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  1. Hi All, since I first put the Discovery 200 tdi in my 2a I have never been happy with the different pulley widths ( 13mm on crank and water pump but 10mm on the alternator) and it seemed to eat fan belts as the 10mm ones sat very deep in two of the pulleys. I recently bought and fitted one of these https://gwynlewis4x4.co.uk/product/200tdi-alternator-v-grove-pulley/ and I now use a standard power steering belt ERR810 (Dayco 13A1025) and although I took the water pump pulley off to fit it , as I did it want to strain the bearings , this is just the right length for the disc
  2. Maybe it's about time to present my project. I bought a rather standard looking 1990 Discovery with a 200tdi in 2009. Here is a picture from the sales add It was bought to have an extra veichle, to tow some sailing dingys and such. And we did. But then the kids went from small dinghys to larger boats. Then I got the taste for some offroading. We went to Poland to participate in the Pomerania resque Rally which is organized twice a year. We (me and my neighbour) has been there 4 times, each time in the spring. First time in 2011 Small changes to the car each year. Testing winch:
  3. Hey guys, Desperate for some advice here, hopefully someone can help with my nightmare Disco1 Engine No: 36D40381B CC rating: 3,947cc Fuel Type: Petrol Power: 134kW Drive: 4WD Transmission: 4-gear automatic Was driving around was running fine then suddenly stalled pulling out from an intersection, took a good 5-10 minutes to get it started again then yeay she started and seemed fine stupid me continued on with my trip onto the motorway (dumb i know) but she seemed to come right, after about another 10 mins cruising down motorway she stalled again and would not s
  4. I’m in the shake down stages of a rebuild and rechassis of a 1985 Ninety. It now has a 300tdi and an auto box from a 1996 Disco. All new servo, master cylinder, brake lines, calipers, discs, and pads fitted. The system bleed was straightforward and the brakes work perfectly at startup. However after 30 minutes or so of leisurely driving on farm tracks with minimal use of the brakes, all 4 discs start to bind and the brake pedal becomes solid. To the point where it will not even coast. Leave it to cool off and all returns to normal again. Is this a known issue? Thoughts / commen
  5. Hi all. I am looking at building a camper but want the best of both worlds. Good off road ability, good on road and comfortable to drive. I need at least a 130 or even a 147 wheelbase. Is there anyone in South Africa that can stretch the chassis if a discovery 2. I can get a kit to make a single cab discovery but want the long chassis of the defender.
  6. I occasionally have thoughts about the D4 and think 'I should post that...' but it always seems that when I get to the computer, it's too trivial to warrant a new thread. So I thought I would start a thread for all those trivial things and here it is...
  7. While doing some work on the TD5 Disco the other day I accidentally caught the steel coolant pipe that runs behind the rad-stack with a grinder and put a little groove in it. It's not right through but I think that with temperature cycling and vibrations it would not be a good idea to leave it since it would almost certainly crack. Since that pipe is expensive and looks like a bit of a pain to fit I was thinking of mig welding it in situ. I have drained that coolant, but there may still be a small amount of it behind where I would be welding. Is that likely to be a problem? (I am go
  8. What are good alternatives for the front seats in a discovery 1? I have a 300tdi and the drivers seat is completely collapsed. I'm considering seats from a Honda Civic Type R but very open to suggestions. I'd like something that's fairly easy to swap, not too much making it fit. Thanks
  9. While i drive my car goes into limp mode and only two injectors operate the car drives perfectly for about 20km and all of a sudden the engine just turns off. Is this a ecu problem or can you guys advise what it possibly can be
  10. While i drive my car goes into limp mode and only two injectors operate the car drives perfectly for about 20km and all of a sudden the engine just turns off. Is this a ecu problem or can you guys advise what it possibly can be
  11. I just thought some people might be interested in this... 53reg Discovery TD5 automatic with 18" wheels wearing BFG AT2's I recently drove from Aberdeenshire to Portsmouth, then around the Picos De Europa for a few days, then back from Portsmouth to Aberdeenshire, and (Unusually for me) I kept a note of fuel and mileage. The numbers are below. Miles litres MPG Notes 518.8 74.29 31.75 Mainly motorway cruising at 60mph (Aberdeenshire to Portsmouth) 243.2 44.78 24.69 Spain - sedate driving on mountain roads 149.1 26.34 25.73 Spain - seda
  12. I have a Disco 2 in which the air conditioning allows separate temparature control of the left and right sides. I drive alone quite often and I want to be able to affect both sides with one switch... So my question is: If I simply wire in a couple of jumpers between the switches, will a click on one switch affect both sides? (I am also thinking of having a switch in the jumpers so that I can have them isolated if I want)
  13. I have alloy wheels on my Disco 2, and the nuts have corroded under the caps, meaning that I can't get my impact socket on them without a struggle. (I have to use a rattle-gun to undo my wheelnuts since I am not as strong as I used to be). I don't particularly want to replace them with the same so... A while ago I found some wheelnuts for sale on ebay that were intended as replacements for the standard alloy-wheel nuts with the silly cap thing, but were solid machined steel, but now I can't find them. Can anyone help please? I guess as an alternative I could buy the normal ones and boil
  14. Anyone on here got a D2 with difflock, more specifically the cable selected difflock? I'm after a VIN number for parts hunting purposes for my merc conversion in the 90. Thanks in advance!
  15. My '95 land rover discovery auto diesel with the 300tdi engine was sitting for afew months and when i got it going again its got this weird issue with the engine. when you push down the accelerator the revs will go up like normal but will soon drop down to just below 1500rpm and stay there, no matter how far you push the peddle in it wont go any higher it is possible to get it working steady but only if the peddle is pumped up over 3000rpm Heres a video showing it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdaEkRXyZWM I have fresh fuel, cleaned the sedimenter, new fuel filter, n
  16. I currently have a petrol 2000 Discovery 2 in Los Angeles, California. It has 110,000 miles and has been a hard worker these past 17 years! Running exceptionally all these years! Without having any expert knowledge, I have managed to maintain with standard services as recommended by Atlanta British (coolant hoses, 02 sensors, etc etc.) which has saved me thousands over taking it to a shop. The head gaskets have never been replaced and the vehicle has run great this entire time. Just recently I am noticing a loss of oil and coolant without any obvious external leaking. A car of th
  17. Hi guys, I'm about to buy my first 4WD. I'm a backpacker and have a budget about 5k (for camping gear is the budget higher) I researched quite a lot but there a still some insecurities For example I have a land rover Discovery 1994 v8i 3.9l petrol with 285000km for $3000 as a offer So for inspecting it, to which parts should I pay attention? Which should be already replaced at this time and which might be about to break based on experiences of other discoverys? are new parts rather cheap or expensive? How reliable is the car in general? I know it depends on how it was treated but ju
  18. Hi All, I have converted my rear axle to front brake callipers on my challenge Range Rover Classic. Lets just say it wasn't my greatest move although the brakes have plenty of power now. The trouble is now to get full braking you have to punch the brake pedal twice in quick succession, I have bleed the whole system up and once you have pumped the pedal twice the pedal remains firm and solid with the brakes locked (aka I don't appear to have a leak on the system or believe I have any air in the pipes). I have come to the conclusion that the master cylinder is too small to meet the extr
  19. 97 Discovery SD will only drive when the Diff lever is engaged in 4 High. Whenever diff is in neutral the transmission will not engage in Reverse or Drive also if set to Park I can hear an awful grinding of the gears. Is this a diff issue or is it in the transmission, I want to be more certain before I take it to a mechanic.
  20. I am having power problems on my 1995 Discovery 300tdi. One of the items to check is the Lift Fuel pump, which I changed. However, even is I put cylinder #1 on top, the fuel pump press again the cam a few mm and thus, deactivates the lift pump lever and I can not use the lever to purge the line. I got a second lift pump and it is the same. I am missing something?
  21. I've recently acquired a 1995 Discovery 300tdi and decided to replace the non functioning stock head unit with a sony one. I've managed to connect it all up and it works fine apart from the rear speakers. I've searched around for a fix and came across a cable that connects the black and red wires with a pink connector to an RCA port on the new head unit. Unfortunately it hasn't worked and theres no sound at all from the rear speakers. I then found a forum post that said to connect the single RCA plug to a cable that has two RCA plugs to go into the head unit. This hasn't worked either. In m
  22. Hi All, Long time listener, first time caller My 1998 Discovery 1 (3.9 V8i) recently failed an MOT due to corrosion on the brake lines (sections from the ABS unit to rear wheels), I've had a bit of a look online and can find some general information on replacing brake lines but not too much specific to Discos... Has anyone done this? How hard is it to do myself? I would say I'm generally able to use tools and know the right end of a spanner, previously replaced things like pads, rotors, oil, filters, etc. but haven't really ventured any further upstream in the braking system. If not what
  23. Hi everyone, Apologies if there's something similar out there but I couldn't find any! So I'm biting the bullet and getting my dream car - A Land Rover Defender 90 CSW. I've found one which is absolutely wonderful: 1988, 200tdi Disco engine swap, loads of money spent on it after various issues in the past (praying that the jobs were done well), and just generally a smart-looking truck. My problem is that I'm a bit of a beginner, and although I have a few friends that know a lot more than I, they're all working when I have my viewing - and it's a fair drive away! So, I was wondering if anyon
  24. Hi All, It's my first post on lr4x4. I'm from Ukraine, and I would write about one trip on the last year. It was touristic trip on Carpathian Mounts. Only two days and one night, but it remains in the memory of the colorful memories I will show you on pictures how looked Carpathian Mountains. But at first about my four-weels-drive car for offroading. It's my disco And it's Carpathian roads Double dog Cow Horses Sheeps Mountains I hope you liked the photo.
  25. Just in the process of getting everything we (hopefully...) need for a trip to Morocco next month. Crossed my mind that a dash cam would be a fantastic way to record the journey and wondered if anyone had any recommendations? I've seen this one on offer from Craddock's and it seems to look the business. I do want reasonable quality footage though so might need to spend a bit more if necessary.
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