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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, recently moved from long term RR classic ownership (excessive bodywork rust problems) to a '97 Disco 300TDI. Basically in very good shape (the car, not me) but with a few small things to sort out (squeaky belt tensioner pully, whistling turbo...) and one simple thing; I have only 2 keys. one for the door/fuel and one for the ignition. Went to the local key cutting place, but this being France they couldn't find a blank. Looked on the Rimmer site, plenty of key-blanks to choose from, but no indication of which type for a Disco 1. Not easy to tell by looking at my key and comparing with the pictures, and no code or indication on the keys that I have. Anyone happen to know if these are standard for the Disco, and what type they are? cheers
  2. Hi all have a problem with my discovery it's a 93 v8 3.5 efi. So the diff lock works makes a good clunk when I move left to right vice versa and light comes on on the dash but when I push the shifter fwd nothing engages I have looked underneath and all linkages are free and moving shaft to top of transfer case is moving in sync but no clunk or noise to indicate a solid engagement. Do I have a eternal transfer case problem? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Looking for some help on interior trim colours - I’m currently building a Tornado based on a RRC chassis, 300 Tdi and am using a D2 dash which has been trimmed to suit. I’d also needed a grab handle to replace the airbag (not needed) and therefore scooped up another dash yesterday at Newbury which also happened to have the heater controls that I needed. On getting home and in the sanctity of the garage, I realised that my original dash is a (dirty) grey whereas the new dash is more of a blue-grey. Is there any guidance on the various colours - it may well be that yesterday’s purchase is a D1 soft-dash... overall, it’s in better condition than the original but I’d like to understand what colours I’m looking for to find the right central console... Can anyone help? Thanks...!
  4. Hi people, just doing some work on the Black Disco 1 (95), the master brake cylinder was on its way out so I picked up a new Lucas part NTC4991, now I'm guessing this is an early model master cyclinder as it has 4 ports on the barrel (2 front and 2 rear)... the master cyclinder I removed only has 2 ports, 1 for front and 1 for rear, its then split from what looks like a balance valve on the passanger side front inner wing. Anywhoo the question is, can anyone see a problem with me blanking the 2 extra ports off with bleed nipples or blanking plugs (i fi can find some)... i can;t see a problem, but thought i'd juts put it out there. Cheers Mav
  5. Does anyone know what options I have for diagnostic tools for a 1997 Disco I? I am getting intermittent "Check Engine" lights on and off. I see the new iLand iOS app starts with the Disco IIs. I checked the Nanocom as well and is the same issue. Is it because the Disco I has not compatible ports? Is my only option the HawkEye? Has anyone tried the iOS app called IIDControl from Gap Diagnostics?
  6. Hi folks, investigating the canary under the bonnet and I've found this, anyone got any thoughts? I've got an idea of what I think it might be but... The belt seems to be wearing in a peculiar way, there's a fine black rubber dust appearing around the housing on the alternator and water pump next to the pulley. And after removing said belt you can see collections of rubber in the channels on the pulleys, but there are no massive chunks out the belt, just those funny flakey bits...
  7. Hi Folks, Just looking for some pointers with the CT D1, I'm getting some odd steering issues and could do with some brain trust input. Symptoms are: 1) at speed (50+mph) you go over a sort of soft road defect, a ridge or raised area to low or vice versa, the truck suddenly seems to veer with a feeling of a really vague steering feel, I don't think the truck actually veers so much more you suddenly loose your steering "feel". 2) low speeds good positive steering, no feel of slack. 3) Going over pot holes at speed you feel a bit of wobble, but nothing I would term excessive or out of the norm for a defender/disco steering set-up. Actions taken: 1) New front radius arm bushes 2) New front anti roll bar bushes 3) new steering damper 4) new track rod/steering arm ball joints 5) new callipers/discs 6) wheel bearings checked/ tightened ok. 7) New tyres Grabber AT'2 didn't like them so changed to Grabber X3's (higher load rating), better cornering observed but instability still present. 8) new collapsible steering linkage inc new steering UJ's. 9) Done some steering testing when you wobble it back and forth quickly and you see it working on the panhard rod, all looks solid no bush play. 10) New Terrafirma Shocks all around. 11) New HD springs all corners including rear helper springs. I've not got around to bush/ball joint replacement on the rear axle yet, but will plan to do it, I've never really experienced rear axle steer before, but could this be my problem? There is no obvious slack in the steering box, and as it only happens at certain times its making me think its not a steering box issue, although I had a thought to pull the steering arm off and try manipulated the drop arm with the steering wheel locked still. Thoughts for inspiration gladly received. Cheers Mav
  8. Hi guys. I am new to owning a discovery 1 and would like to change my regular lights on the rear to led's I am changing all, brake lights, indicators etc etc but i have never really done any wiring in cars and don't want to mess it up but I need to start somewhere. I was wondering if someone could help me with the wiring of the disco, e.g what cables do what. The led's I have are just (live and neutral) any help would be greatful. I have a discovery 1 1994 es auto 7 seater. Cheers Matt
  9. Hi guys - Need some help!! Have a Discovery 1 (1992, she's an old girl) and just recently she's been having problems on starting - Seems to not be very happy on key turn and struggles to find the correct idle speed for a few seconds (glow plug fine). Sometimes it puffs out the tiniest bit of light grey smoke on start, but nothing more after that. Yesterday, on start up, she revved to about 2500rpm, which made me wonder whether it was a sticky throttle cable, as it dropped back down after 5 or 6 seconds, but that's all fine. Today, when driving, she became very sluggish to a point there was no power at all (yes, there's fuel in there) to a point it was literally not drivable. Had a look under the bonnet, as you do, and there is not fuel at all in the fuel filter - Bad fuel line possibly? There are no fuel leaks or oil leaking either (not had much chance to look as I am at work). Anyway, this car is supposed to be going up for sale in the next day or so, and it's bloody typical this has happened now - If anyone can give me some idea of what might be the problem, I'd much appreciate it.
  10. Hi all, I need some help/advice regarding my Land Rover Discovery 1. It is a 1995 300TDi. I am hoping to fit cruise control to make it easier to live with. I have seen some ads on ebay selling cruise control kits but I'm not if they will fit my disco or if i will need extra parts as well. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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