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Found 3 results

  1. Right don't her from me for ages then loads in one week ok this dam wheel problem I have Right Tornado's because load ratting.....DEFF not keen on wheel spacers now after seeing what happened to Dangerous Doug s POOR land rover (imagine that at 80-90 mph) see posting on wheel spacers for a pic 110 1990 Drum brakes behind OK what is involved work wise and parts on making my front and back axles take a post 1994 wheel with caps.....as in converting the hubs so the wheel fits, discs behind etc etc ......I'm praying I don't need to change the axles them self s just some of the hub gubbins ....fingers crossed and from that any problems people may have encountered ???? Thanks guys ......(I will get this sorted one way or another
  2. Gents I have just fitted a synthetic rope to my winch, and spooled on as per wire rope under tension. The first time I used it (gardening!) the rope pulled down in to the layer below. What is the preferred method to reduce the likelihood of this happening? Mike
  3. Hello everyone, Sorry to open up another handbrake topic, but I couldn't find a solution elsewhere. My handbrake was very stuck a few nights ago, (probably after getting to adventurous in all this flooding). I ended up loosening the handbrake adjuster as much as I could, which wasn't very far which was odd. Ended up hitting it with a hammer and rocking her eventually loosening it enough to drive on it which was probably a bad idea. Anyhow today I attempted to clean it all up, took of the prop and drum screws etc and tried to pull the bleedinn thing off, the drum came out about 5mm and then wouldn't budge, couldn't spin it either anymore. I then tried to loosen the adjuster even more assuming the shoes weren't in enough. However the adjuster was completely stuck.The handbrake spins but it still drags. Shouldn't the adjuster, adjust much more? How do I get the drum off? Cheers
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