't had any luck the questions I have are; where can I get engine mounts to weld onto the 90 frame what do I need to line up the auto shifter with the correct location in the defender will the crossmember for the transmission line up what is needed for the speedo and tach setup to work properly what wiring needs to be hooked up to get the v8 going. (I have the whole harness with ecu ) any help would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Good day. I'd like to know how to wire a defender 90. It has no lights or electrical wires installed in it. can someone please help me...?
  10. Hi guys! New on here and I need some help! Some nasty problems with my 200tdi 90 (early 200tdi of 175,000miles) Recently went to Tixover off road in the old girl, sunny day- why not? Now it did the course alright, little sluggish on some steep hills here and there but generally okay. Now this next bit is the problem, most of tixover as you may know is a flooded woodland with deep sort of canals instead of tracks you follow around. Nothing major, only came half way up my wheels so barely anything to worry about. But at the end of the day when no one was about, the heavy foot made an appearance and ruined everything by driving pretty fast through the same flooded wood. The odd corner would be deeper being it was well travelled so occasionally the water would get a little higher than the arch but only briefly. Now when I exited the water, I immediately went hard right up a very boggy sort of clay like hill. Big blue (the 90) didn't like that so she white and black smoked heavily half way up, lost power briefly but I managed to get her to the top and stop (to panic!) Now at this point after that little smoke show I decided to take it out of the deep clay pits and back to the entrance where I could inspect it better on flat ground; and if it did pack up all together at least I could get it out instead of leaving it stranded, powerless, up the top of a steep hill. Started her up, ran really rough and only white smoked this time with a sort of lack of power. Drove her out, sat her for a while on tick over, very small amount of white smoke but not as bad as before. Drove home (about 15 miles) and again, very little smoke but again slight lack of power. By the time I got back it was dark so I left it until the next day, washed it down and took it out for a drive, still smoking and still lack of power. Checked the fluids and filters; oil level down to low mark on dipstick with no water present, water down just an inch below mark in reservoir but no oil present, air filter very dirty and no water visible in fuel filter. Decided to service it, all new filters, topped up water and changed oil. Checked turbo, no movement. Small amount of oil from rocker pipe in intake pipe and turbo so cleaned off. Took it out again, heavy white smoke under power and idles rough. Weekend ended, It then sat for a week, I came back to it and weirdly it starts with a little white smoke with no major problems on 4 mile run. Next day, start it up and idles pretty rough under power like its misfiring, really really badly white smokes under power or no power. Now, I think it's the head gasket. Y'know the whole water in cylinder, compressed it and pushed the head off and bent a push rod or two. Maybe some valves aren't fully working. Or my second would be to check piston rings. I just have these random ideas so can anyone help before I have to strip the engine? Before you ask- No bad fuel put in, I don't use red, water pump is under year old, belts fine and don't slip, oil looked and smelled clean on removal. It has a new fuel cap and yes it was on properly. Tank was full before off road day, air filter found to be wet before replacement after smoke first occurred. No snorkel fitted and intake pipe on left hand wing below heater. I don't know if it's related but on the same day I drove into ruts, hit a rock pretty hard and bent the lower steering rod out of place. Wheels couldn't move at time as in tight ruts so when I hit the rock the pump would have taken the full force? Could it cause problems in the engine somehow? Anyway sorry to write so much, wanted to make sure you guys had all the facts :L Any ideas? Thanks
  11. Hi all. Had to fit a new battery today,as old one found out by the cold. This new one is a bit taller, so I didn't need the strip of wood which was previously under the metal battery clamp. All went in fine but im a bit worried as to whether the lead coming out of the positive, could possibly touch the metal clamp as it is vey close. I have taped all around it and put a good thick cloth on the clamp. What would happen if it touched ? Fuse everything ? Many thanks, seems fine, but better safe than sorry.
  12. About 50% of the time, when I turn off my ignition, the engine does not shut off. I've noticed that if I turn it off VERY slowly, almost half-way, it will sluggishly turn off. But if I just turn the key to off, the engine stays on. I can even take the key out and he keeps running! Is this common? What do I do??
  13. First, let me say that after owning a Discovery for ten years, I finally purchased my first Defender! Since which I've been reading and reading and reading posts by all of you across dozens of topics and questions and have found more than enough answers every time - without having to post any questions of my own. There is a treasure trove of info on here. Thank you! Now, for my first question, because I can't find anything like it on here: When I purchased my Defender, the very back inside of the dashboard had been cut out to expose the wires behind the dash. I believe this was done to connect a CB, which I do not need. The wires look awful exposed in the dash. I've attached some photos here. What is the best way to cover this?? I've looked through everything on here and can't find a suitable alternative. Obviously I don't want to buy a new dash - and want something that looks smart, not too DIY. Any ideas out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, Ryan Defender 90 TD (1988)
  14. I have an ex-MOD Defender 90 and having real difficulty with the High and Low gears........to the extent that i can't tell which one i am in or more worryingly when i put it in Low (or what i think is Low), i can then no engage the normal gears, so can't basically go anywhere..... any suggestion welcome Thanks
  15. I have a Series II which I am currently working on. I am going to Convert this Series II 88" in to a Defender 90. I would appreciate it if any one would be kind enough to give me tips on doing this smoothly and efficiently. I am currently done with the chassis cleaning (removing leaf mounts etc..).. So if anyone does have any tips please be kind enough to post it. I will attach pictures of the progressing vehicle where you can point out what i have to do and where i have gone wrong :-D Thanks
  16. Can anyone recommend a good ( reliable ) courier firm to transport 2 axles from York to Portsmouth area as soon as possible? Cheers Kev
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