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Found 9 results

  1. Got up to maybe £12k to spend, want another Disco (started chasing rust on the current TD5), so the options are a really good TD5 or a not quite so good TDV6. I am not in a hurry and will be looking for less than 80,000 on the clock. I am interested in ALL opinions, even trivial ones like 'I don't like the shape', but technical reasons would be nice. Cheers Roger p.s. I don't like rust... I really don't like rust!
  2. Afternoon all. New to the Landover scene and have had my discovery 2 for about a week and now looking to change the headunit. Looking for advice on the harness adapter or what's needed to be done so I still have steering wheel controls etc. I've looked into it myself and havnt seen anything I have enough confidence in that looks correct to by pass the Harmon Kardon amp as believe this has to be done so it dosnt interfere with the new headunit. Cheers
  3. Hey, need some help with this Bought a 200tdi snorkel on eBay, it came without any adaptor to go inside the engine bay. It's a 200tdi disco engine in an old defender and fitting an air box seems more hassle then I want so planning on just running a pipe direct from the snorkel to the turbo and fitting an air filter up the top of my snorkel but have no real idea how to get a pipe to run and seal between my snorkel which is just bolted to the outside over the top of the old air intake grill. any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I'm a bit stumped
  4. My '95 land rover discovery auto diesel with the 300tdi engine was sitting for afew months and when i got it going again its got this weird issue with the engine. when you push down the accelerator the revs will go up like normal but will soon drop down to just below 1500rpm and stay there, no matter how far you push the peddle in it wont go any higher it is possible to get it working steady but only if the peddle is pumped up over 3000rpm Heres a video showing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdaEkRXyZWM I have fresh fuel, cleaned the sedimenter, new fuel filter, new lift pump, checked injectors were working correctly, usual exhaust emissions. would love to get out driving again as its my kayak wagon, any help greatly appreciated.
  5. I currently have a petrol 2000 Discovery 2 in Los Angeles, California. It has 110,000 miles and has been a hard worker these past 17 years! Running exceptionally all these years! Without having any expert knowledge, I have managed to maintain with standard services as recommended by Atlanta British (coolant hoses, 02 sensors, etc etc.) which has saved me thousands over taking it to a shop. The head gaskets have never been replaced and the vehicle has run great this entire time. Just recently I am noticing a loss of oil and coolant without any obvious external leaking. A car of this age is known to start needing many things replaced. The cost of the head gaskets is just one part, as while you have it taken apart it is recommended to replace hoses, gaskets, and a myriad of other things— not to mention the potential of engine failure even after this work has been completed. Having a vehicle for this long has really made it part of the family and I can't really face the reality of getting rid of it. I really really want to keep this Disco, but I am afraid I can't afford doing the head gaskets if it means I could still very likely have very expensive problems with the engine in the coming months / years. Most people in the forums recommend a complete rebuild if you do not want any surprises down the road. Robinson Service Blog Estimates a proper rebuild to be $12,000 http://robisonservice.blogspot.com/2013/10/should-you-rebuild-or-replace-your-land.html My current budget maximum is not much, only $4,000— which is making me think I just keep driving it topping off oil/coolant until the bitter end. I would love any thoughts and recommendations! Thanks
  6. Hi, I have a '96 300tdi, its just blown the turbo to bits and there is a huge amount of oil in the intakes. I think it has entered to engine and hydrauliced it. My question is, what is the best way to get the oil out? The engine was working hard and suddenly made LOTS of smoke, I turned it off, but when I tried to start it again the engine tried to turn but wouldn't. don't think its seized, just full of oil. Help!
  7. The front wiper diagram on the RAVE disc, and the one in the Haynes manuals are different, since re-wiring my Disco I've never been able to get the intermittent wipe to work, so, which of the two diagrams is correct,.................... any clues ???
  8. Okay the ZF4HP22 is out and on the floor ready to sell on to some lucky buyer and the rebuilt R380 is in and fitted, and with the connection block from a V8 R380 piped up to the original ZF4HP22 oil cooler, next to be installed is the clutch master cylinder to slave cylinder hydraulic pipework. I have two sets of pipes available to me, one pipe will go directly from the master cylinder to the slave, the second one has a "dampener" ?? fitted to it, - I'm told this was only fitted to the 300TDi and this little device bolts onto the face of the peddle box next to the master cylinder - my question without notice which one should I use?
  9. Looking to replace the old steel wheels on my 110 with LR aluminum rims for everyday use. Found a few sets on Craigslist that are from Discos, etc. LandRover original rims. How can I tell what rims will fit? I have rear Disc brakes. Not NAS version. (4 Cyl Petrol) I can't take the 110 where the rims are as they're in different countries (its REAL hard to find parts down here for anything other than S3, other than aftermarket junk and used parts) Don't want to waste my money shipping rims that won't fit. Thanks for any help.
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